Not Gods?

In my last essay, "Sharing", I pointed out that God will give us perfect immortal bodies which won't age or die and those bodies will be made so much more intelligent so that we can know everything but that we still won't be gods. Then what will we be?

We will be what I call super humans. We will still be human but significantly improved over our current state or condition with perfect immortal bodies and minds AND we will even have at least some of God's powers, what we call super natural powers. But we will still not be gods because there can only be one God, we will still be humans and inferior to God.

Understanding this and scripture also helps explain part of why God is putting us through this test we call life. One of the first things God did on earth after the first man and woman consumed the forbidden fruit and became knowledgeable about good and evil was to change humans so that they were no longer immortal and place an angel to guard the tree of life to keep the humans from eating the fruit from the tree of life and becoming immortal again. Why?

The answer came in what followed the Garden of Eden and before the Great Flood. Humans were living to be from 500 to almost 1,000 years old and it quickly reached a point to where almost all of them had chosen evil over good. With time, humans who chose evil over good just kept becoming increasingly more evil until it reach a point to where they only thought of doing evil. Try to imagine just how much more evil such beings would have become after just a few million years, forget about billions time billions of years or, even worse, eternity.

Human wickedness became so great prior to the Great Flood that, after the Great Flood, God decreased man's potential life down from almost 1,000 years to only 120 years in order to limit the amount of wickedness man could create on earth. In spite of this, look at all of the evil, murder, theft, rape, and other cruelty man has caused himself in the last 5,000 years.

History, current events, and the scriptures teach us that people who chose evil over good just keep getting more evil with time. Today's criminals all start out the same way by committing small crimes and progressing to larger crimes with each new crime they commit. Look at how evil and corrupt our politicians and others have become in just the last 50 years. Every week, they are more corrupt than they were the week before. They have reached a point to where they will do anything to get what they want such as power, wealth, sex, and drugs. Just imagine if these same corrupt monsters lived to be 1,000 years old. There would be no end to their wickedness. Hold it, there already is no end to their wickedness.

I do not believe we humans can even begin to imagine the long term potential horror of such evil monsters, if they were immortal, knew everything, and had even just a few of God's powers. If you think things have gotten bad now, just try to imagine living with such evil creatures forever without them knowing any more than they currently know and being limited to their current powers. That would be the most horrific imaginable nightmare possible and life would become far worse than the most terrifying horror movie you have ever seen because you could never rid yourself and your family of such evil monsters by killing them. That is why killing bad people is not a bad thing, it gets rid of the bad people so the bad people can't continue their horrible crimes against others.

Now, maybe you can understand why God is putting us through this test we call life so we will choose between good and evil before God returns our immortality to us and provides us with complete knowledge of everything along with increasing our powers. Don't these evil devouring brute beasts cause enough horror for the rest of us with such short lives, limited knowledge, and limited powers?

Now, maybe you can better understand God and what He is doing and know that He is doing it for the benefit of mankind by protecting us from a much worse existence with these terrible monsters. Believe me, when God finally casts all of these hideous monsters into His eternal penal system, the Lake of Fire, all of the good people will know that God is just and right in forever protecting the good people from the bad people.

Don't get me wrong, I pray for the salvation of everyone on earth, knowing that the vast majority of people won't turn from the evil back to God because they love their wickedness so much. The scriptures said they would not turn from their wicked ways because they love their evil so much. I pray for the salvation of everyone because I know a few will turn from their evil back to God and, if my prayers help one person get saved, then it makes the world better by one less evil person and helps that one person reach Paradise instead of eternal damnation.

I absolutely abhor the rapidly increasing wickedness I see in the world, especially by our evil overlords. Today's evil people have become so wicked that they really are evil human monsters and I call them such in hopes that it will cause a few of them to realize just how evil they have become and will turn them from their wickedness back to God. Such evil people are the horror of the world, they are the problem.

Knowing this should make you want to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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