Question: What does Putin have to do to conquer the world?

Answer: Nothing.

Our wonderful, intellectually superior upper class trash natural elite liberal commie traitors are sending our former allies like Egypt and Saudi Arabia running to Putin and Russia for help.


Because our superior upper class trash have turned Euro-America into the bad guys. They intervene in and bring down the governments of other countries, some of whom used to be allies. They use cloak and dagger tactics, infiltrating, murdering, and deceiving everyone to conquer the world so they can set up their communist global dictatorship.

Sound familiar?

That is exactly what the Euro-Americans fought the Soviet Union to prevent the Soviet Union from doing from the end of WWII until the end of the Cold War. Now it is Russia which is becoming the Christian nation and Euro-America which is persecuting Christians and trying to conquer the world to set up a global communist dictatorship.

Talk about the shoe being on the other foot! WE, Euro-America, have become the evil red communist bad guys using lies, deceit, murder, infiltration, and corruption to destroy and take over other countries (after the corrupt upper class trash commie traitors did the same to take over our countries) so we can gain control of those countries and set up our global communist dictatorship and most of us don't even know it. WE have become the evil red empire we fought for so many decades and finally defeated. Just like the Soviet Union, we have spent our nations into extreme debt, are spending fortunes we can't afford fighting wars to conquer the world, and are moving in the same direction to the same end as the Soviet Union.

Our upper class trash are trying to do exactly what the Soviet Union tried to do for more than half a century, conquer the world and set up a global communist dictatorship with them in power. Think about that! We know that is exactly what they are trying to do because they don't even try to hide it. They keep openly talking about their "one world government" (read global dictatorship) and their beloved communism (aka progressive.) THAT IS a global communist dictatorship.

And who is opposing us?

Russia! :-O

Are the upper class trash obsessive, compulsive power mad lunatics or what?

Where is Rod Sterling? He has to be around here some where. Look under your desk or seat (did you look :-)). Can't you hear the Twilight Zone music in the back ground? :-) Even the commie whackos in Hollyweird couldn't make up such a stupid and insane story as this in spite of the fact they have helped achieve this. It is like a comet or something flashed by earth and the Soviet Union reversed rolls with Euro-America with the Soviet Union becoming the good guys and the Euro-Americans becoming the evil power mad bad guy communists.

The US even has an evil hard core, power mad whacko commie leader like Stalin and Mao, you know, comrade Obama. Our liberal commie traitor media lie and cover up for our communist government, our commie government watches (NSA) and kills (drones) US citizens who dare question or try to stop our evil power mad communist government. The evil communist government charges into people's homes on commando raids without search warrants and arrests people for wanting to be free, you know, the way the KGB used to. Communism is being taught in all of our schools and by the media, you can't own anything because you have to pay commie rent (taxes) on everything you own or the evil communist government will take it away from you, and, if you speak out against our evil commie government, you are branded a terrorist or criminal. Our evil commie government has even set up Soviet Gulag style work/death camps (FEMA camps). (BTW, I just did a search on Gulag camps and found out there are Gulag camps all over the UK and they are called Gulag camps. Guess what their evil commie leaders are planning for them.)

Euro-America sounds exactly like the Soviet Union until the Soviet Union finally imploded in the 1980s. Russia is sounding more like the US every day. Anti-Christian Euro-America? Christian Russia? Who would have thought?

Listen, if Putin paid any attention to the last 50 years, all he has to do is nothing and the evil communist Euro-American empire will implode in the next 10 to 20 years. This little evil communist empire house of cards is already imploding the way the Soviet Union did with the evil upper class trash commie traitors working their butts off trying to prevent it from imploding. It won't take much longer.

I am going to have to think about this for a while, but first my head has to stop spinning. Mean while, I am going to keep looking for Rod because something this insane could only happen in the Twilight Zone. Is this nuts or what?

This really is a time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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