Politically Correct

There is a literally insane dash by the left to out do each other in being politically correct in order to gain the approval of the other crazy people. They are bending over backwards to prove they are not biased against a religion which REQUIRES its members to conquer the world and murder them all off vainly hoping, in their blissful ignorance, that gaining this approval will keep them from being slaughtered here on earth.

I just read that this foolishness has gone to the extreme that they are willing to bastardize their own religions selling out the God of the Bible, the Jews, and the Christians for peace with Islam when, if they would just read the Koran, they would know that peace cannot be bought from Islam for any price except with their lives. The mindless, brainwashed cowards have added Islamic symbols to their Christmas and Jewish holiday symbols in vain hopes of gaining the approval of and peace from the Muslims. Fools, pathetic fools.

Something these simple minded, ignorant, God hating fools do not realize is that it is not the approval of man which is required for entry into Heaven. The very being they are selling out is the only being whose approval will get them into Heaven and they won't get it that way. Do the math.

The mindless cowards are hoping to avoid dying here on earth, by the hand of Islam, for just a little while longer by selling out the one true God of the world. They foolishly think they can delay for just a few more years their already inevitable deaths. They wish to buy a few more years of this miserable life on earth by sacrificing eternity in Heaven for eternity in Hell. The fools & cowards would rather burn for eternity in Hell than burn a minute on earth.

The real truth is that God, Himself, has promised that, if we would take a stand for Him, instead of selling Him out, HE will take a stand for us and protect us from any and all of our enemies AND we would not have to burn in Hell. By taking a stand for Him, as a nation, we gain the best possible protection on earth AND salvation. Once again, the fool liberals have it backwards and won't get anything they want.

I dare anyone to convince me that there is so much as a grain of common sense in the entire liberal global population!!!

They are so lacking in common sense that they believe their foolishness is wisdom and that true wisdom is foolishness.

Liberals have convinced me that being stupid is like being drunk. You don't know that you are stupid because you are stupid and don't know how stupid you are because you are stupid.

The fools think they are wise and should micro manage everyone else's lives when they can't even manage their own lives without corruption, deceit, and other foolishness. When they are faced with true wisdom, they hate it and reject it because it would force them to admit their own stupidity.

This political correctness has reached such a level of insanity that the liberals have openly sold their souls to the devil in order to gain the approval of man. Well, they will be well approved of by their companions burning in Hell.

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