The Case for the Real Jesus

By Lee Strobel

Book Review

This is an absolutely fantastic book that everyone on the planet should read. Lee Strobel completely destroys and discredits the God haters in this excellent work. It belongs in every preacher's and Christian's library.

There are two things that I find most important about this book. First, he shows that there are from at least 25,000 to over 35,000 valid documents dated from the late first century to early second century which verify and validate the New Testament. This means that when the Got hating fanatics grab one or more documents claiming to discredit the New Testament, what they are really doing is saying, "I have found a hand full of documents that discredit from 25,000 to over 35,000 valid documents." That idea is irrational and out of touch with reality which is the definition for insanity.

The truth is that even 100 valid documents from the same time would not be enough to disprove over 25,000 written testimonies proving the New Testament. This means that the "highly educated" hacks who constantly bombard us with their proofs against the New Testament are either ignorant and liars.

The other thing he disproves is the lie the God haters tell about how the New Testament was put together was like the children's phone game where one child whispers in another child's ear and then the second child whispers what they thought they heard to the next child until the message reaches the end of the line with the children finding out that what reached the end of the line was nothing like the message which started out. The truth is that it was absolutely nothing like the children's phone game.

During the ministry of Jesus in Israel, there were literally tens of thousands of witnesses to the various events, sermons, statements, and miracles he performed. From the time of Jesus' crucifixion in 30 AD until these Jewish Christian witnesses were scattered throughout the rest of the world by the destruction of Jerusalem and Israel by the Romans in 70 AD, these people were regularly subjected to at least weekly and, often, daily testimonies by these Christian witnesses for 40 years. In the weekly gatherings on Saturdays, the witnesses testified before the audiences by the thousands, were interrogated freely by the audiences, the testimonies were discussed freely by everyone gathered, and the testimonies were discussed in relation to what the scriptures said from sun rise until sun set averaging from 8 to 16 hours per day pending the time of year.

If you attended just the weekly gatherings at the your local synagogues for the full 40 years at an average of 10 hours per day, you would have heard, interrogated, discussed, and researched at least 20,800 hours of witness testimonies. If you add in anther 12 to 15 hours per week for the nightly discussions in people's homes, you would have had a total of from 45,760 to 52,000 hours of witness testimony in the 40 years before their dispersal.

Even the people who didn't see Jesus because they were born later and only got the last ten years of this testimony gathering, would have had access to at least 2,000 to over 5,000 hours of testimony by eye witnesses. In a four year college education, you only get from 2,000 to about 2,600 hours of lectures in classes. Most of the Christians who were scattered from Israel throughout the rest of the world were better informed about the events and details of Jesus' mission than a person with an eight year college doctorate.

Does this sound anything like the children's phone game? Of course not.

Remember that these were the very well informed people who verified and assembled the New Testament in the late first and early second centuries. In other words, the life and ministry of Jesus is a better witnessed and documented historic event than any ten other historic events in history combined except the Exodus.

You see, no other event in history except for the Exodus had such quality of testimony or the amount of written historic documentation. No other event has more than a maximum of 1,000 to 2,000 documents verifying what happened and most of those documents were written at least hundreds of years following the events or death of the people.

If you were to create a bar chart showing the amount of documentation for each event in ancient history with one inch representing 1,000 documents verifying each event, every event other than the two visitations by God with man would be two inches or less in height but the bar for the life of Jesus would be 25 to over 35 inches high. The documentation verifying the life of Jesus is head, shoulders, waist, knees, and ankles above the documentation for any other event in history.

If you can't believe the New Testament, you can't believe anything about any other historical event.

As I show in my e-book, "Yahweh", the first visitation by God with man lasted 40 years. During that 40 years, the scriptures tell us that the 2,000,000 to over 3,000,000 people stood in the doorways to their tents every morning and watched Moses go into the doorway for the tent of meeting or Tabernacle where Yahweh would descend down to talk to Moses in a pillar of cloud with the people watching and hearing God talk to Moses daily. For 40 years, the people got see and hear Yahweh, see His miracles, discuss what they saw and heard, and then, at the end just before Moses left the people, Moses, in Deuteronomy, recited the most significant events with the people unanimously agreeing that what Moses said and what was written in Torah was the way things had happened.

In other words, the two visitations by God with man are the two best witnessed and documented events in history, heads, shoulders, waist, knees, and ankles above any other historic event. If you can't believe those two sets of historic documents, then you can't believe anything in history.

Don't you find it interesting that the two best witnessed and documented events in history are the two visits God made to live with man and they are the two events most refuted by the God haters? Go figure.

Understanding this, I believe that, if you read Lee Strobel's "The Case for the Real Jesus" and my e-book, "Yahweh" and then sit down and read the Bible from cover to cover, then there can be no reasonable doubt that God is real, alive, and will return to take back His planet from the abusive natural elites and live with us again, forever. My opinion is that Yahweh can't get here fast enough.

Note: Keeping the above quality and quantity of eye witness testimonies in mind about the life of Jesus, I feel that some of the most important scriptures in the Bible have to do with His deity or Him being the Son of God. This is because, today, there are so many people who insist that Jesus is not the Son of God. This means that the baptism of Jesus is one of the most important events in the Bible. Jesus' baptism was so important to the early Christians that it is testified to in all four Gospels and was heavily reviewed by the eye witnesses to make it into all four Gospels. Keeping all of this in mind, here is the event as written in Matthew 3:16; "And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water; and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him. And, lo, a voice from heaven, saying, 'This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.'"

Before a large number of witnesses who testified to this later, God, Himself, said that Jesus is His beloved Son in whom God is well pleased. This means that if you say that Jesus is not the Son of God, you are calling God a liar. Personally, I would not want to find myself standing before God in His court room facing my eternal destiny having called Him a liar about Jesus being His beloved Son.

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that,
whomsoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life.

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