Obama 10

As I have continued to watch and think about the mess Pharaoh Obama is in because of the trap the upper class trash liberal white crackers have set for him, I realize that Pharaoh Obama has very few options left right now. The only power base Obama has left right now is the black Muslims. They are his only hope and he is currently their only hope for a complete take over of the US government any time in the foreseeable future. Right now, both parties are getting pretty desperate and desperate people do desperate things.

Pharaoh Obama has screwed the Arab Muslims (King Abdullah and Saudi Arabia, who are desperately trying to make deals with former enemies including Russia and Iran because of Obama), Persian Muslims, Europeans, Russia, China, and liberal Euro-American upper class trash at least once during his first term by back stabbing the old establishment liberals. Remember Pharaoh Obama had to go begging back to the upper class trash to help get reelected? Pharaoh Obama has stepped on everyone's toes and is in need of friends and help with only the black Muslims to turn to, you know, like God showed me in the dream years ago.

Remember that, if Pharaoh Obama is in trouble, Valerie is in trouble because they are two idiots in the same boat. Also remember that they are both Muslims and Muslim logic is that, when someone is causing trouble for you, you murder your way out of trouble.

Also, you need to understand that, if Pharaoh Obama murders the top liberal commie traitor white cracker upper class trash Luciferians, he will inherit control of the liberal followers (just like in the dream) because most liberals are stupid enough, dummed down enough, brainwashed enough, and doped up enough to believe Pharaoh Obama's lies, especially since, after he declares martial law, consolidates power, and nationalizes the media, he will be the only "liberal" at the top doing any talking. There will be no other pied piper for the liberal rats to follow.

Also remember that Pharaoh Obama has not been able to finish prepping the US for a hostile coup because he has failed at taking everyone's weapons away from them and has not been able to finish infiltrating his CNSF into the different federal agencies and military. Remember Pharaoh Obama just tried to get those illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes he just released into the military but Congress stopped him?

Right now, a coup of the US government by Pharaoh Obama would be fragile and short lived. It would only last until the US military finished their investigation of Pharaoh Obama and arrested him for treason. I figure that, at most, Pharaoh Obama would have from about three months to a year to get his dictatorship firmly established before the US military arrested him, tried him and used him for target practice. For Pharaoh Obama to stage a successful coup is a long shot but it is increasingly his only shot to keep from going to prison or worse. Pharaoh Obama only has one bullet left, the Indians are quickly coming, and he needs to do something spectacular soon.

For Pharaoh Obama to declare martial law and stay alive very long, he must 1) stage a red flag event so spectacular and shocking it would cause everyone to be in such a state of shock they would not be able to respond for at least a month or two, while blaming it on the US conservatives and Israel and 2) invade Israel as quickly as possible to prove he is the Mahdi and establish the Muslim Caliphate to protect him before he is arrested, tried, convicted, and shot. If Pharaoh Obama does it right, he will have a maximum of about six to eight months to get an overwhelming CNSF force staged against Israel. We are talking Pharaoh Obama will need at least 10 to 20 million black Muslims and liberal white cracker traitors to quickly defeat Israel and keep the other Muslim armies from seizing control of the Temple Mount. Remember that he will have to fight every army there so he will need an army large enough to easily beat them all.

Mean while, Pharaoh Obama will have to leave Val here with a CNSF of at least a few million to hold off the US military, feds, and patriots long enough for Pharaoh Obama to return with a Muslim army in the hundreds of millions with maybe also back up by Russia and China to finish off the US.

In order to succeed and keep from going to prison or worse, Pharaoh Obama must do all of this in a maximum of one year. He is going to be really scrambling.

Keep an eye on Chicago. Remember that God told me Obama will detonate the nuke east of the Sears or Willis Tower.

Remember that Pharaoh Obama and Valerie believe with all of their hearts Obama is the Muslim Mahdi or messiah and Pharaoh or god. They can't believe that Obama can fail, it is just not an option to them. They believe that Obama MUST secede and it is only a matter of how. To them, all of this trouble is just Allah testing them and they must pass the test by seizing control of the US, setting up the Muslim Caliphate, and conquering the world. The only question in their radical Muslim minds is how. Remember that they are both Muslim religious fanatics, you know, like Osama bin Laden. They are just trying to destroy the US from within instead of from the outside.

Everyone should....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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