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Remember that I have been telling you that Obama is a member of the British Royal Family and upper class trash by way of his mother?

I realized that some of you would find that hard to believe so go to this site at https://famouskin.com/famous-kin-menu.php?name=10012+barack+obama (I couldn't get my link to work) and take a look for yourselves. If you click on each person's name at that site, it will show you how they are related to Obama. Note that Obama is a direct descendant of all of the kings listed there. You will also see that there are many more members of his royal family than I listed below and I just grabbed them as they showed up on the list of Obama's family members.

His royal ancestors and relatives include but are not limited to: King Edward I (England), King Henry III (England), King Louis VI (France), King William the Conqueror (England), King Robert I (France), Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Anne Boleyn (2nd wife of King Henry VIII), Queen Elizabeth I, Wallis (Warfield) Simpson (wife of King Edward VIII), Sir Arthur Wellesley, Lord Charles Cornwallis (British commander at Yorktown), Queen Elizabeth II (current queen of England, surprise, surprise, I told you Obama is family), Sir Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, and that ain't even close to being all of his European Royal Family members. Obama is related to all of them.

Prominent Colonists and Americans: Henry Lee III (9th Governor of Virginia), Thomas Sim Lee (2nd and 7th governors of Maryland), Edward Loyd V (13th Governor of Maryland), Fitzhugh Lee (40th governor of Virginia), Henry Loyd (40th governor of Maryland), Robert Brooke (10th governor of Virginia). I told you that the people who ran the colonies were royals.

Founding Fathers: James Madison, Richard Henry Lee, Frances Lightfoot Lee, Roger Sherman, Abraham Baldwin, William Floyd. I told you the Founding Fathers were black sheep in the British Royal Family.

Confederate Officers (remember that I told you they were royalty too): General James Longstreet, General Robert E Lee.

US officers: Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, General George C Marshall, General George S Patton, General Douglas MacArthur, Admiral William Halsey

US Presidents (you know, American royalty): Lyndon B Johnson (I told you he is also royalty), Ellon Louise (Axson) Wilson (wife of President Woodrow Wilson), Harry S Truman, James Sherman (27th Vice President), Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney (46th US Vice President), George HW Bush, George W Bush, Gerald Ford, Zackary Taylor (12th president), John Quincy Adams (6th president), George Washington (1st president), Franklin D Roosevelt (I told you he was one of them, didn't I), Rutherford B Hayes (19th president), Grover Cleveland (22nd and 24th president), Calvin Coolidge (30th president)

Academe: Frances Edward Hinckley (founder of the University of Chicago), Georgia O'Keeffe (American artist), Thomas Hunt Morgan (Nobel Prize winner Physiology of Medicine), John Dos Passos (American novelist), Tennessee Williams (author), Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (poet), William Marsh Rice (founder of Rice University), Charles Darwin

Judges: Horace Gray (US Supreme justice), Edward Douglas White, Jr. (Chief Justice US Supreme Court), Morrison Waite (7th Chief Justice US Supreme Court), there are probably other less significant judges who didn't make the list.

Major American Corporations: Carly Fiorina (CEO of Hewlett-Packard), Warren Buffet (chairman and CEO of Berkshire-Hathaway), JP Morgan, Jr. (US banker - just realize why our banks are corrupt?), Henry Sturgis Morgan (founder of Morgan Stanley), Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley (founder of Aetna Insurance), Richard Warren Sears (founder of Sears, Robuck, & Co.), JA Folger (founder of Folger Coffee Company), CW Post (founder of Post cereals), John D Rockefeller (founder of Standard Oil).

American Actors and media: Christopher Reeve, Richard Hatch, Robert Duvall, George Hamilton, Brad Pitt, Bette Davis, Cecil B DeMille (director), Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers), Lee Marvin, Jordana Brewster, Tuesday Weld, Linda Hunt, Kyra Sedgwick, Randolph Scott, Anderson Cooper (CNN), Bing Crosby, Vincent Price, Anthony Perkins, Dick Clark, Valerie Bertinelli, Bill Nye, Jane Fonda, Ellen DeGeneres, Cokie Roberts, Richard Gere, and there are many more. The royals own our media and Hollywood.

Others: Erskine Childers (4th president of Ireland), John Kerry, Pete Buttigieg, Boris Johnson (British Prime Minister - that is right, Obama is family with the British Prime Minister.)

Nah, Obama ain't well connected. People those are just a select few of Obama's royal family members and that web site list is not complete because it is just the more prominent royal family members. There were many more in all of those categories telling you what I have been telling you for years 1) they are all family and 2) they run everything. As you can see, there are many, many royals just in the US running everything. Now they want everything else on the planet and their slaves back.

Did that open an eye or two? Nah, you don't think the Royal Family would work together or conspire to set up a global dictatorship, do you?

Note that some of them are black sheep but most are a big part of the problem.

Note that this list didn't show Nixon or the Clintons because there were already so many people on the list but they are all 3 members of the British Royal Family and the Euro-American Royal Family.

Do you get the picture yet?

Let me explain something else to you. They call Obama a black man but that is deceptive. Yeah, I know, he looks like a black man so him gots to be a black man.

No, that isn't true. Did you know that, through his mother, Obama is 50% white? His father had one black relative who was either his great or great, great grandfather so Obama is only about one eighth or about 12.5% black, 37.5% Arabic, and 50% white. Therefore, technically and genetically, he is a white man.

Then, why does he look black?

Because, in genetics, there are "dominant" and "recessive" genes. The dominant genes will over ride the recessive genes, even though there may be fewer of them. Obviously, Obama's black appearance genes are dominant over his white appearance genes so he looks black. Therefore, technically, Obama is a white man with dominant black genes.

Did you notice that all of his family members on that list are white?

Before we found out about genetics, it was not that unusual for a woman to be put to death for adultery because she had a kid with something like red hair when there had been no one else in either family with red hair within memory because the red hair gene either the father or mother was carrying finally got matched with a more recessive hair color gene. Now we know better

There have been plenty of times in history where people bred between blacks and whites with some of them looking very white and others looking very black but with most looking a whitish or light black. It just depends on how the genes match up.

Basically, this essay proves to you what I have been telling you about quite a few things. First, there are lots of royals everywhere. Second, they are infiltrated into everything. Third, they are the globalists who are trying to get their global empire and slaves back. Fourth, some of them are black sheep but many are not.

Note that this doesn't show Obama's Arabic side of the family, which is also upper class trash.

BTW, do you remember that Obama's marriage was arranged? Do you remember that Valery Jarrett was assigned to him as a consul and executer of his estate? Gee, who and why did they arrange all of this stuff for him?

It was the upper class trash black community in Chicago, which would have included Al Capone Sharpton, Jesse James Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan. Remember that Obama is first a Muslim, with Farrakhan as his "role model" (Obama's words), and second a royal. He ain't a black sheep, he is a red sheep.

Now, connect all of those dots.

It makes an interesting picture, huh?

You better bet that Obama knows that, because of his black skin, the racist white royals will eventually stuff his butt under ye ole commie royal bus and he showed that when he was president and would spend entire days alone with Farrakhan and company in Farrakhan's house with his Secret Service body guards sitting in cars outside. Think about that. It isn't if but is when.

We are being played by the royals, commies, and Muslims.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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