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Before I start this essay, it is important for me to state that I am not a black and don't have a drop of black DNA in me. I do this for credibility reasons concerning this essay.

As I watch things, trying to anticipate the moves of the upper class trash, God keeps showing me things. In this essay, I want to share some of the things I expect to happen during the remaining few years of Pharaoh Obama's reign as the US supreme leader and god of the US. He is about to get embalmed via his rectum by the white upper class trash Commiecrats, but it couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

This is 2014, the mid term election year, and I get the feeling the upper class trash will let the Republicans have both the Senate and the House knowing that, with enough fuel added to the fire by the upper class trash, the Republicans will do exactly what the upper class trash want the Republicans to do, impeach and try Obama, Holder, Michelle, and Valerie.

The Commiecrats want Obama to be impeached, disgraced, and punished (as a black man and a Muslim) but they don't want to be a part of it. They prefer to "innocently" stand on the side lines providing fuel for the fire and "being surprised" while their media points out the failure and inferiority of blacks. Have you noticed the media increasing the awareness of the American people for the failure of black neighborhoods across the US, you know, like Detroit? Gee, what a coincidence. Get used to miraculous coincidences.

I expect the upper class trash to release "startling revelations" about Obama, blacks, and Muslims via their liberal commie traitor media (like the recent "stunning revelation" that the 25 most violent neighborhoods are all black) while pretending to be surprised and conveniently ignoring the "I told you so's" of the right, such as the fact that Obama was born in Kenya and is not qualified to be president (therefore, is a black Muslim infiltrator, saboteur, and spy), his involvement in Benghazi, the IRS abuses of power, NSA, and other criminal acts along with Obama being a Muslim, being directly involved with and supporting terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda (Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt), and Obama being found guilty of crimes against humanity by Egypt while comparing Obama's behavior with the violent criminal, irresponsible, lazy behavior of blacks (that is how they will frame it, they won't say some blacks, they will say "of blacks" inferring all blacks which will cause the stupid people to think all blacks behave that way) and pointing out that all black gangs are Muslim (they will kill two birds with one stone getting blacks and Muslims at the same time).

The liberal media will begin to compare Obama's irresponsible and lazy behavior with blacks being irresponsible and lazy with such things as blacks having the highest levels of unemployment and single mothers on Welfare (irresponsible black fathers). The liberal commie traitor media will point to Obama's incompetence and compare that to blacks getting a better chance with affirmative action and still having so many blacks unemployed and on Welfare showing the incompetence of blacks. The liberal commie traitor media will ignore the many successful, hard working, and intelligent blacks like general West and Dr. Cain. The liberal media will focus on the black losers such as pointing to the really stupid black politicians, leading our stupid people down the path to believing all blacks are lazy, incompetent, stupid, irresponsible, and failures.

The liberal media will also vigorously compare Obama's incessant golfing, lavish vacations at your expense, and constant lavish parties to raise money to the laziness and incompetence of so many unemployed blacks and blacks living on Welfare. The Democratic Party only pretended to be the black people's savior to set up the blacks and "prove" what the Democratic Party has been saying for more than 100 years, that blacks are stupid, lazy, incompetent, irresponsible, and violent criminals while conveniently ignoring those who are not. It turns out that liberals white crackers are not the nice guys after all, they are manipulative, lying scum.

The liberal media's basic message will be, "Look, we have given black people special privileges and advantages and they have all failed." Of course, many blacks have helped the upper class trash by sitting on their lazy butts taking all the freebee's they could get their hands on (just like many whites, Latinos, and others have done) while failing but the media will conveniently ignore the many hard working blacks who have succeeded. When forced to admit some blacks have succeeded, the liberal media will excuse those people by claiming, "they should have with all of the advantages they were given."

By the media introducing the "startling revelation" that Obama is really a Muslim and not a Christian (Obama lied again?), they will be able to also point out the "startling revelations" about how all Muslims are part of the violence and are trying to conquer the world, which they have conveniently been involved in covering up for more than a decade. They will go after and trash all Muslims tossing Muslims on the same sacrificial fire with blacks.

All of this will be done while conveniently ignoring the "I told you so's" of people like me, but my "I told you so's" will be a little harder to ignore because I am telling you what they will do in advance, which is why God shows me such things in advance. God is why this is the site where you get tomorrow's news today.

You will see that Obama is the perfect stooge and mark for the upper class trash con. The upper class trash intentionally searched for their mark, a lazy, doped up, incompetent, irresponsible, criminal, charismatic, liberal, Muslim, black fool and put the jerk in office as president at just the exact time they were planning to destroy the US economy and as a nation so the little twit would take the blame making it easy for the upper class trash white crackers to make all blacks and Muslims look bad. It won't be long and all blacks and Muslims will regret Obama being the first black president of the US because Pharaoh Obama is the perfect villain for Princess Chelsea to save us from, especially with his flagrant abuses of the US Constitution via his consistent dictatorial behavior. Get the picture yet?

Then, when our glorious knight in shining armor, Princess Chelsea, shows up to save our butts, she and the Democrats will easily sweep the presidency and Congress giving the Commiecrats a better than 2/3 majority in both houses so both houses can easily vote for Princes Chelsea to be ordained as America's first queen, disband Congress, get rid of the US Constitution, which they hate, and set up their glorious commie monarchy or dictatorship so we can all live happily ever after...as the upper class trash surfs or slaves while the blacks and Muslims get sold to China as slaves. The perfect liberal fairy tale.

Keep an eye on this.

Now you better know why you need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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