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As I continue to research and connect the dots, God continues to show me things. The closer we get to events, the clearer the picture gets.

I have been made aware by God that Obama, Valerie, and Iran have almost identical goals that diverge at a point but, up to that point, their plans are identical. They both need for both of them to do the same things they both want to do and this is critical to understanding their plans.

You have to understand that both of their goals are based on the recognition of the Muslim messiah or Mahdi so the Muslim Caliphate can be formed and the Muslims can conquer the world. Iran desperately wants to set up the conditions so the Mahdi can come or be established and conquer the world to fulfill Shiite Muslim end time prophesy, with any number of their leaders wanting to be that Mahdi. Obama firmly believes he is the Mahdi and wants the same conditions to be set up so he can be recognized and established as the Mahdi. The point where their plans diverge is based on who will be recognized as the Mahdi but they are all determined to establish the conditions required for the recognition of who the Mahdi is. Once you understand this, everything falls into place.

Before Obama was first elected as president of the US, Louis Farrakhan, the US national religious leader of black Muslims, issued a declaration or fatwa that Obama is the messiah and the non Muslims didn't get the meaning of it. What Farrakhan meant and all Muslims understood was that Farrakhan believes that Obama is the Mahdi and Obama is clearly convinced that he is the Mahdi, importantly, so does Valerie, which explains Valerie's dedication to slaving for Obama while Obama plays. But, for Obama to be proven or accepted as the Mahdi, certain Shiite Muslim end time prophesies must be fulfilled and that is exactly what Iran, Obama, and Valerie are working towards, clearly now, together.

I told you before that Iran and Shiite Muslims believe that Babylon has to be rebuilt before the Mahdi can be recognized and Babylon must also be the political and religious capitol of Islam and the most holy site in Islam. That is a Shiite end time prophetic requirement before anyone can be recognized as the Mahdi. Therefore, Obama and Valerie also want these conditions to be fulfilled.

In order to achieve these requirements, Iran MUST take control of Iraq and Babylon so Iran can begin rebuilding Babylon and Iran MUST destroy both Mecca and Medina so the Sunni Muslims cannot rebuild Mecca and Medina and will be forced to recognize Babylon as Islam's most holy site. In Shiite Islam, this is an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT for the Mahdi to "come" or be recognized.

Also, since the US is the most powerful nation in the world, Israel is also one of the most powerful nations in the world with both or either of them capable of stopping the Muslim Caliphate from conquering the world, and with both of them currently being considered allies, they must both be either conquered by Islam or destroyed so the Muslim Caliphate can conquer the world as predicted by Muslim end time prophesy. Therefore, Iran, Obama, and Valerie all want for Obama to set up a US Muslim dictatorship so Obama can use the US weapons technology to help the Muslim Caliphate destroy Israel and conquer the world and they all want to destroy Israel, which will be much easier if Obama has a US Muslim dictatorship fighting against Israel.

Now you can see where their plans are all exactly the same and why. The sooner these things can be accomplished, the sooner the Mahdi can be established. Now, what should this tell you?

It should tell you that, as soon as possible, Iran will send troops into Iraq to seize control of Iraq and start rebuilding Babylon. So far, the head Shiite leaders in Iraq have prevented this because they want to have control of rebuilding Babylon so they are refusing to have their political puppets request Iran send troops to stop the Sunni Al Quaeda forces fighting in Iraq. It is all about power and who rules the world after the dust has settled.

But things are not going well here in the US for Obama and his window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Obama must set up his US Muslim dictatorship and invade Israel while he is still president and has the opportunity. When Obama is no longer president, he no longer has the opportunity and drops from being the future Mahdi to being a no body. Obama has less than 3 years of opportunity left. Get the picture yet?

Therefore, Obama must soon tell the Muslim religious leaders in Iraq to request military assistance from Iran or Obama will just permit Iran to Invade on its own, the way Russia did in Crimea, round up and kill the Muslim religious leaders in Iraq, and start rebuilding Babylon. Therefore, in the near future, expect to see Iran send an army into Iraq, seize control of Iraq, kill the Sunni Al Quaeda terrorists, and start rebuilding Babylon while Obama draws red, pink, purple, and every other color of lines and gives threatening speeches but does nothing to stop Iran. Get it straight, Obama wants Iran to rebuild Babylon.

At the same time, Iran will use the newly restarted "trading with America" policy Obama just got started with their new US/Iran treaty to smuggle nukes into the Muslim terrorists Obama has been "immigrating" into the US and Farrakhan's black Muslims to nuke Chicago and possibly other cities so Obama can declare martial law. Iran will also toss a few nukes in the back of some cars or trucks with suicide bombers as drivers, park those vehicles in strategic locations in Mecca and Medina, and light the fuses at the same time Obama nukes our US cities.

When the dust settles, both Obama and Iran will blame Israel and all the Muslims and everyone else who hates Israel and Jews will believe them. Obama will declare martial law, replace the US military, FBI, Secret Service, and other US government agencies with his "Citizen Security Force" (CSF), which will be comprised of black Muslims, other Muslims, convicts Obama already told you he will release from our prisons, and liberal commie traitors (they need some one to clear the Israeli mine fields), set up his CSF along with a UN force to invade Israel, conquer Israel, and establish who the Mahdi is by whoever ends up standing on the Temple Mount giving Muslims the order to kill all remaining non Muslims.

That is Obama and Iran's end game they are working towards together.

Now, you have to understand the size of the force that Obama and the other Mahdi wannabees will have to start with to have a reasonable chance of being recognized as the Mahdi. You have to first understand that probably every Muslim who goes off to any terrorist training camp has the secret dream of proving in battle they are the Mahdi, the Caliphate uniting behind them, and they conquer the world. In other words, almost every Muslim boy in the world has a severe Napoleonic Complex and wants to be the Mahdi. This means that almost every Muslim leader who shows up at the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with an army intends to prove he is the Mahdi and must end up controlling the Temple Mount so he can give the command for all Muslims to kill all remaining non Muslims and every Muslim knows this and everything I am about to share with you.

In other words, every Muslim knows that better than 90% of the fighting will be after they have broken Israeli lines and gaining control of the Temple Mount. Therefore, in order to succeed, the Muslims all know they must start the battle with an army which will be at least ten times stronger than what will be required to break through the Israeli lines. Their armies will be huge, every terrorist in the world will be there, and they will encourage their allies such as Russia, China, and Europe to bring as many troops as possible.

This means that, before the battle even starts, every Muslim leader will be attempting to make alliances with every other Muslim and non Muslim army at the battle, knowing that those alliances will only endure as long as the alliances benefit all parties involved. As soon as any alliance stops serving the needs of just one member of that alliance, that member will break the alliance and either make an alliance with another group or go it alone. Think cannibalistic sharks in a feeding frenzied. No one will be able to trust anyone, every Muslim leader knows this, and Obama has already proved this by stabbing King Abdullah in the back.

This fighting for Muslim supremacy has been going on for more than 1,300 years. Remember that I told you that in the first ten years following 9/11 more than 400 million Muslims were killed globally and better than 90% of those Muslims were killed by other Muslims? Muslims have been killing 35 to 40 million Muslims per year for more than a decade. All Muslims know this and they are planning for a battle against Israel and each other so vicious that non Muslims cannot even begin to imagine how terrible it will be. In their minds, hundreds of millions of Muslims will probably die in that one battle, mostly killed by other Muslims.

Also, you need to know that, as soon as any breach in the Israeli line is formed, every Muslim army within any reasonable distance will begin fighting the other Muslim armies in the area of that breach to gain control of that breach so their Muslim army can be the first through that breach so they can be the first to the Temple Mount. You also have to understand that both Jordan and Egypt will be serving as the containment armies to prevent any Jews from escaping Israel alive and, when they break through the Israeli lines, they will both be much closer to the Temple Mount, therefore, the Muslim forces gathered in Syria and Lebanon know they MUST fight harder and move faster to gain control of the Temple Mount first. The fighting will be frantic and vicious and astound the non Muslims.

Every Muslim knows, including Obama, that there will be absolutely vicious fighting all of the way to the Temple Mount and the fighting for control of the Temple Mount will be unimaginable. Entire armies will be wiped out on the way to the Temple Mount and in the fighting for the Temple Mount because, in the Muslim minds, they are fighting to rule the world. In their minds, which ever army ends up controlling the Temple Mount, their leader will be proclaimed the Mahdi and will rule the world. Get the picture yet?

What should this tell you?

Since both Obama and Valerie know this, they are going to want Obama to take as many troops to the battle as possible. They will want an army which will easily defeat all other armies combined plus Israel to assure that Obama wins the fight for control of the Temple Mount, because, if Obama loses, he is a nobody and must submit to the rule of the Mahdi. Obama will take every troop he can and still leave enough forces for Valerie to maintain control of the US Muslim dictatorship. Obama's army will number in the tens of millions and will include every Muslim in the US, especially all black Muslims, every criminal released from prison (Obama wants the most vicious people he can get, remember he told you he would empty our prisons), and every liberal to help clear the Israeli mine fields and reserve his Muslim and criminal fighters for the worst fighting, which will be after they breach the Israeli lines.

Obama and Valerie will only leave an army in the US which they will believe will be strong enough to hold out against conservatives until Obama returns with his Caliphate army to win the fight.

That is Obama and Valerie's game plan.

Man plans, God laughs.

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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