Obama 8

Follow this: Putin took Crimea and our Clown in Chief, Obama, plays the big shot placing worthless sanctions against Putin (there, that will learn you) but is mocked by Putin so the child, Obama, kicks Putin out of the G-8 social club and Putin laughs even more. Infuriated and throwing a tantrum, that great genius, Obama, you know, the person for whom the idiot, McCain, said was the most intelligent person in the room, which begs to ask just how stupid are McCain and the others who were in that room, dumps Rouhani, makes buds again with King Abdullah, whom Obama had previously dumped, and runs off committing crimes by giving terrorist (our enemies) weapons to use against Putin's ally, Syria, to get back at Putin, you know, like an immature spoiled little child, a punk.

You know this will just upset Putin more but definitely will not cause Putin to leave Crimea or not take Ukraine and Transnitria. Putin will counter the criminal acts being committed by our glorious doper Choom Gang member and then what will our Idiot in Chief do?

Mean while, very quietly in the back ground, I am watching our generals and admirals of our military, you know, the people Obama despises and is working to destroy so Pharaoh Obama can set up his glorious dictatorship, working to save your butts, not Obama's butt, but your butts. They are quietly and systematically doing what the military man, Putin, will understand and respect and our Clown in Chief couldn't even begin to understand. They are beefing up previously scheduled military and NATO exercises in the area to send Putin the kind of message Putin will understand. They have already sent a missile ship into the Black Sea for military exercises and are about to send in a fleet to help that ship out. They have beefed up military exercises with other countries in the area like Poland and increased aircraft patrols over the Baltic Sea.

I believe they know they cannot get Putin to leave Crimea but may be able to prevent any more aggression.

I am wondering if our Clown in Chief has so totally destroyed our nation's credibility and integrity so that Putin won't get the message or care?

There is a strong probability that our military leaders understand that Putin is building an army and can't afford to lose more than a limited amount of troops or it will set back Putin's efforts. I also hope our military leaders have let Putin know that they know what Putin is up to and that the US military is willing and capable to cause Putin to pay a higher price to get more troops than Putin wants to pay. That is the key to stopping Putin. We don't have to defeat Putin in an all out war, we only have to make the price for Putin to gain more troops higher than it will be worth to gain those troops and we can back Putin down. This is because Putin is not working to make his military significantly smaller with a major confrontation, Putin is trying to make his military significantly larger by gaining troops via military actions but with minimal confrontation and loss of troops.

Now, can our military leaders make this work in spite of our Clown in Chief? That is the big question.

We need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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