Obama War

This essay is about the war Obama is waging against everyone else.

I just read that Obama is desperately changing his staff by bringing in former Clinton staff members to aid or replace current staff members. Obama and Valerie are cornered and trying to fight their way out of the corner. I wouldn't want to be those staff members being replaced.

Then we read about Loretta Fuddy, the liberal commie who violated the non disclosure law of Hawaii (without being prosecuted for that crime) to provide a fake birth certificate (forged government document, not prosecuted for that crime either) showing Obama was born in the US, being killed in a plane crash in which she was the only one to die. Really?

My first thought was, "Was she about to go public with the truth about Obama not being born in the US and got snuffed?" My second thought was, "Was she blowing the whistle on her own or was she ordered to do so by the rich upper class trash white boys currently exposing detrimental information about Obama?" My third thought was, "Are Obama and Val tying up loose ends by snuffing people who know things which the rich upper class trash white boys could use to make things worse for Obama and Val?"

If the latter is true, we will start seeing increasing numbers of people like the survivors of Benghazi, General Ham, about 200 fired military officers, Obama's former staff members, Rahm Emanuel, and many others who know dangerous things about Obama and Val turning up dead. Keep an eye on this.

Remember, Obama is desperate and desperate people do desperate things.

Remember that Obama shafted Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah while becoming best buds with Kingy boy's enemy, Iran? "Some one" just leaked classified intel about top officials in Saudi Arabia being behind the 9/11 attack against the US. Gee, I wonder who leaked that classified Intel. Was it Obama or Val or both?

Is this the beginning of the PR campaign for building up to a justification for a long over due invasion of Saudi Arabia, you know, "to punish them for staging 9/11"?

If Obama takes out Saudi Arabia and sets up a puppet leader, you know, like he did in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt (but failed), the rest of the much smaller and weaker, but mega wealthy, Sunni Muslim controlled nations on the Arabian Peninsula will be forced to accept whatever Obama demands they accept, you know, like the new Muslim Caliphate set up under Obama's rule with plans to conquer the rest of the world. Keep an eye on this.

On the other hand, after accepting billions of US dollars in payment for black market nukes from Obama, Rouhani (Iran) pulls out of the nuke negotiations to continue building nukes, including the ones Obama paid for with your tax dollars. Gee, I wonder how many of those nukes did Obama purchase from Rouhani with your tax dollars to use against you? Did you also noticed that Obama's deal with Iran included starting commercial flights directly between Iran and the US? My first thought was, "Is this to make it easier to smuggle those black market nukes into the US?"

Then I read that Obama is considering new sanctions against Iran because Iran pulled out of the nuke negotiations. Please note that Obama is still just considering those new sanctions, besides Rouhani just got billions more US dollars to build his nukes.

Then we read about the White House (read Obama) is considering amnesty for Snowden. Is Obama trying to get Snowden out from under the protection of Putin so Obama can kill Snowden or rewarding Snowden for a job well done by providing China and Russia with classified military intelligence? I am still keeping my eye on this falling shoe. People, especially corrupt people, don't do anything without a reason.

Have you noticed that it has been a while since you have seen Obama carrying the umbrella for his wife the way Bush always carried the umbrella for his wife and Obama used to carry for his wife? After coming back from Obama acting like an irresponsible, disrespectful spoiled rotten two year brat old at Mandela's funeral, I noticed that Michelle was carrying her own umbrella with Obama walking a little ways behind her. I just saw a picture of Michelle walking with some staffer holding her umbrella in heavy rain and a very angry Obama walking significantly ahead of her without an umbrella.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this picture, along with the other like pictures of Obama and Michelle distancing themselves from each other, speaks volumes. Things are clearly not going well in their little commie utopia. My first thought is, "Will Michelle end up getting snuffed to solve this problem?" Remember that Obama is a Muslim and Muslims solve their problems by killing those problems. Muslim logic = no Michelle, no problem. Keep an eye on this.

Mean while, the liberal media and other liberals continue to attack and distance themselves from fall-guy Obama and increasing numbers of voters are turning against Obama in mass while articles of impeachment are right now being written up in Congress and there is an increasing national movement to impeach Obama. What liberal commie utopia? Sounds more like hell on earth to me, but don't feel sorry for Obama because he is planning much worse for you.

Man plans, God laughs.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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