Obama War 3

I just read that Obama has threatened South Sudan that, if South Sudan doesn't stop the violence in its own country, Obama will take action. You know, like Obama did with Syria but South Sudan doesn't have Putin protecting it. Wouldn't it be ironic if Putin offered South Sudan protection?

Let's take a little look at this situation. Sudan was a Christian nation until the Muslims revolted and took control of the north, which is mostly Muslim, but failed to take control of the south, which is mostly Christian. For years the Muslims in the north raided Christian villages in the south taking black Christians as slaves and murdering many more black Christians. There was finally peace for a few years but the Muslims started fighting to over throw the south again, murdering and enslaving black Christians.

Basically, Obama is telling Christian South Sudan to surrender to the Muslims or Obama will use the power of the US, a Christian nation, to help the Muslims conquer the south. In effect, Obama is saying, "Lay down your weapons and let the Muslims murder you or I will help the Muslims murder you." Once again Obama is using the power of the US to aid our enemies, the Muslim terrorists as he did in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria. These are all blatant acts of treason against the US and our allies which is adequate to impeach, try, and execute Obama for treason.

Did you notice that about half a dozen liberal Commiecrats are working on a bill which will remove the death penalty for treason and other such federal crimes? Gee, I wonder why they would do that, especially at this time. No coincidence there.

Obama continues to aid Muslims in persecuting and conquering Christians throughout the world while lying about himself being Christian. I dare anyone to show me any significant efforts on the part of Obama to aid Christians who are being persecuted by Muslims. I can't seem to find even just one such effort on the part of Obama.

I have told you before that Obama is refusing sanctuary to Christians who are being terrorized and murdered by Muslims so those Christians are being forced to find sanctuary in other countries, especially in South American.

I hope you remember that Obama recently changed the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan severely tying the hands of US troops causing increasing deaths among our troops while decreasing the effectiveness of our troops. Every time we turn around, Obama is helping the Muslims in every way possible, except when it benefits Obama.

Remember that I told you that Israel is being forced to make nice with China because Israel can no longer depend on the US? I just read that Obama is bullying Israel because Israel sold unclassified weapons systems to China. The top Israeli government employee responsible for approving this sale was forced to resign. Nothing like trying to drive a wedge between Israel and China to keep Israel vulnerable to attack by a UN force put together by Obama.

I have noticed that I have been posting a lot more essays this year, starting in May, than any previous year because things have been accelerating in activity. The largest number of essays per month prior to this year was about 17 but I hit a new record twice a few months ago, first with 19 and then with 20 essays in one month. This essay makes 17 essays this month and there are still 9 days left in the month of December 2013. This also makes the 124th essay since the beginning of May which is more than I have written in just one full year and about 1/3 of the total essays on this site. Twice I have written two essays in a day this month with as many as four essays in one day since the beginning of May because it is just getting so busy with what is going on.

As I have told you before, the fecal matter is already hitting the fan and increasing in volume quite quickly. It will get worse before it gets better and I expect my essays will become more frequent as things get worse. The more that is happening in the world, the more you will need to know what is happening and what to expect in the near future, so I write.

I pray for everyone all of the time and any time I think about what is going on. I especially pray for my Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted by Obama and his Muslim terrorist pals. It is increasingly important for all of us to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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