Problems 2?

These are a few things to keep an eye on. Well, OK, more than a few.

I have noticed that a serious rift has formed between Louis Farrakhan and Obama. The US leader of Black Muslims, Louis Farrakhan, who once issued a number of Muslim Fatwas declaring Obama to be the Muslim messiah, has started angrily and publically criticising Obama. Farrakhan used to be Obama's number one US supporter and now he is publically criticising Obama and putting Obama down?

Has Farrakhan figured out he is being betrayed and played for a sucker by Obama? Has he noticed that almost all of the Muslims being infiltrated into high positions in the US government by Obama are Arab Muslims and not black Muslims? Can you just hear Farrakhan asking, "Hey, why so many Arabs and so few blacks?" Farrakhan has just positioned himself with Rouhani and against Obama and King Abdullah. So, how is that messiah thing going?

The new president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, stated that he would meet with Farrakhan but not Obama prior to Obama finally getting a phone conference with Rouhani. That was a huge insult to Obama and huge complement to Farrakhan. It was the international equivalent of Rouhani publically flipping Obama off while giving global significance to Farrakhan. Now that Rouhani has agreed to talk to Obama, it is very obvious that Rouhani is playing with Obama like a cat would play with a mouse but we will address that a little later.

Remember that Obama screwed Rahm Emanuel, who is currently the defunct Mayor of the dying city of Chicago (think New Detroit). Rahm was one of the key people in helping Obama become president and Obama repaid Rahm by sending Rahm packing back to Chicago, burning that bridge.

It seems like arrogant, narcissistic Obama has been and still is burning a lot of very important bridges. He has turned almost the entire Democratic Party against himself, especially the Clintons, he is turning George Soros against him, who spent a lot of money getting Obama into office as president, Obama has now turned Farrakhan against him, and, oh yeah, did I tell you that King Abdullah is angry at Obama for daring to speak to Rouhani without King Abdullah's permission? That is right, King Abdullah got angry when Obama phoned Rouhani and had a little talk with Rouhani.

Is it possible that the arrogant, narcissistic little puppet, Obama, has gotten too full of himself and is believing that, since he is the president of the most powerful country in the world, in spite of his efforts to destroy this country from within, that he should no longer be anyone's puppet? Is Obama turning on everyone? Are we witnessing the great puppet revolt? Because he is definitely ticking everyone off.

It would only be natural for an arrogant, narcissistic little fool to begin to believe the lies being told about him to get and keep him in power and for him to start acting the part in spite of the fact that Valerie Jarrett is really the acting president. Has Obama's arrogant narcissism pushed Obama over the edge into him believing he really is an invincible god and the Messiah of Islam? Is Obama tired of being everyone's puppet and want to be the master? He definitely has a Napoleonic complex (he wants to rule the world).

After all, with so many liberal commie traitors infiltrated into the US military who will nuke US cities so Obama can declare martial law and set up his dictatorship, why does Obama need Kingy Boy Abdullah? Hey, just nuke a few cities in the US, declare martial law establishing himself as the dictator, declare himself to be king or, hey, pharaoh of the US, and go from being everyone's puppet to everyone's master, including Kingy boy. Hey, Obama will have the most nukes in the world and everyone knows that, if Obama will use nukes against the US, he will use them against everyone else. Everyone, including the libtards, knows that Obama is an extremely arrogant narcissist and that would be something an arrogant narcissist in Obama's place would do.

Is Obama turning on everyone who helped him get in power? He has already turned on and screwed quite a few of them, why not the rest? He definitely has a large enough ego to try. Is it possible that no one can trust Obama?

Then there is the fact that, by destroying the US military and not properly using it, Obama has made himself insignificant internationally. Actually, Obama has made himself an international joke. You know that hurts Obama's narcissistic ego. Putin, Rouhani, and others, who used to respect the US President, are showing blatant disrespect for Obama by publically toying with Obama. As a matter of fact, the only place where Obama has any significant respect is in the US and that has dropped down to less than 40%. Even the liberals and their beloved brainwashing liberal media have started turning on Obama.

There is also another factor which isn't helping Obama. As the liberals force increasing amounts of their socialism on everyone, making things worse for almost everyone, people are beginning to see the truth about socialism and are turning against all Commiecrats but especially Obama, after all, Obama is the head commie. They are watching as socialism fails in this country, the same as it has failed in all other countries, while increasing numbers of the other countries, in which socialism has failed, are turning back away from socialism to capitalism. I am seeing increasing numbers of liberals figure that one out.

Plus you have to add to it all of these crises Obama caused such as Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, his expensive vacations, spending so much time playing golf during crises, and all the other stupid things Obama and Valerie have caused. Plus Billy Boy Clinton bad mouthing Obama to start working on Hillary getting elected in 2016 isn't helping things for Obama. You know that with Obama watching his remaining time in office with all the power, luxuries, and attention quickly grow shorter and just the thought of having to soon give all of that up is getting to Obama stressing him out even more. A very stressed out arrogant narcissist with a Napoleonic complex is a very dangerous creature. How long do you think it is going to be before Obama realizes that Valerie's ineptness as president is hurting Obama, Obama fires Valerie, and tries to actually be president himself? Boy, is he in for a shock or what?

Yep, it looks like Obama has gotten himself into a real mess. I would keep an eye on this.

As a side note, I would not want to be the person who follows Obama into office because they are going to have to make all of the most difficult decisions a president has ever had to make in order to clean this mess up just enough to not be too hated forever, forget about actually having to clean the mess up. It will take decades to clean this mess up, even if all the right decisions are made.

Man plans, God laughs.

We all need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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