Political Analysis

After yesterday's post, I have been praying and thinking about our current mess and decided to do a political analysis of the different candidates. I will start with the left and then take a look at who is doing well on the right.

Before I do though, I want to state that we must face the fact that the war against the terrorists and their state sponsors is the most critical issue facing us. If we loose this war, nothing else will matter because the terrorist state sponsors will be able to use their terrorism and our cowardice to force Islamic law on even the US. There won't be an economy, Christian or non Christian values, capitalism vs socialism, and we will pay for oil what they dictate to us and you can bet it won't be a nickel a barrel. Therefore, the most critical issue is the war; absolutely beyond any doubt.

The liberal media has managed to distract us, even me, from that war because our troops are winning the war and they don't want you to know it. But we must get beyond the distraction and deal with reality and reality says we must win the war or we loose everything.

On the left, we have three weasels; Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. Hillary is clearly part of the socialist natural elites on the left who wants to set up a socialist dictatorship. She wants to be queen of the US with us as her slaves. In my opinion, the woman is power mad.

Obama can't be trusted because he regularly hangs out with the worst Muslims working against us winning the war after having grown up with two Muslim fathers. He knows what Islam is all about, goes to a church which recently gave their top award to a very radical Muslim, Farrakhan, and is clearly, in my opinion, practicing Al-taqiyya by claiming to be a Christian. In my opinion, voting for this guy is like voting for Islamic law in America.

Edwards is a very successful (AKA slimy) attorney who made millions as a really great professional liar. He is clearly part of the NE socialist left. I trust him about as far as I could throw Moby Dick up wind in a category 5 hurricane. No vote for me on this one.

On the right, we have three candidates leading from whom we will almost certainly have to pick the Republican candidate for president. I have realized since yesterday that we don't have a true conservative running but we do have hope. I think we will have to put our other issues on the back burner for now and vote to win the war or we won't have any other issues in the future. This is something the left has always failed to realize and we have to be smarter than the left.

McCain is one of the most liberal people in the US Senate and writes more legislation with Ted Kennedy than any one else in Congress. You can bet he isn't writing moderate much less conservative legislation with Teddy. I am certain that he will fight the war but he probably won't want our soldiers to hurt anyone so he will arm them with rubber bullets, tazzers, pepper spray, and nerf bayonets. No vote for me here unless he is running against the Democrats, especially Obama or Hillary.

Romney is clearly a liberal and only recently came over from the Democrats and could easily be the lead in trying to also take over the Republican Party. I don't trust him and don't know much about how he would fight the war. At this time, he has to be a no vote unless it is him or McCain.

Rudy seems to be our best hope among the current Republican leaders. True, he isn't a true conservative but I do believe he isn't one of the natural elite socialist who wants to set up a socialist dictatorship. I believe he is conservative just enough to get by for now. The most important thing about Rudy is that he has shown with actions and not just words that he will stand up to the terrorists and knows who our enemies are. It is important to remember that actions speak louder than words and Rudy has the actions in his hip pocket when it comes to standing up to the people trying to kill us.

As Mayor of New York, Rudy did two things which shows that this man knows who the enemy is, has already got in their faces and told them what he thinks of them, and, when the Muslim Stream Media got on him about it, told them to shove it. He held a UN party and refused to invite Arrafat. When Arrafat invited himself, Rudy uninvited the man telling him to get lost. When the media got on Rudy about it, Rudy returned fire and told them to shove it.

After 9/11, the Saudi's, who clearly are the enemy, as I have shown, sent New York money to pay for part of the damage they paid to cause. Rudy returned their money and told them where to put it. When the Muslim Stream Media got on Rudy for daring to even stand up to their beloved Saudi terrorist buddies, Rudy got in their faces and told them to park it in the same place he told them to put the last propaganda.

Rudy also has proven that he will support our allies like Israel even against the wishes of the Saudi's, which is what is currently causing most of our problems. He will stand by Israel when few else will and we need that because they are our only truly dependable ally in this war against the terrorists.

Rudy has proven that he knows the enemy, isn't afraid of them or their bully buddies the Muslim Stream Media, and has testicles the size of mountains. I believe that, among all the current top contenders, he is the best hope we have at this moment because this war is by far the most important issue on the table.

I have realized that God has given us this man for president because the conservatives will vote for him along with most moderates and some liberals. I believe he is the Commander in Chief we need at this time to save everything we value.

Who would I vote for if I could pick among all of the people I know about? I personally would like to see a Dick Cheney/John Bolton ticket and would vote for it in a second. They are both true conservatives and, like Rudy, have testicles the size of mountains, which the Muslim Stream Media hate. But God may know something we don't know like the Muslim Stream Media has done enough damage to these two so that too many of even the conservatives won't vote for them.

Personally, when it comes time to vote, I am going to vote for Rudy because I believe he has proven he has what it takes to win this war and isn't afraid of the enemy including the Muslim Stream Media. Anyone with testicles that big and a decent head on his shoulders gets my vote.

Anyone who has been reading my site knows that I have never made a commitment to anyone politician before on the site by stating I would vote for them. That should tell you just how critical this matter is at this time.

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