The US is ripe for a lot of disease pandemics and not just one. If you read the Bible, pandemic is the most common form of punishment God uses against pagan nations or nations which turn from God. These pandemics will quickly spread to other Western nations because of our extreme population mobility and it will reach a point to where US citizens will become very unpopular with other nations' citizens and will even be barred from entering some nations. If these pandemics get out of hand the way the pagan liberals want them to do, hundreds of millions will die world wide, maybe billions of people. The coming pandemics could easily wipe out entire cities and even some small countries. If the pandemics work the way the Luciferians want, they will wipe out almost all human life on the planet, almost every man, woman, and child.

I have already shown you that the paganism of the West has caused the greatest pandemic in human history with our "free sex", the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which are slowly killing hundreds of millions of people globally. I have also shown you how the pagan birdie people and conservationists have created two animal or vector (disease carriers) pandemics which pose an extremely serious threat to us all because they have been teaching the hating and killing of the house cat. The killing of the house cat along with feeding birds and rodents (rodents eat the same food as birds) has caused an extreme population pandemic for both birds and rodents. I have told you that better than 90% of all flu viruses come from birds and rodents carry such diseases as bubonic plague, which kill man. These two pandemic threats alone could wipe out mankind within 5 to 10 years but the upper class trash don't want to wait that long to kill us all off.

Obama and his pagan liberal traitors (both Democrats and Republicans) openly working to legalize illegal aliens has caused a flood of illegal aliens into the US, especially children, which poses a very serious threat to us all. From what I have been reading it looks like approximately 1/3 of the children are infected with a variety of diseases and the idiot pagan liberals want to "integrate" these children into our society and put them in our schools with our children? And that 1/3 is just the children who are showing the symptoms of the diseases and there will be carriers who don't show any symptoms until they are in the schools with your children. You still think the pagan liberals are not trying to kill off you and your families?

So far I have been seeing such diseases as TB and scabies with who knows what being hidden by the extreme secrecy of the government handling these people. Doctors are being threatened with jail if they tell us about what they are seeing in those illegal immigrant camps. You should be asking, "What could possibly be so serious that doctors are being threatened with prison if they just tell us about what they are seeing?" What is so much worse than the diseases we are being told about, such as TB, that doctors are being threatened with prison for telling us about the rest?

It has also been made public knowledge that all of this was planned out years ago and agreements were made with other nations for those nations to send their children to the US. Did those agreements include those nations sending a lot of very sick children to quickly spread diseases throughout the US? 1/3 of the children being sick is a lot of sick children traveling hundreds to thousands of miles to come to the US and, by the time those children get here, all of them will be infected with the diseases some of them started out with. That is human cruelty beyond imagination, using children as biological weapons of mass destruction?

The evil people behind this are committing horrible crimes. Gee, I wonder why doctors are being threatened with prison for revealing the truth.

I have told you that these evil pagan Devil worshipers, the Luciferians, live by the one rule "Do as you will". In their evil minds, it is not bad or wrong for them to murder seven billion men, women, and children globally to do as they will. In their evil minds, it is not wrong for them to murder millions of children using them as biological weapons of mass destruction. In their evil minds, nothing is wrong for them to do anything their evil minds dream up. Are you getting the picture yet?

They are the problem. These evil Luciferian pagans are causing almost all of our most serious problems on this planet and getting away with it. They are already murdering hundreds of millions of people each year and will continue to do so until they have achieved their evil goals of murdering all but a MAXIMUM of 500 million people globally. Their end game global population target is probably half of that or less. 500 million remaining people globally is just their MAXIMUM goal, not their targeted goal.

More of you will start thinking about home schooling your children when your children start bringing home deadly diseases brought to their schools by these infected illegal alien children. Please note that these diseases will not differentiate between liberal and conservative proving what I have been telling you for years, the upper class trash plan on murdering off the liberals the same as they plan on murdering off the conservatives and that the upper class trash plans to purge all liberal activist traitors.

But those diseases won't just be transmitted through the public school systems. Those diseases will be transmitted through every venue in which a lot people make contact with each other on a regular basis such as universities, grocery stores, the mall, restaurants (especially fast food restaurants), gas stations, government buildings, law enforcement, military, public rest rooms, motels and hotels, movie theaters, all stores, all forms of transportation such as buses, trains, taxi cabs, and airports, that little button you push to cross the street, every door handle on the planet, and especially at the doctors' offices, hospitals, and pharmacies, you know, where sick people always go in large numbers.

Please note that the upper class trash causing these pandemics have their children going to private schools the illegal alien children won't be attending. The upper class trash have created a buffer zone around themselves and their children to protect them from the pandemics they are causing for the rest of us but I see flaws in that buffer zone. At some point, the upper class trash have to come into contact with society, probably via their servants and maids who will have to come in direct contact with society to get things like food, supplies, equipment, and parts or at fancy restaurants and recreational facilities.

Do the upper class trash have secret treatments for the pathogens they will be introducing into society to kill almost everyone off?

Probably, but don't be surprised to find out they handed out a lot of placebos (probably almost all of the inoculations) to the other liberal traitors and activists, especially certain members of the upper class trash, they want to purge. Those traitors will help spread those diseases thinking they are immune because they were secretly inoculated but eventually die from the diseases because they got placebos and you know the lame excuse they will be given will be that those people must have gotten a "bad batch" and, now that they are sick, the treatment won't work. Get the picture yet?

If you liberal pagan traitors want to find out whether you were given a placebo or the real inoculation, go to a different doctor than the one which inoculated you and get the lab work so see whether you have the antibodies for those diseases. If you don't have the antibodies, they gave you a placebo and you are scheduled for termination, sucker. Enjoy your trip to Hell because, when you get there, you won't be doing any more traveling for a very long time.

God will not let these evil monsters get away with their crimes for God said, "be not deceived, your sins will find you out." It may take a little bit longer but those diseases will get to the upper class trash.

You still think you are not being murdered by the upper class trash liberal pagan Luciferian traitors?

Now, maybe you can understand why it is very important for you to repent of your sins or crimes against God's Laws and accept salvation through Jesus? There is a better than 95% chance the upper class trash have scheduled you for termination, which can take place at any time.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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