Pandemic 3

As I continue to think about what the upper class trash liberal commie traitors are doing with this illegal immigration thing, I realize there is more which needs to be said. It is very clear that this is a professionally engineered and coordinated multiple pandemic designed to maximize the death toll or mortality rate. In other words, the killing for UN Agenda 21 has begun and is going on RIGHT NOW! UN Agenda 21 is now in progress on a massive global scale with pandemics quickly spreading around the world such as in Africa, China, the Americas, and Europe, which doesn't leave too many other places for the pandemics to spread to.

This is absolutely beyond any doubt the worst, most vicious crime in the history of mankind and it is taking place RIGHT NOW! There is no more speculation, guessing, or tin hat wearing, this is going on RIGHT NOW! The conspiracy theorists were right but no one listened. The people doing this are the worst and most evil monsters in history. They are the Euro-American upper class trash, natural elite, white cracker, white supremacists, pagan, Luciferians who run this world, for now.

The upper class trash definitely had control of the US government by the time they instituted the Federal Reserve in the early 1990s. It is very possible they had control before the US Civil War and caused that war with their agricultural export tariffs. As I watched, studied, and God showed me things, I realized not too long after JFK was murdered that the upper class trash was in charge and the murder of Bobby Kennedy confirmed my suspicions. If you try to fix things, they will kill you.

I continued to dig after Bobby was murdered and realized that the corrupt upper class trash had such control over the US government by the 1960s that even the president of the US wasn't safe from them. When I came to this realization, I remember saying to God that I wouldn't want to be President or even dictator or king unless I had God's knowledge, wisdom, and powers to protect myself because the upper class trash would kill me before I could do anything to try to fix things. They would probably kill me before I got elected, the way they did Bobby. I decided then and there, I don't want the job.

It is now very apparent that the upper class trash was already in bed with the Muslims before they murdered Bobby because the man who murdered Bobby is a Muslim. Just remember that, when you are in bed with some one else, they are in bed with you and you can bet the Muslims have been gathering intel on the internal operations of the upper class trash including the data bases used to control their huge organization and who will be killed for UN Agenda 21, including who got the placebos. They know.

God is using the upper class trash being in control and being over confident enough that they barely even try to hide any of their corruption any more to turn people against the liberal commies. So many of their scandals have been made public during Obama's administration to discredit Obama that the people know it is the liberal commie traitor upper class trash who are behind these things, especially with the liberals showing support and making excuses for the scandals. For example, people know it was the upper class trash liberal commies who caused this immigration problem, refused to fix the problem while making it worse, the immigration problem is causing the influx of these deadly diseases, it is the liberal commie traitors who have quickly shipped the infected illegal aliens to all 50 states, and, when their friends and families start dying from the liberal commie manufactured pandemics, the people will remember, they will become afraid of the diseases but will become angry at the liberal commie traitors for causing their friends and families to die. God is opening their eyes to the truth about the liberal commie traitors.

You can also bet that, when the 90%+ liberal commie traitors, Muslims, and other non Euro-American whites not selected for survival find out they got placebos, they will become furious for being betrayed (you know, the way they betrayed you) and turn on the mid and upper class trash commie traitors. When Obama and his Muslims find out they have been betrayed by only getting the placebos, they will stage their coup, and purge all of the liberal mid to upper class trash commie traitors involved and, if you watch how Muslims purge their enemies, they will kill every man, woman, and child in all of the mid and upper class trash families. Just watch around the world and you will see that, when Muslims purge their enemies, they kill everyone in those families and that is what the Muslims will do to the liberal commie traitors.

Also remember that Muslim terrorist organizations are all over the world (thanks to the upper class trash) so that, when the Muslims start purging the mid and upper class trash, the mid and upper class trash won't have anywhere to run and hide. (will their sins find them out like God said?) Obama's Muslims will put out warrants all over the world and Muslims will hunt the commie traitors down and kill them everywhere the mid and upper class trash try to run and hide and they will do it very quickly, probably within a few weeks.

You will have mixed feelings about Obama's Muslim dictatorship because you will enjoy and even cheer at watching the Muslims kill all of the bad guys who caused this mess and just tried to murder you but you won't enjoy living in their Muslim dictatorship. That is when God will turn most people against Islam.

Always remember that man plans, God laughs and, right now, you really need God to save your butts because God is the only one who can.

Believe in the Lord Jesus the Christ and you will be saved. Right now, that would be a pretty good idea because you don't know whether you will come out of this on-going disaster alive, you are right in the middle of a manufactured pandemic tsunami. You could be dead from one of these deadly diseases within just a few weeks or months.

How is that liberal communist pagan dictatorship thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

BTW, Ukraine has captured all but one Russian held territory in Ukraine and Russia just moved 20,000 combat ready troops to Ukraine's eastern border. Watch for the military actions I previously wrote about because Putin is smart enough to take the path of least resistance and troop loss.

BTW, several terrorist organizations have joined the ISIS Caliphate and ISIS is making a move on Lebanon. I am thinking this is most likely them moving to take land next to Israel so they can invade Israel. This may be God setting up for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Keep an eye on this.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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