Pandemic 4

I want to give you a little nutshell biology 101 lesson which will help you see biological problems like epidemics and pandemics developing in your community before they hit you so you will have time to take actions to prevent or lesson the damage caused by the problem. Remember that I write this site so a seventh or eighth grade student can understand what I teach, which requires that I keep it simple (not much Latin or Greek) and short. I will only cover the most important basics you need to know to make reasonably accurate observations.

Also, we are going to study pandemics, which are the same as epidemics but much, much worse. The reason being that the US is already in at least a perpetual population epidemic state for certain species, such as rodents and birds, with most of this nation, especially the big cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and such, in or near a pandemic state caused by the lies of conservationists and PBS, especially the killing off of free roaming house cats. Therefore, it is only logical to study pandemics.

Also, I am going to use my own home town of Alamogordo, New Mexico because we have a rapidly developing pandemic situation here I can use as a great example (read teaching opportunity), we are very close to the US/Mexico border and in the traffic path of the illegal aliens coming into the US which means we are more likely to be infected by the diseases they are bringing across the border. In plain English, we're screwed and the biologically ignorant idiots with Ph.D.s in PBS running this community are doing their best to make sure a disease pandemic happens. This is exactly what I want to help you prevent in your community.

We will also use rodents and birds as examples because their populations are in a pandemic state throughout almost all of the US, especially in the medium to large cities, but in all cities which have adopted the conservationist and PBS concept of trapping and killing off free roaming house cats AND rodents and birds can transmit a variety of diseases to humans. (BTW, this means that the conservationists, PBS, Disney, universities, and others promoting these ideas are liable for damages caused by their ideas along with other contributing misinformation they have been dishing out. Now you know who to sue when it happens, if you survive.) You need to know that rodents eat both plants and bugs and most birds eat bugs with many also eating some plants, especially fruit and seeds.

When studying population sizes, a pandemic is when a species population is so large and dense within a given area that a disease or pathogen will very quickly sweep through the population because of very frequent contacts between the members of the species. This means that the members of that species are more likely to infect other members with the disease before they die from the disease causing a disease pandemic, which will quickly kill off a huge number of the population, usually within about one to three years.

There are three rules in Biology you need to know about concerning population growth. 1) If you increase the food supply of a population, the population will grow, 2) if you decrease predation or the ability of predators to find and kill members of the population, the population will grow, and 3) if you increase food and decrease predation at the same time, the species population will explode. These three rules are critical for studying the development of a pandemic population growth and potential problems because they are the most common cause of animal pandemics.

I have developed a very basic rule concerning rule number one which is "molecules in equals molecules out." This means that the more molecules an organism takes in via food, the more molecules it can put out as offspring. An organism cannot put out more molecules than it takes in and will almost always put out as many molecules as it takes in. In other words, more food means the species can and will produce more young within the same period of time.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the initial breeding population for a species at the beginning of its breeding season sets the reproduction and population growth for that breeding season. For example, if you start with an initial breeding population for field mice, which produce 2 to 4 pups every 30 to 90 days, pending food supply, of 500 for a given area and they produce four pups in the first 30 days, they triple their population to 1,500. But, if you start with an initial breeding population of 1,500 for the same area, they will triple their population to 4,500. So your initial breeding population for a season is very important.

The situation here in Alamogordo is that the vegetation has been gradually increasing as the planet and this desert have been gradually cooling. The decreasing temperatures means there has been increasing precipitation and decreasing evaporation from the soil. This means there is more water in the soil for vegetation which means the amount of vegetation will increase. This is very important because vegetation is food for bugs, rodents, and many birds, which means those populations have been gradually building. The gradual building is good because it allows the predators which keep these populations under control to also gradually build and keep pace with these populations, except that the locals have been trapping and killing the key predator within our community responsible for the control of those populations, the free roaming house cat. This has permitted our rodent and bird populations to regularly go completely pandemic. We have made our own bed and our glorious leaders, who won't listen to reason because they have Ph.D.s in PBS ("if it is on TV, it can't be wrong"), did a really terrible job of it.

But, this year, the situation has gotten much worse very quickly because of a sudden change in climate. This year, it got much cooler and, therefore, much wetter meaning the water supply for vegetation has suddenly increased which will cause the vegetation to suddenly increase which will cause the populations of bugs, rodents, and many birds to suddenly increase at a rate too fast for predation to keep pace, which will permit these populations to very quickly explode and get out of control. Add to this that significant amounts of rain have fallen post summer which means there will be even less evaporation from the soil because the temperatures are cooler. Our soil has become so saturated, we have developed regular flooding throughout this area (Otero County) because there is so much water in the soil, the soil can't absorb much more water forcing most of the rain to run off. Add to that that we are presently experiencing a "false summer" (more like spring weather) which means the weather is staying warmer when it should be significantly cooling and forcing such things as plants, bugs, and rodents into hibernation where they don't reproduce. This means that, instead of hibernating, they are currently reproducing, increasing the populations of all of these species at time when most of the birds which tend to feed on that vegetation and the bugs have migrated out of the area further decreasing predation on the plants and bugs. This will mean there will be even more food for the bugs and rodents because they are not competing for food with those birds which have left the area. It's a mess.

Some of the easy observations are that I see increasing plant growth when plants should be going dormant for the coming winter, insects out feeding and reproducing when they should be sleeping in the warmest places they can find, most of the birds feeding on these plants and bugs have migrated out of our area, and, therefore, there is a rapidly increasing abundance of food for rodents while our beloved leaders continue to suppress rodent predation by trapping and killing free roaming house cats. This will all increase our initial breeding population to as much as three to five times as much for this coming spring. With the information I am providing you with, you can make the same type of observations within your community.

Based on what I have taught you, the food supply for rodents is rapidly increasing while the predation is being suppressed by our glorious leaders, greatly increasing our initial breeding population for this coming spring.

What should this tell you?

It should tell you that we have a better than 90% probability for a massive rodent pandemic next spring and the longer our false summer continues, the worse the rodent pandemic will be next spring because it will increase our initial breeding population even more UNLESS we start to rapidly increase the predation of rodents by stopping killing free roaming house cats RIGHT NOW! The problem being that our glorious leaders are so brainwashed by the conservationists and PBS that they won't even think about listening to good science so our rodent pandemic is inevitable.

What should this tell you?

With so many disease infected illegal aliens passing through and even taking up residence in our community and them carrying such a large variety of diseases, it is also inevitable that one or more of these deadly diseases will make it into our pandemic rodent population, the diseases will be quickly spread through our community, and infect large numbers of our citizens because our glorious leaders have a Ph.D. in PBS. (Did you know that PBS stands for propaganda and bull crap?) Basically, a lot of people will probably die because of the liberal bull crap.

So, how many free roaming house cats do we need in our community to at least slow the development of this problem giving the house cats time to increase their populations enough to bring the rodent populations back down to a healthy level?

More than we have in our animal control shelters, both city and county combined, and many more than you can imagine. If we were to get the feline population up to where it would normally belong, most people would think it had gotten out of control because we have become so accustomed to seeing insignificant numbers of free roaming house cats. It would be a huge culture shock. We would have to get free roaming, especially feral and semi feral house cats, which know how to hunt, from other larger communities such as Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, Texas to be able to increase our free roaming house cat population enough and quickly enough to prevent the coming rodent pandemic.

The number of house cats we will need will be based on a little biological math. You have to understand that, when you build a structure or city of structures in the wild, you automatically displace or decrease predation, which means you have to replace that displaced predation with a human compatible predator.

This is because the predators normally hunting things such as rodents and birds in this desert area will move out away from our structures because they fear humans and are not compatible with humans. Humans are the prime predator on this planet and the proof of that is that we humans have hunted more species into extinction than all other predators combined. These small predators know we are the prime predator and want to avoid us unless they are starving, diseased (i.e. rabies), or have us in a situation in which they feel they can survive an attack on us.

The principle predators in this desert which hunt rodents are coyotes, skunks, grey fox, kit fox, badgers, bobcats, and a variety of snakes (the rattlesnake is poisonous, most of the rest are constrictors which "strangle" their prey to death). None of these predators are compatible with humans and you don't want them around your dwelling, especially if you have children. You also need to know that reptiles, such as snakes, are not as good at controlling rodent populations as mammals because reptiles can survive on less food than mammals, therefore, you would need many more reptiles to control the same rodent population.

You further decrease predation by providing "cover" with your buildings and increased yard vegetation. Cover is anything which 1) makes it more difficult for predators to find prey and 2) makes it more difficult for predators to get prey. The buildings you build and the vegetation you add to the area greatly increase cover, therefore, further decreasing predation, which will increase the bug and rodent populations above what used to normally live in that area. It is also important to note that your buildings and vegetation will increase the food supply for bugs and rodents further increasing their populations. These two factors combined mean that the bug and rodent populations will quickly increase to a much higher level than is normally found in that area, which means you will need to increase predation to more than normal to keep the bug and rodent populations at a healthy level.

Add to all of this that many people feed birds, providing additional food for both birds and rodents because rodents eat what birds eat. This will increase both bird and rodent populations considerably requiring an even greater increase in predation on rodents and birds.

Remember that I taught you in a prior essay (you really must read all of my essays in the order they were written) that rodents and birds reproduce very quickly and require significant predation to control their populations.

For an example of the bio math required to determine the numbers of house cats required to replace the displaced predators, I will use the coyote which is the best predator in our desert. I have considerable respect for these animals.

The average adult coyote will consume about 20 mice per day. Coyotes mate for life, hunt alone about 80% of the time, and hunt with their mate about 20% of the time. Therefore, if you displace one coyote, you actually displace at least two coyotes, which relates to decreasing rodent consumption for their hunting area by 40 mice per day or 14,600 mice per year. Do you see where decreasing predation increases rodent and bird populations very quickly?

The average free roaming house cat will only consume about five to six mice per day. Therefore, to replace just two displaced coyotes, you will need to have at least eight free roaming house cats hunting the same area and that doesn't include the house cats required to replace the other predators displaced such as skunks, foxes, badgers, bobcats, raptors (birds of prey), and snakes. It also doesn't include the number of free roaming house cats required to make up for the increased rodent populations caused by the increased cover and food provided by your buildings, vegetation, and feeding birds.

In other words, we will need an awful lot of free roaming house cats to replace the predation we displace with our buildings and increased rodent populations caused by our buildings and vegetation or we will end us with a massive rodent problem followed by a massive disease problem.

This creates the necessity for a new field in biology I call Municipal Ecology. In municipal ecology, a team of biologists would 1) do studies in the surrounding area to determine normal predator and prey populations and activity and 2) do studies within the community to determine the increased prey populations. The scientists would use this information to determine the required average free roaming house cat populations for different parts of your community with an understanding that the free roaming house cat population needs to be permitted to fluctuate or be flexible because of predation on cats by local predators, death by cars, reproduction rates for house cats, and sudden increases in rodent and bird populations.

What should a healthy free roaming cat population look like?

You have all seen pictures of or been to communities in other countries which openly allow free roaming house cats to control bird and rodent populations. There are large numbers of free roaming house cats EVERYWHERE! That is what a healthy free roaming house cat population should look like. That should tell you just how under populated our free roaming house cat populations are because of the conservationist, birdie people, PBS, Disney, and other propagandists teaching us how evil and vile the house cats are and that they should not be allowed to free roam. We need to at least triple to quintuple our free roaming house cat populations in the US with people providing a little daily food to supplement the diets of the free roaming house cats, especially those which are purely domestic until they learn to hunt.

This should also give you an idea of just how bad our pandemic bird and rodent populations have gotten in this country because you will either have the free roaming house cats or what the house cats eat, also free roaming in and around your houses. You don't get a third choice. You can thank the liberals for the mess they have created with their lies, misinformation, and propaganda, it just may kill you and your family in the near future. Be scared, very scared, especially with the liberals forcing all of these diseases on us and our pandemic rodent and bird populations. If we don't stop killing the house cats very soon, you know, immediately, we are screwed big time.

Hopefully, you will now be able to take a quick look around and see what is headed your way in time to take preventative actions or at least decrease damage with a little damage control.

BTW, Director of the US Center for Disease Control, Dr. Thomas Frieden, said that the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa is very much like the HIV (AIDS) outbreak.

Which should tell you what?

When you consider that 57% of the people in this nation who have HIV are homosexual and recent research has shown that less than 3% of the total population is homosexual, it should tell you that Ebola will almost complete wipe out the homosexual community in this nation. It is probably because of homosexual promiscuity, relationship instability, and the exchanging body fluids with so many people thing. That promiscuity thing, you know, adultery, is going to effect everyone including heterosexuals, only Ebola kills a lot faster than HIV.

Also, based on normal human behavior, when homosexuals start infecting heterosexuals without having sex with them, homosexuals will once again become very unpopular in the US and probably have to return to hiding in their closets.

BTW, have you noticed that more and more European countries are turning against Islam while Obama and company are forcing Islam on us? Keep an eye on this. Europe may actually have to save our butts from an invader for once.

BTW, Ebola has now made its way to Britain, the US, Spain, and Australia. The two patients to have it in Spain and Australia are nurses and my first question is, "which patients did the nurses get it from?" More and more it looks like this strain of Ebola is spreading pneumonically or by air. Keep an eye on this.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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