The Planets

Late last night, while laying in bed, I realized that I forgot to write about the planets we are going to get to colonize. How thoughtless of me. :-) I figured that those lame brain evolutionists would start proclaiming something to the effect, "See there, there are planets out in space with life on them proving evolution!"

First, that could not possibly prove evolution to any one but a nut because those planets could have just as easily been created when earth was created. Second, God made it very clear to me that those planets do not yet exist and will be created using His knowledge, wisdom, and powers just before we begin to colonize those planets for very important reasons.

I am certain God will provide some means for everyone getting to witness the construction of each planet in just a few earth days, like the Bible said, so that everyone will know that nothing evolved and that God created everything, just like God said. They will know that God is not a liar. I figure God will provide us with some kind of visions so we can witness the creation of these planets in real time because these planets will almost certainly be from thousands to millions of light years away, especially the planets in galaxy M31 which is 2.5 to 3 million light years away. How incredible!

See, I told you the colonizing of these planets would be really spectacular. It will be the most incredible thing any human has ever seen. Even Adam and Eve didn't get to see earth be created. You just know God will provide us with the technology to quickly travel between all these different star systems and galaxies.

This will also be an incredible learning opportunity because, with it taking a few 24 hour days, there will be plenty of time to teach or explain exactly what is being done. We will learn more about planet design and construction, meteorology, ecology and zoology in just a few days than you could learn from humans in a life time. The learning experience will be phenomenal! Then imagine this learning opportunity being spread out over the creation of at least 15 to 20 planets. Wow!! Yep, that is right, at least 15 to 20 planets. Everyone will know just how earth was constructed and why. The knowledge everyone will gain will dwarf the current combined knowledge of all our scientists and experts.

You can bet that, after the first planet has been created and everyone on earth has witnessed the creation of that planet within just a few earth days, all remaining evolutionists will be relegated to life time memberships in the Flat Earth Society. No one but an absolute idiot will ever believe in evolution again. You evos, your days are numbered. :-)

In one dream God made it known to me that there will be planets created for colonization in 4 or 5 star systems in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and 3 to 4 star systems in M31, which the pagans call the Andromeda Galaxy, along with a special planet which will not be available for open colonization. This means that there could be two or more planets created in one or more star systems. Of course multiple colony planets in a star system means that the multiple planets in those star systems must be placed in perfect synchronized orbits so that not one planet will gain on another or there would eventually be a crisis.

In another dream God made it known to me that 9 completely different planets will be created for colonization but He didn't tell me in which galaxies those planets would be created. They could all be created in the Milky Way, M31, or in one or more other galaxies. We will just have to wait and see. Fun, huh? :-)

God did not tell me anything about the characteristics of any planet but I would not be surprised if the first planet God creates will be an exact replica of earth just before Adam and Eve were created so we humans can see what earth was really like in the Garden of Eden, including all of the now extinct species of plants and animals except for the tree of the forbidden fruit and the tree of life. That way we can see just how poorly our scientists and experts have guessed. :-) God did make it clear to me that no more humans will be created. We have enough of those awful things.

I also would not be surprised for every planet to be created anywhere from significantly to completely different in geology and biology from all other planets to show the infinite knowledge and wisdom of God. I would not be surprised to see these differences include such things as multiple moons and rings around moons and maybe even rings around planets. He may even set up planets with crossing orbits in the same star system so that those planets will always be in sight and direct radio and television communication with each other. God can do anything we humans can imagine and things we humans cannot even begin to imagine and He is about to prove it.

You know that the creation of just one planet will dwarf all the combined accomplishments of mankind. In just a few days, we will all be made to look and feel like tiny little ants compared to God. This is going to be the most spectacular show in the history of mankind. Not one human will walk away from this show beating on their chest proclaiming how great and wonderful they are because no one would pay attention. :-) Now, are you starting to realize why God is planning to do this? We will know we are not gods and will know our place by the time this has finished. We will know that Lucifer is a liar but there will still be pagan God haters who will dream up new lies and believe those lies because they want to believe the lies, just like God said they would.

Just think of all the wonderful opportunities this will open up for mankind. With at least 15 to 20 planets spread out across two or more galaxies, there will be much more than enough land for everyone to achieve their dreams and do what they want. We humans have not had this kind of freedom since Adam and Eve were created. Pick a planet, go there, farm, ranch, start a business, visit, fish, hunt, log, or any Christian business you want to start or work for. You will be able to work for a while on one planet and then travel to other planets. You will be able to purchase a star ship and haul loads of goods between all the different planets and live on that star ship with your family so you can share that experience with them. Wow!!!

Think about this, if we send 500 million Christians to colonize 20 planets, that will only average about about 25 million people per planet. There are about 2 billion Christians on earth or about 100 million people per planet, assuming 20 planets. There will be plenty of room. :-)

It needs to be pointed out that, at first, there will be a need for almost all goods and equipment to be exported from earth to those planets for start up but, as their economies build, they will increase the goods they export to earth and other planets, especially with the different planets having different plants and animals. There will quickly develop a huge interplanetary commerce.

Can you just imagine journalists covering the news from different planets? I can just hear journalist reporting things like, "we just got our first steel mill for our planet" or "we just got our first bicycle shop on the planet". Photographers will go crazy with all the new and wonderful photographic opportunities this will open up, especially with all the different plants and animals which have never been seen or photographed. It will be so wonderful and so much fun. :-) Everyone will become an outdoors person to see all the new plants and animals.

We will also be able to throw away all those evolution based science fiction books and movies and replace them with creation based fiction and nonfiction books and movies. This will bust the book and movie industry wide open. Just imagine the real life human adventures which will be recorded in planet colonization for more than a dozen planets in at least two galaxies. Wow, what fun!!

Add to this the fun of the eventual bragging that this or that business was the first one of its type in the solar system or even the galaxy. It would be fun to create the first bicycle shop in galaxy M31. Imagine advertising that you have bicycles and parts imported all the way from earth or have bicycles from the first bicycle factory in the galaxy. It will be an adventure and fun.

Also, our military will be the first to develop extraterrestrial strategies and tactics for both offensive and defensive space warfare while continuing to develop terrestrial warfare in order to protect our colonies from potential pagan attacks. They will get to develop the first space force in the history of mankind. Our law enforcement agencies will get to develop the first interplanetary law enforcement agency and programs to protect the good people on all of our planets and in space. There will be a lot of first opportunities for everyone. This will be huge and it will be fun with a lot of fun work for everyone.

I bet I tickled more than one imagination with this. I got you thinking, didn't I? :-) And it is fun, isn't it? BTW, I intend to have as much fun with this as I can. For example, when we travel to those other planets, we humans will be the real space aliens invading those planets. :-) You can bet I intend to play that for every laugh I can get out of it.

This will be an incredible opportunity for us Christians to get a fresh start at planet management and see if we can do a better job than the pagans have done on earth. We will not only have to manage more than a dozen individual planets but will be tasked with the management of an intergalactic Christian government which must remain small but functional. This will also be a huge responsibility for us and a really great challenge. I know that, with the power and wisdom of God, we Christians can do it and do it right. This will be hard work but fun work and a great feeling of accomplishment.

First, we have to get through this coming civil war or the Pagan War the Luciferian pagans are forcing on us, then we have to quickly set up a Christian nation and develop its economy, then begins the greatest adventure in the history of mankind, the development of the Intergalactic Christian Empire to protect the God given right to freedom from Luciferian pagans, you know, the dark side.

Now you choose, Lucy's way of death, destruction, and slavery or God's way. I bet you don't have to think long about that one. :-) Maybe we will run into each other on a distant planet or in a distant galaxy in the near future. :-)

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

I bet I just gave you plenty of reason to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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