Prophesy 3

After I posted the last essay, I realized that some people, especially Christians, will ask, "How does colonizing planets effect Biblical end time prophesy?"

The answer, quite simply, is, it doesn't. You see, all it really does is fill in some holes, most of which we didn't know existed.

Some of you will ask, "If all Christians travel to these other planets and colonize them, then how can there be a rapture on earth?"

If you understand basic human behavior, the answer is simple. Not all Christians will leave earth to colonize other planets. Some will decide they want to stay on earth because this is their home planet. I figure that more than a billion Christians will go to colonize other planets but hundreds of millions will stay here because of an emotional connection with earth or because of business, family, and other reasons. So there will still be plenty of Christians to be raptured, it just won't be as huge a catastrophe as we previously imagined.

Then you ask, "Will the Christians on the other planets be raptured?"

I don't think so. I think the Christians on earth will be raptured to get them out of the way for the period of tribulation which will take place on earth. Only a small part of this tribulation will effect the other planets in any way. Most of the crises listed in the Book of Revelation are earth oriented crises and will not involve other star systems and galaxies. There is only one Tribulation crisis which will have a major effect on the other planets and this colonization of those planets actually explains part of that crisis.

The Bible says that the stars will be rolled up like a scroll or destroyed but, later, it mentions stars again meaning that some stars will not be destroyed including earth's star. This told me long before the dreams about colonizing planets, that most of the stars and galaxies will be destroyed but there will still be stars left. I wondered just how many stars will be left. Did that mean that our galaxy and maybe one or two more galaxies will be left?

With these dreams, God let me know that at least our galaxy and M31 will be left fulfilling both prophesies. Most stars will be destroyed but not the galaxies in which we Christians will have planets. After all, earth's star won't be destroyed so there will be some stars left.

Then there was another dream I still have not told you about. In this dream, I was at a big formal ball (obviously not Baptist :-)) being held in the Christian nation's earth lunar base station. This base station will be at the moon's north pole. We were attacked by the Muslim forces, destroying the base station, but not before the Christians were able to get out. It was made known to me in the dream that this attack occurred at mid Tribulation and the destroyed moon base could be seen from earth, after the attack.

This dream tells me that the Christians in space won't be raptured because not even the Christians on the moon will be raptured. Only the Christians on earth will be raptured.

It is obvious that, after the Muslims take over Israel at mid Tribulation and consolidate their control over the entire planet earth, They will turn their attention to the Christian intergalactic nation and begin waging war against us because power mad, greedy people can't be satiated and them just having conquered earth won't satisfy their lusts for power and wealth as long as they know there are more places to conquer. They will become obsessed with trying to conquer every planet they can. Therefore, we are going to have a space war between Christians and Muslims similar to Battle Star Galactica and Star Wars.

The Antichrist waging a space war against the Christians in space also explains why the Antichrist won't use their advance technology to quickly find and eradicate the remnant of the Jews who will flee into the wilderness. The remnant of the Jews will be perceived as no more than a nuisance to the Antichrist who will be obsessed with gaining even more power and wealth by conquering the Christian space empire. That will keep the Antichrist off the backs of the remnant of the Jews for about 3 years and save their butts. The Christians colonizing the planets answers a lot of question I used to have about prophesy such why won't the Antichrist use today's advanced technology to quickly find and destroy the remnant of the Jews in the wilderness.

I also believe that, when the Jews finally rebel and chase the Antichrist out of Jerusalem, that will be largely aided by a Christian invasion of Jerusalem from space to help the Jews hold off the Antichrist and more than one billion Muslims gathered together in the valley of Meggido. I can't think of any other reason why the Antichrist would bring together all the Muslims in the world, more than one billion, to fight against the Jews in Jerusalem. There won't be more than a few million Jews left with very few weapons. It won't be like they are going to have a standing army. The antichrist would be able to easily defeat such an army with just a few divisions and would never bring such a huge army against such a small and weak force.

Therefore, I believe that, when the Christians see the Jews throw off the shackles of Islam and chase off the Antichrist, that the Christians will show up with a very heavily armed space invasion force to aid their rebellion which will cause the Antichrist to assemble such a massive army against Jerusalem. I call this the Battle for Jerusalem and the Christian job will be to help the Jews hold off the Muslims until Jesus arrives about 6 months later.

I can't think of anything which is contradicted by end time prophesy. You have to understand that the end time prophesy is based on events which are almost exclusively on earth. God just didn't tell you about these things just like He didn't tell us about airplanes, submarines, space ships, men walking on the moon, and other things those people couldn't have possibly understood. Because God didn't tell us about it in prophesy doesn't mean it won't happen. After all, we do have airplanes, men walked on the moon, and such and God didn't tell us about those things and men walking on the moon hasn't changed the meaning of Bible prophesy. All it means is that God didn't tell us about it.

Remember that the scriptures tell us that there are secrets of God and some of those things will be made known in the end times. So you just found out a few more things. :-)

The best way to find out even more things is to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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