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There is another very important reason why we are going to start colonizing planets in the near future. It is called the Millennium. When Jesus returns for the Battle of Armageddon, He will be bringing back everyone who died and went to Heaven, which will be at least a few billion people. Then He will also be bringing back everyone who didn't get a chance to make a choice between God and Lucifer, such as the aborted babies, because the scriptures teach us that life is a test and everyone must be tested as to whether we will choose good or evil. The reason given in the Book of Revelation for God turning Lucifer loose on mankind again is because everyone who will be born during the Millennium must be tried and Satan is the great tempter. The people returning with Jesus to be tested will be at least one billion more people, especially with all the children and unborn babies the pagans have murdered off.

The planet is getting kind of crowded with just the people returning with Jesus from Heaven. Add to this the Jewish and Gentile Christians who will still be here and on other planets, probably at least a billion, and we will be almost right back where we are now with billions of people on planet earth. But it gets better.

The scriptures tell us that during the millennium, no one will die and people will be born. If we make an extremely conservative assumption that none of the people returning with Jesus can have children (you know that at least the ones returning to be tried will definitely be reproducing), that there will only be 100 million Jews and Gentiles left on earth who will be reproducing (extremely conservative, probably at least a billion), and that they will only average having four children for each couple every 50 years with each couple averaging no more than four children for their entire lives so that the global population will double about every 50 years (most likely it will double every 20 to 25 years), then what will the population be like after 1,000 peaceful years on earth with no death? Hmmm, big is my first guess.

Let's do the math with only including the 100 million people still on earth and you will get the picture fast. :-) Remember that our conservative estimate is that each couple will average four children so that each new generation will be twice that of the previous generation plus we have to include the cumulation of all previous generations but, to keep it simple, will be leaving out those returning from Heaven. First, we divide 50 years into 1,000 years to get 20 new generations.

Given those extremely conservative assumptions, ignoring the people we are told will return with Jesus from Heaven, and starting with only 100 million people, at the end of the first generation, there will be 300 million people on the planet, by the third generation we will have 1.5 billion people, by the ninth generation we will have 102.3 billion people (if you think it is a little crowded with 7 billion people, just stick around), by the 13th generation we will have 1.64 trillion people on earth, and by the 20th generation we will have 210 trillion people on the planet. It's going to get just a wee bit crowded.

Now, if you divide 210 trillion people by 20 planets, it still comes out to 10.5 trillion people per planet which will still be just a wee bit crowded. If you divide 210 trillion by 5 billion people per planet, which would be just a wee bit less crowded, you get 42,000 planets which means that the 15 to 20 planets we are going to start colonizing soon will only be the beginning because Jesus will have to create another 42,000+ habitable planets during the Millennium just to have each planet moderately crowded. Yep, you can bet Jesus will save at least the Milky Way Galaxy and Galaxy M31 for that.

But when you add in the people coming from Heaven, that there will certainly be more than 100 million Christians still alive on earth and those 15 to 20 planets we will soon start colonizing, and that reproduction could easily be much higher, then it gets much worse. I could easily see Jesus creating 50 to over 100 thousand new habitably planets during the Millennium, probably more. That is going to be a lot of planets to live on, visit, and explore by us humans. To me, that sounds like a lot of fun. :-) That will give you a thing or two to do for eternity.

Of course, according to the scriptures, the human population will be reduced significantly by the Last Judgment and we humans won't reproduce any more following the Last Judgment but we will still need a lot of planets to live on which will still give us a lot of planets to visit and explore. Earth will be cleaned up and rebuilt by Jesus following the Battle of Armageddon to clean up all the pollution and damage we humans will have done by then.

These numbers prove two things, first, that God originally planned to start colonizing planets when our population reached a given point, but we screwed that up when we sinned or committed crimes against His Laws, getting ourselves quarantined on earth, and, second, my dreams that we will soon start colonizing planets must be true. Maybe it is time to stop screwing things up and just behave ourselves.

The reason our planet population remained so low for so many thousands of years was because we kept murdering each other off for power, wealth, and to our false pagan gods, especially the children. But then God used Gentile Christians to spread Christianity around the world which seriously cut back on the murdering thing and our global population began to grow rapidly, like it was supposed to grow. Now the pagan solution for this rapidly growing population is the same as before, murder a lot of people, enslave the rest, and a tiny few live luxurious lives at the expense of the rest. Personally, I prefer God's solution of colonizing new planets, it sounds fun. If you prefer the pagan solution, you can stay behind on earth with the remaining pagans and let them murder you off or enslave you while we Christians colonize new planets.

That is why God is 1) separating out the pagan infiltrators from the true Christians and 2) using these coming hardships being forced on us by the pagans to turn us Christians and some of the lost back to God and His Law so we can peacefully cohabitate on those new planets and be protected by God's Law, the way God planned it to be in the beginning.

It really is a great idea and time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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