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Mark sent me the following e-mail concerning the planets prophecies and I realized that most of you will be thinking pretty much the same thing so I need to address it with information I got in a number of different dreams. I will share some of the important details that will explain things and tell more when I can.

"I have a question. I don't remember what you wrote about traversing the great distances between galaxies and planets. At the speed of light it would take 4.3 years to reach Alpha Centauri, but at current space speeds of approximately 37,000 mph (Nasa's New Horizons' speed), it would take about 300,000 years to get there.

I realize those are impossible numbers for humans, but with God anything is possible for there is nothing to hard for Yahweh God.


This is a valid point and it shows that people are thinking. That is good and question everything, including me.

The first dream I had about these planets was me being at home when a certain thing happened that was meant to tell me about the timing for this, which I won't disclose to anyone so no one will try to make it happen in their timing to rush things instead of waiting for God's timing.

It had to do with a problem I was trying to deal with and God had promised me He would take care of it. At that key moment, God spoke to me and said, "This is mine to deal with, not yours because I have not yet fulfilled this promise. I will deal with this while you do other work for me." At that point I took my cats and teleported into deep space to a star system God had told me about "looking for someplace to build my own habitable planet".

You will soon better understand what I really mean when I say, "I want my own planet", which is that I want my own Christian planet away from this satanic pagan insanity.

I searched 5 different star systems in this galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, God had pointed out to me, teleporting between each star system and then teleported to 4 star systems in the M31/Andromeda Galaxy God had pointed out to me. Then God came to me and said, "Carl, create your planet here," and showed me a star system.

Several important details in this are:

1) Me taking my cats was God telling me that we can take our own pets and live stock to these new virgin planets. This pagan crap about invasive species is just crap dreamed up so the pagans have an excuse to control things like land to try to prevent changes to control us. Common sense should tell you that, whether you believe Biblical creation or evolution, at one time, every organism on this planet was an invasive species but God used them to create balanced ecosystems. So you can take your dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, and even spouses and children to these virgin planets, do your best at being responsible and God will take care of it because we will all be "invasive species". I just don't want to hear any whining when Muffy gets stepped on by a T-Rex. Keep your T-Rex inside.

2) God was making it very clear that, at the right time, He will give us the ability to teleport as far away as to the M31 galaxy and between those planets to create an Intergalactic Christian Federation, the ICF. Remember that, with God, nothing is impossible. Using what God gives us, you will be here one instant and there the next instant. I don't know exactly how God will work this but I feel that it will probably be some kind of star gate system that we will probably fly starships through and He will give us the locations for the best possible star systems in both galaxies.

3) These habitable planets DO NOT yet exist. When I and probably others teleport to those star systems, God will spend 3 to 4 days creating habitable planets for each star system just like He did with Earth. I believe He will somehow make it possible for the people on Earth to witness these incredible events to prove Yahweh is real, He lives, He exists, the Bible is true, and everything else is a lie. We will get to witness the miraculous creation of 9 habitable planets, one at a time, and then, as each one is created, begin colonizing them immediately.

God gave me another dream about this. My future wife, two other females from my future family, and I were on a boat on a winding river traveling through our new nation. As we traveled, the economy started booming with us barely being able to keep up with it. When the economy was doing well enough to support us taking people, money, jobs, and businesses out of it to colonize the planets, we suddenly left the boat. I watched as the three of them formed a line looking into space. My wife spoke and suddenly land appeared off world and that economy started booming, then the next woman spoke and the same thing happened, and then the third woman spoke and the same thing happened.

This continued until they had all spoken and "created" a total of nine planets with booming economies and the dream ended.

Now, we may have to speak to show our faith for God to create those planets but their speaking was also them helping manage the colonization of those planets and their economies. Each of those 3 women will help others with the colonization of three planets and the growth of their economies, while I oversee their efforts.

I believe I told you about the dream where my new family and I went to a theater with Obama speaking inside. When Obama left with his people to invade Israel, I was told by God to go forward to take a prominent seat for managing our new nation and many others joined me.

God has a secret army of Christians He is preparing to work together in creating a new nation, after the pagans finish destroying our republic because of our sins and us letting them fool us with this pagan tolerance thingy, you know, us being tolerant of their crimes against God's Laws but them not being tolerant with us.

This secret Christian army of God's will first create our new nation, grow its economy, and then help colonize those 9 planets.

Then God gave me a warning in a dream. It was mid Tribulation, the Muslims had just finished conquering all of earth by causing Israel to submit, the Christians who had not left Earth to colonize the 9 planets had all been raptured, the ICF had a moon base at the north pole of the moon maintaining control of our teleportation system at Earth and keeping an eye on the Muslims conquering Earth when, with inside help, the Muslims staged a surprise attack on our moon base to gain control of the teleportation system so they could invade and conquer our 9 planets.

In the dream, we took casualties, we wiped out the invading Muslim force, I stayed behind to evacuate the moon base and destroy the teleportation system and then was on Earth dealing with the "Prince of Darkness", the Antichrist, probably with a special operations unit waging guerilla warfare to delay any effort to attack our planets, which is something I would do.

1) If you have a star gate system, you want to base it on or near your moon so that, any invading force gaining control of it will take at least a few days of space travel to get to your planet to give your military and militias time to react and not just suddenly show up in your atmosphere staging a surprise attack against your planet, you know, suddenly blowing everything up.

2) With 9 planets, only 2 billion "Christians" globally, many of which are poser Christians who will convert to Islam instead of facing persecution by the Muslims, which will probably drop our global Christian population down to about 1 billion true Christians, and at least some of the Christians will remain on Earth to be raptured (normal human behavior), we shouldn't expect to have more than about 25 to maybe 100 million Christians colonize each planet on average with only a few hundred million Christians between all of the planets so our new space force probably won't be ready or capable of stopping the 2 billion plus Muslims (including converts) from conquering Earth and we will use a moon base as a forward operating base to keep an eye on the enemy.

3) I have told you repeatedly that greedy, power mad people can never be satiated. They will always want more wealth and power. If they know another planet exists, they will become obsessed with taking that planet to increase their wealth and power. This means that our military better prepare for the worst and pray for the best in dealing with a potential invasion from the Muslims on Earth. They MUST develop strategies and tactics for both offensive and defensive uses of star gates and build "fail safe" plans into the system.

4) There will be at least one space battle at mid Tribulation and possibly more following, especially if the Muslims get or develop their own star gate system so we must be prepared. Yes, we will have our own real "star wars" against the evil Muslim Empire with the Antichrist or Mahdi being their "Darth Vader".

Those are some of the basics and there is more stuff God showed me that I can tell you later. I hope that answered a few questions.

Mark also previously sent me this in an e-mail.

"Someone that worked in intelligence in the USAF, who is retired from the USAF came to the shop this past Wednesday and we got into a conversation. He, like you, and like Marco Rubio, said that what the US military has today would 'blow your mind.' He did not reveal what they have."

Remember those lights in the sky that look like stars but move like anything but stars and I told you years ago that I call them "starships" plus I saw one on a USAF installation in 1966 that was big enough to hold at least 10 eighteen wheel trucks? Remember that I said you can sit out at night and watch them maneuver?

People, we already have a fleet of starships that can colonize planets and the US Military may already have top secret teleportation devices so that all we need are star addresses for star systems where God, Yahweh, will create habitable planets for us. We are not that far from being able to do this right now.

So, go watch some starships tonight. You might be on one headed for another star system or galaxy soon. Believe me, when we start loading millions of Christians with their belongings and animals on starships to colonize planets in this galaxy and the next galaxy, that will blow your mind.

Going out to watch starships, are we? How many of you Christians want you own planet away from this satanic pagan insanity?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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