Coming Civil War

History in relation to current events tells me there will soon be another civil war in the US. The commie's know it also and are preparing while many of the conservatives and moderates are still sleeping. The commie's have illegally and unconstitutionally positioned 20,000 US troops to guard the major US cities and are openly admitting it is to prevent an insurrection. But the lie they are telling is that this insurrection will be caused by the economy, making it look like it will be the fault of the conservative leaders and not the commie's.

Anyone who is watching the commie's finish illegally and unconstitutionally stealing this last election should know that we are watching the last steps towards the commie's turning the US government into a communist dictatorship. America is already no longer around. Get it straight, this is now the United Communist States of America. Obama and his Commiecrats are right now working to finalize their permanent control of the US which was gained by stealing the last two elections.

I believe that, if there will be an election in either 2010 or 2012, that it will be even more of a farce than this one. Most likely, the election in 2012 will not happen at all and the one in 2010 may not happen either. Our democracy has come to an end. The commie's did exactly what they bragged they would do in the 1950's. They have infiltrated and taken the US government from within. They didn't lose the cold war, we just did.

They have been trying for decades to take the guns away from Americans so they could set up their communist dictatorship without the American people being able to revolt but have run out of time because they can no longer get elected into power legally and had to illegally stage a political coup the last two years to regain power. This means, the Americans are still armed and capable of fighting back so the commie's are setting up the US military to fight you but they also know that most of the soldiers will quickly change sides when the fighting starts. This is why Obama intends to quickly replace the US military with his "Citizens Security Force" or Gestapo.

The thing is that the commie's are blatantly admitting they are setting up the military to protect the government (them) from the people. You should be asking yourselves, why do they need to protect themselves from the people if they are really representing the people? The truth is that they have no intention of representing anyone except themselves in this new dictatorship. They know that sooner or later, you will figure out that they have successfully staged a political coup of the US government and have replaced it with their communist dictatorship. Therefore, they are preparing to be able to militarily suppress you, the people.

This is also why Obama wants to keep the US forces over seas which are there now and probably will send more over seas. If those military forces are out of country, then they can't join the civil war and help you free yourselves. Their goal is to keep our best fighters out of the fight until they have successfully crushed any insurrection.

The question here is,"Will the military leaders try and succeed at bringing those troops back to the US to help the US people win this civil war?" This we will have to wait and see.

I believe that this civil war will take place some time in the next 2 to 4 years pending how fast Obama and the Commiecrats move to consolidate power. They are already working on the propaganda to keep most people out of the fight increasing their chances of succeeding.

This civil war will make the first one look like a sandbox fist fight between a couple of five year old's. This will be a very bloody war and most of it will be fought in our larger cities with street and house-to-house fighting. This war won't be fought in fields and cow pastures. The commie's know this and it is why they have our military patrolling those cities.

This is going to be a very terrible war and I knew that, if Obama got elected, this would happen which is why I was wanting so much for McCain to win even though he really is a liberal. I was hoping that, if McCain won, there would be a prolonged period of peace. I also knew that, if Obama won, it would be God punishing this country for its betrayal of Israel and for our other sins as I told you before. We screwed the pooch.

Basically, Obama Vader and his Dark-side-ocrats have captured Your Empire forcing you in the position where you will have to fight the dark side to get your Empire back.

Turn to the light side, Jesus Christ, and be the Jedi!!!

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