Repulsive Party

I just found out that, in 2000, right after Bush was elected president, the Republican Party changed its logo, the elephant. What they very quietly did was change the 3 stars at the top back of the elephant from regular stars pointing up to 3 pentagrams or stars pointing down, which are Satanic. I am willing to bet that, like me, most people didn't notice this because it was so subtle. (See the GOP logo below.)

This is terrible because this is the Satanists quietly bragging that they have taken over the Republican Party as of the year 2000 and mocking all GOP members, especially Christians. This absolutely explains everything which has been going on in the Repulsive Party for more than a decade including why the GOP leaders keep rigging the primaries to keep getting liberals like McCain and Romney elected to represent a conservative party and why the Repulsive Party leaders are now voting with the Commiecrat Party on issues for which they should be voting against those issues.

All conservatives, especially Christians, should definitely form a new political party and the timing is right because Sarah Palin has said she wants to form a new party because the Repulsive Party is no longer representing the conservatives, especially Christians. Now is the time to begin.

All of you Christians should know that, if you remain in a political party run by Satanists which uses Satanic symbols, things will just keep getting worse. Therefore, you must leave the Repulsive Party and form a party for conservatives and, especially, Christians. Do not hesitate on this. God will not bless you, especially, if you knowingly remain in a party run by Satanists using Satanic symbols.

Are you still wondering why we did not win in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are you still wondering why we can't get evil Commiecrats like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi out of office? Are you still wondering why our nation is dead? And you can bet that, as long as you keep using Satanic symbols and following Satanists, God will not help you build a new nation and you will end up living in slavery or dead because the bad guys have taken over the GOP and are quietly bragging about it.

It is getting more and more important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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