Polygamy 2

About a decade ago, God made it known to me via dreams and revelations that He would make the form of polygamy known as polygyny (one man, two or more women; see my essay "Polygamy") legal in the US. This was when Bush was still president and I couldn't see any way other than some slick attorney using the courts to cause that to happen, probably by using the freedom of religion strategy.

When Obama was elected president and I knew he was Muslim, I assumed (you really have to be careful about assumptions) God making polygyny legal meant that Obama would be the one to nuke Chicago, set up a dictatorship, and force Shiria Law on us. With other dreams, God revealed or confirmed that Obama will be the one to nuke Chicago and set up a Muslim US dictatorship. The only question remained as to how polygyny would be made legal, by Obama and Shiria Law or the courts. It seemed most probable polygyny would be made legal via Shiria Law and Obama, therefore, I assumed what would be most probable.

Today, in the news, I saw that a slick attorney, Prof. Jonathan Turley at George Washington University, has convinced U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups to strike down Utah's law making polygamy a crime, making not just polygyny legal but all three forms of polygamy legal. Interestingly, Turley didn't achieve this decision based on religious freedom, as I thought would be most likely to happen, but based on the arguments and logic for making homosexual marriage legal. You can bet this case will go to the US Supreme Court because of its importance.

What should this tell you?

If this case goes all the way to the US Supreme Court and the court rules to make polygamy legal, then the dreams and information about God making polygyny legal will not necessarily mean that Obama will be successful in forcing Shiria Law on the US. It simply means that God will have made polygyny legal (as per my dreams) via the court system as I had originally assumed, just by a different strategy than I thought might happen.

This leaves two basic possibilities for Obama forcing Shiria Law on US citizens. First, Obama may still do so but may only be able to enforce Shiria Law on parts or none of the nation because the good guys in our government and the military may prevent Obama from enforcing Shiria Law on all of the nation. Second, Obama may still be able to enforce Shiria Law on all of the nation for a brief period of time.

If the US Supreme Court rejects the arguments of Turley and supports the laws making polygamy illegal, then it will most likely be Obama enforcing Shiria Law on the US which will make polygyny legal. It looks like we are going to have to wait to find out which way polygyny will be made legal, you know, like God told me polygyny would be made legal.

BTW, under Shiria Law, only polygyny is legal and polyandry (one woman, multiple men) and polyamory (AKA group marriage; multiple men and multiple women) are not legal. It will be interesting to see how this works out and which avenue God will use to cause the dreams about polygyny being made legal come true. Keep an eye on this because God said it will happen so it will happen, the only question now is how. You will see polygyny made legal in the US in the near future, because God said so. Polyandry and polyamory? Maybe, pending the route used to make polygyny legal, the courts or Shiria Law.

BTW, the political and legal pressure is increasing on Obama. The liberal media, especially CBS, is really going after Obama, there is now a movement in Congress to impeach Obama, and there is also a building national movement to impeach Obama. You can bet that, if Obama is impeached, he will face charges for a variety of crimes including treason and Obama knows all of this too well. Each day, Obama becomes more desperate and desperate men do desperate things. Keep an eye on this.

As things keep getting crazier, it is more important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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