Pot 2

I have read that the price of legal pot is higher than illegal pot in Colorado. Liberals wanted to legalize pot so they wouldn't have to worry about getting busted by cops and they thought the price of pot would go down. Hey, the conservatives always preach that increasing competition decreases prices but there was already a lot of competition out there, which is why gangs were shooting each other to eliminate competition and you are also increasing demand because more people will try pot since it is legal.

Then there is the fact that the pushers...uh...shop owners quit operating out of their cars and off street corners and are now selling dope out of shops with overhead like rent, land taxes, utilities, maintenance, insurance, taxes, government regulations, business licenses, protection money to gangs (yes, the gangs are extorting money out of shop owners to not burn their businesses down), advertising, marketing, and other increasing operations costs.

What, did you think the pushers...uh...shop owners would keep operating out of their cars and on street corners?

Welcome to business management 101 and economics 101.

Then there is the well known fact that the longer you use pot, the more pot you have to use to get the same high, which will increase the price of pot even more and to the point that increasing numbers of pot users will have to resort to crimes like burglary, stealing, and robbery to pay for their pot, which will drive up crime throughout states which legalize pot.

That is about the time the liberals will have to admit that, yes, pot really is addictive but you know they will say it is only addictive for some people, but not them...until they get busted stealing to pay for their pot and decide to use rehabilitation to keep from going to jail.

With the pushers...uh...shop owners bleeding increasing amounts of their profits to overhead and others, you know it will only be a matter of time until some enterprising shop owners decide to increase their profits by taking a lawn mower out, mulching up a bunch of lawn grass and weeds to cut their pot with for a little extra profit. Hey, cut it 50/50 and double your profits. The pushers already cut it with things like oregano.

But, hey, why pay for oregano when grass and weeds mulched by a lawn mower is cheaper?

Did you know that better than 90% of the vegetation on this planet is 100% toxic to humans so that you can't ingest any parts of those plants? Did you know that, of the plants for which we can ingest any parts, we can only ingest one part for most of them? How long do you think it will be before some innovative and enterprising pusher...uh...shop owner cuts his pot with something like Lantana Camera, which is one of the most beautiful, most common, and most toxic plants in the US?

There is no treatment or cure for Lantana Camera poisoning, if you ingest any part of that plant, you will be dead within three to four days and all they can do is hook you up to an IV with pain killer and watch you die for three to four days. You know that, after the first people die from something like that, your beloved big government will quickly rush in with all sorts of government regulations "to protect you", which will drive the price of pot even higher while increasing their big government salaries.

Then you know that it is only a matter of time until some terrorist figures out a really good terrorist plan to buy legal pot, lace it with something toxic like arsenic or poisonous plants, you know, like Lantana Camera, and sell it on the street for "a really good price". (In Southeast Asia, during Nam, the commies were lacing pot with arsenic and selling it to the US troops.)

How many people will terrorists kill with that one before the cops can find and stop them?

But, hey, your beloved President Obama will tell everyone that your murder by those terrorists wasn't about Islam, it was about something like the price of pampers or chewing gum or maybe the Muslim terrorist just needed a job and some money.

Have you noticed that liberals are completely clue less about business management and economics?

That is because their idiot liberal college professors are always preaching about unicorns while ignoring reality and reality always shows up but the unicorns never do, yet the stupid liberals just keep listening to those liberal pagan fairy tales and drinking the Kool Aid.

BTW, Libertarian twinkies boy, Rand Paul, told Israel he is against war with Iran and was against invading Iraq in 2003. Basically, the over educated moron is a non-interventionist and believes we should be good, peaceful little twits sitting on our hands while everyone attacks us and our allies. But, hey, this is what all Libertarian fools believe, just stand there letting people punch you in the face while you keep smiling like an idiot. Oh, BTW, liberals preach the same stupidity. See how liberals and Libertarians are more like each other and less like conservatives?

Instead of voting for Rand Paul, why don't we just dig up Chamberlain and vote for him?

Mean while, homosexuals continue to escalate their war against Christians and have even passed a law in Idaho requiring Christian preachers to perform weddings for homosexuals or face prison. One black female leader just came out and said that they are working towards making Christianity illegal and that will be when they start shipping all Christians to their beloved FEMA camps for extermination.

At the same time, they continue to escalate their race war against whites with the Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, giving the blacks freedom to riot, steal, and destroy property. They are bending over backwards to start this race war, trying everything they can.

Over at Breitbart, William Bigelow wrote, "After Baltimore police reported a 'credible threat' that some of the notorious gangs around the nation-including the Black Guerrilla Family, the Bloods, and the Crips-have ordered their members to target officers, various police departments are taking steps to protect their officers." "Lt. James Perez of the Fairfield Police Department asserted, 'It's almost a declaration of war. We're talking about a serious public safety issue, because if that's the case, and the officers aren't safe, no one is safe in any community anywhere in this country.'"

In another story, Caroline May wrote, "Following the violent Freddie Gray protests over the weekend, Baltimore Police now say gangs are working together in order to 'take out' law enforcement officers.

According to a report in the Baltimore Sun, city police report they have received a 'credible threat' that members of 'various gangs' have 'entered into a partnership' to hurt police officers."

Gangs around the US are threatening direct hostile action against the police to eliminate them. You can expect to see things like gangs ambushing cops.

Does this mean the gangs are about to break out into a full scale race war in every city? Is all of this anti-cop escalation at this time Obama getting ready to stage his political coup and to justify replacing the police with his CNSF?


Remember that I told you that the black gangs are all Muslim and will replace the police?

You start out by discrediting the cops to turn the people against the cops, then start your black gangs attacking the cops to start a race war, then fire all of the cops and replace them with the black gangs, then send the black gangs...uh...new cops out to arrest the old cops and send the old cops and their families to the FEMA camps to be disposed of. Things are accelerating very quickly because Obama is staging his political coup RIGHT NOW!!! It isn't happening next week or next year, it is taking place RIGHT NOW!!!

BTW, have you noticed that Obama and his pals are replacing everyone including the liberal white cracker traitors with Muslims?

Obama and his Muslim pals are purging the liberal white cracker commie traitors RIGHT NOW!!! Not next week or next year but RIGHT NOW!!! And the liberal commie traitors are too stupid to realize they are being purged RIGHT NOW!!!

Remember the dream God gave me which showed that the stupid liberal white cracker commie traitors will be second class citizens to the black Muslims?

So, how is that tolerance thingy working out? Back firing, is it? Maybe we should live by God's Laws next time and not be tolerant? Now do you better understand why our Christian ancestors fought these thugs to protect themselves?

Do you still think the Republic of the US is not dead and just not finished kicking yet?

Pharaoh Obama does whatever he pleases while Congress just stands around talking. Just in case you have not figured it out, that is a dictatorship and not a republic. So, the liberals and Muslims have made it so that, from now on, you are going to be stuck with some form of dictatorship or monarchy.

What is it going to be, a Muslim theocracy, a communist dictatorship, or a Christian theocracy?

Those are the only choices the Muslims and liberals are leaving you.

Remember that I told you that Syria drafting women and asking Putin for Russian troops was a sign that Syria is in big trouble?

Syria's defense minister is in Iran begging for help. Watch for Iran to either replace Assad with Hezbollah or just take over Syria as a part of Iran then move more Iranian troops into Syria.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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