Power of God

I have been watching the liberal traitors using psychological warfare to discourage the US patriots from even trying to fight for our freedoms and liberty. The lefties keep harping on how the citizen patriots couldn't possibly defeat the mighty US military and will just be slaughtered. Again, they are assuming that all members of our military are stupid or evil enough to blindly follow the lefty orders to fire on good US citizens. I have already shown you that is not true and, if it is, why are the lefties tearing down our military instead of building it?

But they are also trying to scare everyone with their false pagan gods, superior technology and superior training. Why, there is no way we could defeat an army which has superior technology and training. We would be so easily slaughtered that we shouldn't even try. We should just submit ourselves to being their good little slaves so they can butcher most of us off and enslave the rest. It is the old Star Trek Borg, "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated."

But, let's give the liberal traitors the benefit of the doubt and say that all government employees will fire on US citizens because the evil upper class trash traitors ordered those employees to fire on the US citizens. And let's also take a look at just how powerful their pagan gods, superior technology and superior training, really are. Let's do the math. I love math.

History is repleat with superior armies which were defeated by "inferior armies" but we don't have to go back very far for really great examples, especially for the US. In Korea, the US had the superior military but the best we ended up with was a truce. I don't call that winning and definitely not defeating an inferior force. Our military was superior to Cuba's military but our force got slaughtered at the Bay of the Pigs. We had the superior military in Vietnam but we lost Vietnam. We definitely had a superior military to Iran but look at the embarrassing defeat Jimmuh Carhtuh gave us. We had the vastly superior military in Desert Storm but the best we got was chasing Saddam back into Iraq? We definitely had the vastly superior military to Saddam in Enduring Freedom and later to Al Quaeda. We defeated Saddam but lost Iraq to Iran and Al Quaeda. We have the superior military to the Taliban and Al Quaeda but are losing the war in Afghanistan.

A terrible fact is that the US military, the most powerful military in the history of the world, has lost more wars to inferior militaries in the last 60 years than any other military has every lost to inferior militaries just because of bad leadership, you know, by the intellectually superior upper class trash. A military is no better than its leaders and the lefty criminal leaders are all bad leaders and recently proved it. Their global plans are falling apart right now and they are trying their best to keep their plans from imploding. So much for their false pagan gods, superior technology and superior training.

One of many reasons God gave us prophesy was so we could see whether an enemy's plans fit in with God's plans. If the enemy's plans don't fit in with God's plans, then the enemy can't possibly succeed because God will always win and His prophesies will be fulfilled to the letter. Today, our false prophets keep trying to make God's plans fit in with the enemy's plans making it look like the enemy will succeed. That is the wrong way to do it because what we are supposed to do is to see if the enemy's plans fit in with God's plans. The false prophets have it backwards.

I have been showing how the enemy's plans do and do not fit in with God's plans and, therefore, what will happen. God's plans tell us what the enemy will and will not do. The enemy's plans DO NOT tell us what God will and will not do. The false prophets keep trying to force square pegs in round holes. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't work.

I have shown you again and again how the liberal traitors' plans don't fit in with God's prophesies so the liberals must fail with their evil plans. The liberals WILL NOT set up a Euro-American one world dictatorship and the thing about murdering off better than seven billion people, especially all Christians, simply can't happen because those things DO NOT fit in with prophesy. God's prophesies WILL be fulfilled to the letter. Therefore, the liberal traitors must fail and God will cause them to fail. I have shown you a number of times that their plans are already failing and why.

I have also shown you that the Muslims will conquer the world during the Tribulation but they WILL NOT conquer the world before the Tribulation. I have shown that we are not in the Tribulation so the Muslims must wait until the Tribulation starts before they try conquering the world or they will fail. Why do you think the efforts of all the past Caliphs to conquer the world have failed? It wasn't time for them to conquer the world. King Abdullah's plans to use Obama to seize control of the US and use the US to conquer the world DO NOT FIT IN WITH BIBLE PROPHESY so his plans CANNOT SUCCEED. End of discussion.

I have shown you that the Muslims will conquer everything west of the Muslim Caliphate to the eastern shores of the Pacific Ocean in North, Central, and South America with their first campaign killing 25% of the people in the world DURING the Tribulation. Then they will stand up a 200 million man army and conquer everything from the Caliphate east to the eastern shores of the Pacific Ocean killing another 25% of the global population at the beginning of the Tribulation or 1/3 of the people remaining alive at that time.

That is nothing like what King Abdullah is trying to do so King Abdullah MUST fail or God is wrong and God cannot be wrong so man MUST be wrong. King Abdullah will finish off the plans of the liberal commie traitors because the liberal commie traitors CANNOT succeed and then be defeated by God, Himself, in Syria and Lebanon to fulfill the prophesy of Ezekiel 38 and 39. That is the only way any of their plans can fit in with prophesy. Basically, the evil plans of both evil groups CANNOT succeed because prophesy says they won't succeed.

But we still have to pray, trust in God, and do what God wants us to do, if we are to survive to build a new and better nation with the lessons we have learned in losing this once great nation.

Then there is the power of God. God's power is infinite and He is omnipotent and man's power is, at best, equal to the power of everyone on earth, 7.5 billion people, plus all of our weapons technology minus the stupidity of our power mad leaders, which may be great but is still finite. If you know anything about math, you know that finite can never even get close to equalling infinity. Mankind united against God just before the Great Flood, how did that turn out? God 1, man 0. Mankind united against God at the Tower of Babel, how did that turn out? God 2, man 0. Every time mankind has united against God, mankind has failed because you CANNOT defeat omnipotent.

Think about this, if I were to stand alone with God against all of mankind, I would be facing the power of 7.5 billion people with all their weapons and technology but they would be facing the power of infinity plus one. When you stand with God, you have the power of infinity plus one.

By standing with God you are invincible. Don't let the liberal traitors discourage you with their psychological warfare. It is they who cannot win, not God. God is omnipotent and you CANNOT defeat omnipotent. The liberal traitors and Muslims have already lost but are too stupid to realize it because they want to believe their lies.

With the horror these evil criminals are forcing on us, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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