I have been hearing about a group of people called preppers or people who are preparing for the coming crisis or war and decided to research them. It was interesting to find out that most of them are preparing for a crisis under the conditions of "without rule of law" (WROL) with some preparing for the coming crisis under the conditions of "excessive rule of law" (EROL). I saw that they are arguing about which was most likely to happen and they should prepare for.

So, which is going to happen and which should you prepare for in the coming war? I know, let's do the math. By now, you should know that I love math.

First, let's look at history and see what history tells us will most likely happen. If you pay attention to TV and movies, they make it look like invading armies conquering different civilizations brought a period of existence without rule of law or lawlessness (WROL) but that isn't what really happened and people who have learned their history from TV and Hollyweird tend to think that is what is going to happen again. The truth is that invading armies destroyed the law of the conquered civilizations but replaced those laws with the laws of the conquering armies and did so quite quickly. Did those armies murder, rape, pillage, and destroy? Yes, to an extent and, most of the time, only the people who lived in the cities which resisted the conquering armies, such was the case with the Muslim, Tammerlane, the most brutal conqueror in history.

When the Vikings invaded countries, they tended to just wipe everyone out and immediately take control of the area, quickly building their own communities. If an army resisted enough to hold the Vikings off, the Vikings would negotiate a peace where the Vikings would accept a large pay off to not attack any more, give the people peace for a while, and then, some times, conquer them at a latter date but there was never a period of prolonged lawlessness.

When the Muslims conquered the Middle East, Western Asia, North Africa, and parts of Europe, they murdered, raped, enslaved, and looted but did so under Shiria Law so that there was no period of complete lawlessness, though Shiria would seem like lawlessness to those who were conquered because, under Shiria Law, there are no rights for non Muslims and the Muslims are permitted to do anything they want to the non Muslims any time they want and anywhere they want. Shiria is EROL and not WROL, though Hollyweird makes it look like it was WROL.

History teaches us that there were only brief periods of WROL when a nation fell and, most of the time, only in limited areas. It seems that most people who believe they should be preparing for WROL are the people who saw movies like "Mad Max" and "Water World" and "documentaries" which showed lawlessness when armies invaded and conquered other countries when even invading armies like the Vikings had laws and enforced them religiously.

Another thing which will tell us what is going to happen is what the upper class trash is planning. The upper class trash are not planning to create a condition of WROL because, without law, the upper class trash will lose control of us and will not be able to force us to do what they want us to do, which is, for most of us, to permit ourselves to be quickly and quietly marched into buses headed for their FEMA death camps and the survivors to submit to slavery. That would require a state of EROL or a condition with excessive rule of law.

If the upper class trash succeed, will there be WROL? Very little and very briefly in very few places. The truth is that EROL will be effective almost immediately almost every where.

If Obama and his Muslim pals succeed in seizing control of the US and killing off the liberal traitor leaders, will there be WROL? No, Shiria Law will be put into effect immediately and will create a state of EROL to the extreme with a lot of terrible abuses.

Obama told you much of his plans before he got elected the first time and most people completely missed it. Obama told you he entended to build the Citizen Security Force (CSF) and use it to replace the US military and law enforcement agencies. Three months after Obama was elected the first time, the commie media told us that Obama's CSF already existed with a standing force of 250,000, that was more than four years ago. Obama also told you that he was going to empty the US prisons and he plans to offer the prisoners a deal. He will give them amnesty, IF they will go directly into the CSF and obey Obama's orders. The reason for this is because a huge number of the people in prison are black gang bangers and, in 1992, the FBI told us that all black gangs are Muslim. Therefore, there are a huge number of Muslims in our prisons who will gladly fight and enforce the Shiria Laws for a US Muslim dictator. When this happens, you will swear it will be WROL but it will actually be the worst kind of EROL.

If the US patriots fight back and cause a war of rebellion against either group, will there be WROL? Again, some limited WROL will take place in some limited places but both armies will quickly hunt these criminals down on their side of the lines to prevent such criminal actions interfering with military and supply actions required to win the war. If either side permitted such lawlessness behind their lines, it would cause a logistics break down and give their enemy the strategic advantage.

It is very unlikely that, when this crisis is forced on us, we will be in a state of WROL and we will almost certainly be in a state of EROL but you need to plan for both because, it is probable that there will be spots where WROL will briefly exist.

You also have to understand that, except in the most brutal cases, such as with the Vikings and Muslims, even during the war, the economies continued. Even during the US Civil War, which was very bloody and brutal, both sides continued to have functioning economies where people worked, played, and continued with life as before the war with some limits on the use of resources required for the war. There were periods of WROL in some places during and after the war but the worst and prolonged cases were EROL.

My dreams about this coming war showed that the primary state of existence will be EROL. In one dream, everything was quiet and orderly with Obama in clear dictator control until he took a significant portion of his black Muslim and commie traitor forces to conquer Israel. Shortly after Obama left, revolution broke out and a counter government was quickly set up with laws. I don't know whether the revolution broke out before or after Obama's forces were destroyed in Lebanon and Syria by God but the country ended up divided with a small part in the Northeast belonging to the commies. Another dream showed me that a bloody war broke out in the cities with the patriot forces winning fairly quickly until the commies resorted to using witches practicing black magic. Then the patriots began to take considerable damage, even losing a little ground until God sent in some prophets who quickly destroyed the witches who were using the black magic. Another dream showed life in the one of the two parts the US will be divided into which ended up being controlled by the commies and it was definitely EROL to the extreme with almost no economy and food rationing.

I think one reason why so many people are thinking the coming crisis will result in WROL is wishful thinking and they may not even realize it. They prefer WROL to the much worse EROL because WROL will permit them to live and fight in a state of complete lawlessness so they will be able to do anything they want including living by their own laws and they would only have to defend themselves against relatively small groups of wandering criminals (think "Water World") looking for food and weapons to steal. With EROL, they will be facing a very oppressive and powerful government which they will not be able to individually defend themselves against. With WROL they can hope they will be able to build a small fortress of some kind or hide in the woods and hold off against raiders looking for food and weapons to steal like in "Water World". On the other hand, with EROL, if they are not part of a trained and organized militia group, the government will move in, quickly destroy their fortress, and take them away to FEMA death camps. For at least some of the people choosing to believe in WROL, it is at least a little of a macho fantasy where they believe they can be big bad tough guy survivalists like Kevin Costner in "Water World". In EROL, there is no fantasy, only a real world nightmare and a war with house-to-house fighing.

After reviewing a number of prepper videos, what I expect will happen, after the crisis starts, is that a few million preppers across the nation will show up in national forests with hundreds of pounds of bags, guns, seeds, and other gear each only to realize that a few million other people also had their "perfect" plan of wilderness survival and there won't be nearly enough deer, elk, moose, and rabbits to feed them all. Most of them will hang out for a few days or weeks having fun comparing equipment, telling stories, and partying until their supplies are exhausted and then return home, especially after they hear on their radios that the civil war has started with patriots fighting the commies, some will go join the war and the rest will go back to work.

What you really need to prepare for is a brief period of WROL (a contingency plan in case you get displaced by the fighting), three to six months, and a longer period of EROL which will probably last at least one year and maybe five years. Like in all wars, there will still be an economy with most people continuing to work and only a few million out of 300 million doing all of the fighting. Parts of some of the cities, where the fighting will take place, will look like the cities in Syria where the fighting is taking place and there will be a problem with immigrants fleeing the fighting. The rest (probably 80% to 90%) will be more normal, just like in Syria.

BTW, when the crisis first starts, I expect the commies and Muslims to seize control of government buildings such as federal buildings, state buildings, city hall, police stations, military facilities, weapons armories, and such along with TV and radio stations and newspapers. Then I expect the patriots to surround those facilities to prevent the traitors from getting away or taking the fight anywhere else and take no prisoners. Therefore, that is where I expect most of the fighting to start out though there could also be clashes on the streets and highways between patrol units. The fighting could later travel to other areas. Keep in mind that it is going to take a very long time to get 300 million people on buses headed for FEMA death camps and a lot can happen in that time.

Yes, I know the media make it look like all of Syria has been devastated and is nothing but rubble but, in some YouTube videos, be careful to watch for all the trucks and cars driving past areas where they are fighting and a light bulb will come on.

With this war getting closer, it is a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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