Right now, the most important thing is to prepare for this war against us by Islam, which is already upon us. We are not talking something coming some time in the future. People are being murdered by Muslims RIGHT NOW throughout Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and all other nations around the world. We are talking about a war against us that has been going on for years while most people have been in denial, many still are, and it is right now in the process of accelerating to a much higher level within the next few months or less.


The first thing is to make sure you, your families, and your friends are saved because many will die in this war, including many of you and you better all be ready to meet your maker. This war is going to be the worst war since the collapse of the Roman Empire so that everyone of you will see the horror of this war. This is not being waged in some far off country but is RIGHT NOW being waged in your country. Everyone will either be someone or know someone who will be killed in this war because this war is already and will continue to be fought in our cities. You will not be able to avoid this war. Some will try to hide from this war in the forests and jungles but the Muslims will just hunt you down and kill you.

Therefore, you need to get right with God so you can face this war with a peace of mind and peace in your heart and not in fear of death. To do this, you simply say the three part salvation prayer. 1) You acknowledge to God your sins or crimes against God's Laws, 2) you repent of those crimes for which we are now being punished and turn to living by God's Laws, and 3) accept the salvation or amnesty Jesus purchased for you on the cross. After you have done these things, you are now ready to go to war without fear of death, which will make you an even better and more fierce fighter. God will give you the courage to be the warrior He needs.


Unfortunately, most of you have been disarmed by your traitor leaders so they could set up their dictatorships without fear of you overthrowing them with your weapons, which made your nations vulnerable to hostile take over by the Muslims. If you still have time and can do so, find leaders who will arm and train every male and female of 12 years or older who is a law abiding citizen and is not a Muslim, liberal traitor, or criminal. Once you are trained, you must be organized into neighborhood militias, which should be organized into large parts of a larger army for better defence and to take back your nations.

Know that, if the Muslims overthrow your nation, the first people they will kill will be the first people they have been killing in every city, state, or nation they have overthrown. The first people the Muslims will kill (and they have been telling you this) will be your corrupt leaders and their followers, you know, the liberal pagan Marxist traitors who caused this mess.

The Muslims have been saying for decades that they hate the liberal pagans more than they hate the Christians and Jews. The Muslims know that no one can trust a traitor so the Muslims will either kill, enslave, or draft the liberals into their army to use as front line canon fodder to clear minefields when they invade Israel. Know that the Muslims will kill ALL of the corrupt upper class who caused this mess and their families, every man, woman and child and steal their wealth those people used for power and to make this mess. The Muslims know who these people are and have shown in other countries that the Muslims will hunt these monsters down and kill them. God is going to use the Muslims to purge these evil people, they will be held accountable for their actions.

The power mad leaders who caused this mess will still cling onto setting up their dictatorships until it is too late but the few remaining good leaders will realize that their own best security will be an armed, trained, and organized citizenry. These people will rearm their citizens and prepare those citizens to defend their homes, neighborhoods, cities, and nations, turning those nations into hardened targets. The other leaders will die and they will have no place to run and hide because the Muslims are waging war everywhere in the world and know how to use the Internet to find these people when they run anywhere.

Some people, whose leaders will not rearm them, will be able to buy weapons on the black market to arm themselves and their families, friends, and neighbors. Others will have to obtain weapons the way the military teaches its soldiers to obtain weapons when caught behind enemy lines because, most likely, you will be fighting behind enemy lines.

The way that works is like this, you use anything which can be used for a weapon and it can be as primitive as anything which will hold a sharp edge for just one or two cuts like a piece of metal, hard plastic, glass, or even wood. You ambush an enemy soldier who is carrying a weapon and slit their throats, taking their weapons and munitions. Now you are armed and you keep helping others do this until you have a small army. When you fight in this way and you run low on ammunition, all you have to do is kill another enemy soldier and take his ammunition so that the enemy becomes your supply line.

The same is true for everything else you will need. You kill the enemy and take what they have to use to fight the enemy. Your enemy will be armed with everything you need to fight the enemy, including food and water.

One thing you need to do is deal with what the Muslims are right now doing to people they conquer or soldiers they capture. RIGHT NOW, the Muslims are torturing and murdering almost everyone they conquer or capture and they will do the same thing to you. Therefore, if you lose the fight and are captured, you need to know they will kill you, probably in some terrible way such as beheading, being tortured to death or being burned alive. If you are going to die, don't surrender so they can torture or kill you in some way which will be much more painful than to die fighting. If you know you will either die or have to surrender, die fighting and take as many of them with you as you can to help save the lives of others. DO NOT let them take you prisoner because a bullet will be much less painful than being burned to death.

This is why it is so important to get right with God BEFORE you are involved in the fighting and all of you will become involved in this fight in some way with many of you being killed, especially those who don't fight and just let the Muslims capture you. The Muslims have been telling you for years that they are working to conquer the world and KILL all non Muslims and they are RIGHT NOW murdering even those who convert to Islam in hopes of not being killed. You really need to deal with this right now, before you start fighting, you will be fighting for your life or you will almost certainly lose your life.


The scriptures teach us that prayer is your most powerful weapon. God said, "If you call on my NAME, I will hear you, I will come, and I will save you." Regularly and especially when you are facing immanent death, pray to God and call on His name, any name God has given you in the scriptures to use. Trusting in God is your greatest weapon, it frees you up to fight harder and better. God gave you those names to use when dealing with God, use them.

Do not do like most Jews by using some man made or pagan name in place of the names God gave you to use. When the Jews were dispersed around the world, it was because they had replaced God with false pagan gods. All of their Jewish sects have added elements of paganism to their worship of God, which really ticks God off. One of those elements they have added is superstition. They have become so superstitious that they are afraid to use any of the names God gave them to use for fear of offending God so they made up the name Hashem to call God to keep from "offending" God. I don't believe in superstition, I believe in God.

Using ANY other name for God than the names God gave you to use is an act of blasphemy and you know that the Jews using the name Hashem infuriates God. Think about it, God gave them a number of names to use and they refuse to obey God by using any of those names and prefer, in their pagan superstition, to use a man made or pagan name for God, dishonoring God. The Jews have made up lame excuses as to why it won't tick God off but it does.

When God gave the Jews the names God wanted the Jews to use, it was not a suggestion, "Hey, what if you call me Yahweh or Jesus?" It was not a request, "Will you please call me Yahweh or Jesus?" It was a command to call God one of the names God gave the Jews to use. God did NOT say, "Hey, call me whatever you feel like, just call me."

God killed two of Aaron's sons for using the wrong incense at the wrong time because they knew better, how do you think He feels about you calling on the name of some other god instead of on His name, especially when you know better? Why do you think the Jews continue to endure such persecution?

They superstitiously refuse to call on the name of God and continue to call on the false name of a false pagan god, Hashem. I can just see God sitting in Heaven listening to the Jews calling on the false name, Hashem, and God asking, "Who is this god, Hashem? Why does he not answer or save these pagan Jews? Is Hashem asleep or away on a trip?"

You can use any name God GAVE YOU TO USE including Yahweh or Jesus (Yeshuah in Hebrew, Jesus is Greek for Yeshuah). If the Jews were to call on the NAME OF GOD and not some man made pagan name, God will come and save them, it is a promise God MUST keep. Note that God did not say He will save you or the Jews if you or they call on the name of some false pagan god you made up because of your pagan superstitious fears.

Think of it this way, if your name is Bob, you told me to call you Bob, and I go around calling you Tom just because I decided to call you Tom for fear that calling you Bob might offend you, how would you feel? (You see how stupid their idea is?) It wouldn't take long for you to punch me in the mouth to set me straight because it is a really stupid idea to not call you by your real name or a name you gave me to use. That is how God feels when the Jews call Him Hashem. God keeps punching the Jews in the mouth and they keep calling God Hashem.

BTW, there are several sects of Judaism which are very to almost completely pagan including the Talmudic Jews, the Hasidic Jews, the Ultra Orthodox Jews, liberal Jews, atheistic Jews, and others. (Jesus said that not all Jews will go to Heaven.) The "Star of David" is not found in scriptures and is really the Satanic hexagram, which is considered to be paganism's most powerful symbol, especially for witches and the occult. ALL of the Jewish sects have incorporated some customs and traditions or paganism into their beliefs and practices in place of God's Law. The Jews even have an annual meeting to decide which of God's Laws should be replaced by their superior pagan laws, you know, an annual meeting just to blaspheme God. Remember that God said, "You will not add to or take away from the Law", because that is elevating yourself above God (you know better than God because you are intellectually superior to God), which is the first and worst sin committed by Lucifer, blasphemy.

Don't follow in their foot steps, the Jews were not exiled because they had everything right. The rest of the Jews not taking a stand against these pagan Jews is tolerance, which I have shown a number of times is a sin or crime which makes you complicit in their crime, which is another reason why Israel continues to be persecuted.

If Israel wants to live in peace, they must first clean house of all of their paganism and all become orthodox Jews living by God's Laws and only by God's Laws, you know, just like us gentiles. They definitely have to stop calling God Hashem, you know, like we Christians must stop celebrating the birth of Jesus on the Roman sun god's, Sol's, birthday on December 25th (Sol was Constantine's favorite god and his birthday was on December 24th because of the winter solstice but Constantine moved it to December 25th and called it the mass for Christ or Christmas so Constantine could continue worshipping Sol while pretending to worship Jesus), stop celebrating the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on the birthday for the pagan fertility goddess (she goes by Ishtar, Ashtar, and other names pending your nation), you know, on Easter with the symbols of the fertility goddess, you know, the eggs and bunnies (instead of on the Passover when it actually happened), stop celebrating April Fools day, which is another pagan ritual, and definitely stop celebrating All Hollow's Even or Halloween, which is a Satan pagan celebration for the occult, especially witches, just to name a few. Our tolerance of this paganism is one of a number of reasons we are being punished right now.

See how subtle the pagans were at perverting Judeo-Christianity since God gave the Jews the Law?

God will not respect us, if we do not respect God.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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