Suni Caliphate

I have told you about some of this before but I am going to take you a little further. When Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, he was not just bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, he was also bowing to King Abdullah the Suni Muslim Caliph or king of the Suni Muslim Caliphate. And remember that these Suni Arab leaders are not just normal Suni Muslims, they are the most radical sect of Suni Islam, Wahabbi Muslims. This is much more sinister than just bowing to a Muslim King of a Muslim country.

The Wahabbi Arab Muslim leaders in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula have secretly formed a Suni Wahabbi Caliphate. I told you that the Muslim Caliphate is their form of theocratic government with a counsel of 10 leaders (one of which is the Caliph or king elected by the council) as their head of government. King Abdullah is the Caliph or king for this secret Caliphate so Obama was bowing before the Caliph and entire government of the Suni Wahabbi Arab Theocracy showing his loyalty to the Caliphate and their plan to use the US to conquer the world and butcher off all non Muslims. Remember that was right after Obama was elected president the first time so that was showing that Obama had already made the choice between communism and Islam before he was elected the first time so he lied to you stupid commies. Obama has been planning to betray even the stupid commie traitors all along.

The main reasons why the Arab leaders have kept this new Caliphate a secret are 1) the Caliphate being formed would make it too obvious to the rich white boy Euro-American club, Russians, and Chinese that the Suni Arabs are planning to conquer the world and kill off all non Muslims, even the rich white boys, as required by Islam and are not being good little team players going along with the rich white boys and 2) to keep the rest of Islam from protesting against the Suni Arab Caliphate because the rest of Islam knows that Wahabbi Muslims are the most radical branch of the Suni Muslims and the Wahabbi Muslims consider all other sects of Islam, even other Suni sects, to not be true Muslims, especially Shiite Muslims, so that the members of those other sects must either convert to Wahabbi Islam or be butchered just like non Muslims. Therefore, the Wahabbi Arab Muslim leaders of the Suni Caliphate want to first conquer the rest of the Muslim countries (which is what they have being doing with this "Arab Spring") before they reveal the new Caliphate so no one can protest it and the new Caliphate can force the rest of the Muslims to convert to Wahabbi Islam or be killed. You have to be able to kill some one before you can force them to convert of die.

One thing you must understand about this is that, with this Suni Wahabbi Caliphate in place, the Arabian Muslims betraying the Euro-American rich boy club isn't just a matter of the Arab leaders being power mad and deciding they want to betray the Euro-American traitors, this Wahabbi Caliphate REQUIRES the leaders to betray and slaughter the Euro-American traitor leaders. The heads of this extremely radical Caliphate are not permitted to share power with non Muslims and not even with non Wahabbi Muslims who are Muslims from other sects. King Abdullah and Obama MUST betray their commie traitor pals or they will be killed by other Wahabbi Muslim leaders who will betray the commies. It is required by Shiria Law.

I recently read a questionable story about the shooting in the US Navy ship yard. The story says that the three or more shooters were an ambush to stop the military from arresting Obama for treason. The people who were ambushed were alleged to be top military officers and NCIS officers who were going to a meeting to review the evidence concerning Obama's acts of treason in order to see if the evidence proved treason by Obama requiring the officers to arrest Obama for treason. It is alleged that some officer in a military base in California snuck a couple of nukes off base for Obama to use to fry Washington DC so Obama could destroy the US Congress, US Supreme Court, and US Constitution along with the head offices for all government law enforcement and intelligence agencies so Obama would be required by US law to declare martial law and could set up his dictatorship.

Most people don't know it but the very last fail safe built into our government to prevent a hostile take over of the government by any external or internal entity is the US Military. They have the power and authority to arrest the President for treason and it is also their responsibility to force the president to end a state of martial law and return power to the people when the crisis which forced the president to declare martial law has been terminated. The only reason why we the people are free at all is because the US military has been very faithful in doing their job of protecting and enforcing the US Constitution, which is why the commie traitors hate our military. That is why Obama and his pals have been destroying the US military via budget cutting and planning to replace the US military and all US government law enforcement and intelligence agencies with their beloved CSF. Obama and company CANNOT succeed with their evil deed of setting up their commie dictatorship as long as our military can stop them. The crap that the US military will turn on the US people is propaganda put out by the commie traitors to scare we the people into letting our government destroy the US military so the traitors can establish their beloved commie dictatorship.

This story about the shooting in the Navy ship yard being an ambush is questionable so I will just make a mental note about it and wait for more dots which will prove it wrong or right. But we do need to analyze this story just in case it may be true so we can deal with the potential problem. First, if this story is true, it should tell you that the commie traitors have infiltrated enough traitors into high enough jobs in the right places in the military to make it possible to steal nukes from military bases to use against we the people, which should at least concern you.

I know that stealing nukes from a US military base is almost impossible because I was in SAC and had to deal with nukes on B-52s. We were taught all of the safety mechanisms which were built into the system so that even a base commander acting alone couldn't steal a nuke from the base. It would require at least a small group of traitors acting together to steal a nuke from a US military base and it is possible for that to happen. Therefore, I must keep an open mind about the story until it is proven false.

Several nukes were alleged to have been taken from the military base telling me that either their throw weight was small enough that it would require at least two to fry the top government offices in Washington DC, especially Congress and the Supreme Court, so Obama could freely set up his dictatorship or one was to be used against Washington DC and one was to be used against the Pentagon to take out the top military leaders. This means that either the commie traitors in those agencies were suddenly going to disappear before the nukes went off or they were being betrayed by Obama. Therefore, all commie traitors who didn't know about this, should want to find out if the story is true.

There is already some credibility to this story because I have read about several nukes also disappearing from a base in either North or South Carolina which is being investigated by a couple of Congressmen and others. This is just a wee bit too much of a coincidence requiring me to remain open minded about the story concerning the shooting until it is proven false and I don't mean by those commies at Scopes.

Another important dot lending at least some credibility to this story is that several commie traitors were infiltrated into NSA and the CIA who committed treason revealing government secrets. The NSA agent committed her treason during the Bush administration by revealing secrets about how we were tracking terrorists and now we have Snowden from the CIA proving that the commies have infiltrated top secret government agencies. Therefore, the story about traitors stealing nukes from a US military base is plausible.

Another thing which lends at least some credibility to this is that I have shown that Obama and King Abdullah are planning and are required to betray the commies and wipe their butts out. Nuking Washington DC and the Pentagon would be a logical first choice or plan A for setting Obama up to declare martial law and consolidating power by eliminating other top conspirators at the same time. Just these to factors of other nukes being stolen and Obama being in the act of betraying the commies gives the story a reasonable amount of probability. Therefore, I am going to keep an eye on this because, if it is true, then Obama and King Abdullah's plan A just failed and they will be moving on to plan B.

Another thing here is that my dreams told us that Obama would nuke his fellow commie conspirators to seize control of the US and consolidate power at the same time. The dreams told us that Obama will nuke them in Chicago which means that a plan A to nuke them in Washington DC would have to fail. That adds just a little bit more coincidence and increases the probability of them both being right. I am definitely going to keep an eye on this.

With all of this evil working to murder us off, it is a very good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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