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I have been thinking more about what I have found out about the preppers getting ready for the coming war or crisis. One of the things I have realized is that the preppers who are preparing for WROL (without rule of law) don't know what is going to happen, they just feel that something will soon happen which will cause the complete break down of our society and law and order. The preppers who are preparing for EROL (excessive rule of law) know that the coming tragedy or war will be intentionally caused by our corrupt upper class trash so the upper class trash can create a state of EROL so the upper class trash can set up their commie dictatorship over us.

It should only be common sense that, before you prepare for a disaster, you just might want to know what disaster you are preparing for. Therefore, we need to do the math for this coming disaster so we can all better prepare for the disaster. And you know I like math.

The WROL people are preparing for every possible disaster under the sun which no one can effectively prepare for. You need to prepare for only the most probably disasters and know how to survive the rest based on wits and knowledge. You also have to understand that at least some of the people "teaching" preppers how to prepare for disasters are also selling the preppers a lot of junk at high prices so those "teachers" are more concerned with making a buck from people's fears than really helping those people prepare for anything. Therefore, let's look at some of these disasters they are preparing for.

One of the disasters the WROL preppers are preparing for is an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) taking out all of our power grid and sending us back to the cave. They believe that either the sun will fart sending a really huge series of EMP waves strong enough to destroy all of our electrical power and electronic devices or some one like Iran will hit us with an EMP device (read nuke.) First, the idea of the sun farting out a massive EMP attack against earth is pretty slim but I showed you a long time ago that the scriptures tell us that it probably will happen during the last half of the Tribulation. That same scripture also tells us it isn't going to happen before that time or there wouldn't be a society for it to take out at that time, so you have more than a decade before you have to worry about that and, if you are a born again Christian before the Rapture, what are you prepping for? You'll be out of here.

Second, the idea of Iran or any other country nuking the US, except for Russia and China, is pretty unlikely. Iran might have a dozen nukes we don't know about but she would have to get them into low orbit, orbit them over the US, drop them down to above the US and detonate them at just the right altitude and in the right place for it the fry our electrical systems. Since at least 1970, the US has had the ability to prevent that from happening and that is all I can tell you because the rest is still classified. It is extremely unlikely to happen. Even a nuke detonated on the ground will only take out stuff with an EMP out to the horizon of the nuke, which might be up to about 100 miles. Most of the nation will still have electricity.

Therefore, worrying about an EMP attack taking out the US power and electronics is wasting a lot of time worrying about something which probably won't happen when you have too much that probably will happen. Besides, most of you are preparing wrong for an EMP. You need to understand that an EMP will not just take out our power grid and everything electronic but will also take out everything which uses electricity like power tools, coils in your cars, batteries, solar devices, and even over heat wiring in your houses and cars causing massive fires, especially in cities. Anything which will carry a current will get a sudden and powerful surge of energy which will over heat it and burn it out even if it is not in a circuit and the circuit doesn't even have to be closed. About the only things which will be left which will carry electricity will be hardened electronics and electrical devices which are used by our military and electrical companies. There won't be too many buildings left to live in or cars left to drive because many will burn. One of the things you will need to get out of town and to the woods or even around town will be a bicycle and I didn't see anyone buying bicycles and parts or learning to use and care for them. Where are your bicycle tools? I guess your prepping teachers are not teaching you right because your cars are not going to work. Oops!

The basic strategy of all WROL preppers is to escape into the woods and live off the land or build a fortress and fight off raiders looking for food. The first problem is that the wiring in those well built, computerized fortresses will burn down your fortress and everything in it. Even if it isn't turned on or plugged in, the computer, cell phone, and other devices in your house will probably burn down your house. Then what are you going to do?

Those of you who have stored tons of stuff at home, when your house burns down, it will take all of your supplies with it and, if you car burns down because your car radio, battery, and other devices caught fire, you won't have anything to carry those tons of stuff out into the woods. Then what are you going to do?

Even if their homes and cars don't burn down, can't you just see millions of these preppers driving huge 18 wheel trucks out into the woods loaded with tons of survival equipment? Yeah, they are going to be able to hide well.

Man plans, God laughs.

Let me teach you something about real survival. If you cannot walk into the woods carrying nothing but the clothing on your back and survive for at least one year, then you are not ready to survive in the woods. If you are in the woods with tons of expensive survival junk and either some one robs you or the government pursues you forcing you to leave all those tons of junk behind, how will you survive?

I saw a YouTube video by someone who was forced by God to wake up. His financial situation changed so he couldn't continue to keep buying more junk which forced him to think it through intelligently, using common sense. He realized that he had purchased so much survival junk that it would have taken him three trips with his car to get all of that junk out to where he wanted to try and survive. He realized, yeah right, like he was going to be able to make three trips to his chosen survival location during a flight to survive. The most you can carry is what you can throw in your car in about five or ten minutes and beat it out of town. He quit prepping.

Some people are buying and fixing up vans and trailers as their escape vehicles because they don't want to survive bad enough to leave their luxuries behind. Which is more important, your junk or your life? Let me ask you, why are you taking a cell phone when there won't be anyone who will have a working phone or everyone will be in FEMA death camps so you can't call them and all you will be able to do with a cell phone is give away your location so they can come and get you?

Or how about that lap top computer you are planning to take out in the woods. I don't remember ever seeing any electrical outlets growing on trees so what are you going to do when the battery runs down? Oh I know, you will have a to carry even more junk so you can have a solar device to recharge those batteries along with spare batteries but all of that electronic stuff will eventually break down and where will you get replacements? I have not seen any electronic parts or batteries growing on trees. And what are you going to do with that computer because you won't have access to the Internet, the deer and bears don't use wifi, and you turning it on will only get you caught. About the only thing you will be able to do with it will be to play video games when you should be doing survival stuff to stay alive and get you caught. If you need it for information, take up to two to three good books which will last a very long time and don't need batteries.

Most of the WROL preppers are too addicted to their luxuries and won't survive because they are not willing to give up those luxuries to survive. Their luxuries are more important than life. They are ridiculously planning on moving half of the city out into the woods not knowing that they won't even be able to use most of that junk. Those vans and trailers will leave compressed trails which will lead the bad guys right to you and then you will lose all of that junk and probably also your life. I don't call that survival, that is being suicidal.

Then we have the twits building elaborate fortresses stocked with every luxury in the world, making videos and putting them on YouTube so everyone on the planet knows what they have. You know they will be the first robbed if their EMP crisis happens. I already told you that, if you do stock up, you don't tell anyone except your spouse because everyone who didn't prepare will be coming to visit you with guns to get your stuff. These people were trying to show everyone how brilliant they were by prepping but ended up showing everyone how stupid they are. This shows that a lot of preppers are only prepping because of fad and ego and they have to show everyone how great of preppers they are. But, hey, write their names and address down so you can know where to get extra supplies when you need them. :-) Most likely they won't ration their supplies properly and will end up starving to death before you run out of food or will get robbed because they are idiots.

A real survivalist, who really wants to survive will do one of two things, both without telling anyone else. He will only take the things he absolutely needs and can carry with a back pack or ruck sack or he will plan on having a pack horse and only carry what he and the horse can carry knowing that, at some time, he may have to eat the horse. The man should plan on carrying a 80 to 100 pound sack, a women about 60 to 80 pounds, and a horse should only carry about 200 pounds. That means that, at most, you are going to get to take 100 to 300 pounds worth of junk. It better be good junk because, when you are carrying it, every ounce counts.

You have to be fit enough you can walk in rough terrain carrying that load from sunrise to sunset for months without taking off more than a few days for rest. You will need to be able to carry that load in mountains at altitude and climb very steep grades as if being pursued by some one who wants to kill you. You will have to have the knowledge to survive in the event you have to ditch absolutely everything, including your weapons, in order to escape your pursuers and still be able to survive. If you can't do that, you are not going to make it in the wild. Therefore, knowledge, experience, and fitness are the most important things for survival and are the only things which a true survivalist cannot do without.

If you can't make your own tools and weapons from rocks and wood, you are too vulnerable in the wild because it is too easy to lose everything and everything will eventually break down or wear out. Nothing lasts forever. You have to be able to create, fix, and replace everything you need to survive. Can you create different types of shelters from rocks, wood, and mud? They are the only materials you will have. You can't just buy survival in the woods, the deer and bears don't have big shopping centers, you have to make it happen without any money at all, using just your brains, your hands and whatever resources are available. Unfortunately, too many preppers have been watching too many movies and too much TV and don't know just how difficult it will be. Life is extremely hard in the wild.

Then we have psychology to deal with. Not everyone is a survivor when in hard times. Do you give up and run or hide from hard times or face them and fight to win regardless of the odds. If you quit and run, you will die in the woods because life will be extremely difficult. Can you survive alone for months and years without seeing another person and not going crazy? Are you mentally tough enough to keep going to stay alive when you think you cannot stand?

Let me give you a little test for both physical and mental strength. Find a one mile flat dirt circuit in the woods. That way, when you get tired, you won't be more than 1/2 mile from your car and it won't be an uphill climb back to the car. Then you put on your loaded pack and march at a brisk pace, not too fast, until you get so tired you can barely make it back to your car. That will tell you how fit you are, how strong your mind is, and you will rethink what you put in that pack. If you can't do at least 20 to 30 miles with a full ruck on flat ground, you don't belong in the woods until you can.

So, what should a WROL prepper take? Again, you want to keep it light and only necessities because, when you are carrying it, every ounce counts. The first question for everything is, "do you need it or do you want it"? If you just want it, it is a luxury item so leave it for some other fool to fight over. The people who take luxury items will find themselves a few miles out into the woods unloading a bunch of junk and not having other things they need. Most of what you will need are the tools for survival such as one plate, one cup, one set of silverware, cooking pan and skillet, three pairs of socks, one change of pants and shirt with a couple pairs of underwear. You will need to be able to layer for cold weather with a minimum of clothing. You will need a durable hat to keep the sun off your head and keep your head warm during the winter (you will lose 40% of your body heat through your head). Boonie hats are great because they are light and almost indestructible and, used with a light balaclava, will keep your head warm during the winter. You will need one of those really nice, light, and dependable folding tents but make sure it is in camouflage colors and not anything bright.

You will need several different ways to start a fire, a hunting knife, a framing axe (better than a camping axe), a small whit stone, first aid kit, and a needle, awl, and thread for patching stuff. you need enough food for about 30 days until you can start hunting and enough water for several days so you can find more. You will need some fishing line and hooks, fine wire for making traps, and a few hundred feet of thin nylon cord which can be used for making nets and tying stuff. Throw your fancy electronic watch away because you are not going to care what time it is and don't take anything which requires batteries because it will quickly become useless.

The only thing I would even consider taking which uses batteries would be a solar powered radio for listening to the news. If you get in trouble, you can't call for help because they would just kill you anyways. You better be able to take care of yourself. There is no Welfare in the woods and bears and deer don't have hospitals.

Oh yes, everyone wants to talk about weapons. You take two fire arms, a rifle for killing at long distance (a 3030, 3006, 308, or 44), with a removable scope, and a revolver (44 or 45 for stoping bears at close range, a 9 mm will just make it mad) for killing at short distance. The rifle should be either a bolt action or lever action and the pistol should be a revolver because weapons using slide action have too many moving parts to wear out, break, and jam and are not as dependable, especially for long term use. Gun parts don't grow on trees. Your best self defense weapon in the woods will be stealth, if they can't find you, they can't kill you. These fire arms will be used entirely for self defense from attackers such as humans, bears, mountain lions, and wolves because, when you use up all of the projectiles, your weapons become fancy clubs. Then what are you going to do? You will find out the hard way that, contrary to what the media have taught you, bears, mountain lions, and wolves will all hunt and kill humans. Your hunting weapons will be a bow and arrows along with traps because you can reuse those munitions or make more from rocks and wood. You want to take about 300 rounds for the rifle and about 50 to 100 rounds for the pistol. You will already be dead before you can use more than that in one fight, besides, if you are being hunted and you get low on ammunition, you use what you have left to kill one of your pursuers and take their weapons and ammunition so that your enemy becomes your munition supply line. Don't load yourself down with tons of weapons and ammunition because you can get more from your enemy. Your other weapons will be your hands and feet, the hunting knife and the framing axe which can be used for both a hammer and an axe. You will need a cleaning kit and a little oil for the fire arms. That will get the job done, be dependable, and keep the weight down.

Now let's talk about the EROL preppers. They are preparing for a coming civil war which will be caused by the insane lust for wealth and power of our upper class trash and the Muslims. If you have been paying attention, you know that these are really things the upper class trash are working to make happen. This is a very real and known threat which is rapidly approaching. It could happen any day. This coming war is being caused by the lunatics running this planet. The EROL people are fighters who don't run and hide and will fight for the rest of us.

So, how do you prepare for this? You will need to find a group to help you learn and fight because modern warfare is a team sport, a very deadly team sport. If you don't have a team, you will find yourself taking a shower in a FEMA death camp. So, how do you find the right team?

You shop around to at least half a dozen different groups paying attention to how realistic and professional they are. By the time you have visited a few, you will learn what to look for and, after visiting all of the groups you want, take a week or so to think about which group you feel is more professional and which is run by kooks. There are plenty of good groups out there being run by former military people and some being run by kooks. Definitely don't get involved with a group which is committing crimes like smuggling weapons and drugs. Be sure the group has plans so that, when you need them, they will be there and, when they need you, you will be there. Without that, it isn't a real team.

When you decide to join a group, before you purchase your first weapon, ask them what weapons you should buy. They will want almost everyone using the same weapons so they can share ammunition in a fight, your weapon will be dependable so they can depend on you, and everyone will be able to use everyone else's weapons, just the way our military does. They will have a dependable supply line for munitions, food, water, and other supplies and equipment and will tell you what you need to purchase and what not to purchase and not just be selling you stuff so they can make money.

The proper focus for such a group is to fight for and defend your rights and freedoms while trying to survive. It will not be for bullying, power, looting, getting rich, or any of that other crap. You want good God fearing people who will help you get through this coming war, hopefully alive. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable with a group, leave it. Find another group.

Please keep in mind that, during this coming war, there will be an economy with most people still going to work and home at night. Most people won't fight, they never do. They just take what they get from whomever wins the fight and hope for the best. I would say that a maximum of the people who will fight in this coming war would be about 5% to 10% but probably less. There will also be a big immigration problem as people flee the fighting. It is these people who should prepare for WROL.

Most of the fighting will be surprisingly limited. There will be relatively few cities which will suffer damage to more than 50% of their buildings, but some, where the worst fighting will be, will be flattened. Most communities will probably only suffer damage to about 20% to 30% of their buildings. You have to understand that the reason why the liberal commie traitors are hesitating fighting is because most are bullies and most bullies are cowards who will only fight when they feel they have the safe advantage, you know, you don't have a weapon and they do. That is why they are trying so hard to disarm everyone else. They absolutely don't want a fight which would be even remotely close to a fair fight. Some of them will quit, run, and hide when the fighting gets tough.

But don't ever underestimate your enemy because many of them are crazy and mean and will fight to the death against overwhelming odds. These are extremely deadly people who will butcher and slaughter innocent men, women, and children just for the fun of it. These are pagan animals and devouring brute beasts who are currently planning to slaughter more than seven billion people globally. Always expect the worst and hope for the best putting your faith in God to get you through it or take you home with Him.

With this impending war, it is a very good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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