US Civil War 2

In helping preppers better prepare for the coming war by causing them to better think through what is coming and how to better prepare for it, I realized that there are great examples of what you can expect our war to be like going on right now around the world. If you want to know exactly what to prepare for, just pay attention to what is going on in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and other countries where the Suni Caliphate is waging an offensive war against those countries via their proxy terrorist armies.

The coming war in the US will be a combination of several things. First, it will be caused by our power mad Euro-American upper class trash working to set themselves up as the rulers of a US dictatorship just like Bashar Assad is for Syria except the Euro-American upper class trash is far more evil because they are right now working towards slaughtering more than seven billion people globally while Assad is just trying to remain in power. Assad isn't a nice guy but he isn't as evil as our leaders. Isn't it terrible when the Euro-American leaders have become the most evil leaders in the world? In order to set up their dictatorship, the evil upper class trash have set up an army of traitors inside and outside of our government.

Second, the coming war will also be a continuation of the Suni Arab Caliphate offensive to conquer the world by high jacking the liberal traitors' attempt to seize control of the US and set up a dictatorship. To do this, Obama has infiltrated tens to hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslims into this country and the government, displacing quite a few of the liberal traitors from high government positions without the liberal traitors realizing they are being betrayed themselves.

Therefore, the army we will be facing in this coming war will be a combination of the liberal traitors and Muslim terrorist from both inside and outside the US, just like in Syria. Most of the fighting will be in our cities just like in Syria. Remember that the liberals plan to slaughter all of us off after they set up their dictatorship so slaughtering good people, especially Christians, during the fighting will be just killing us sooner. You can see around the world what those same Muslims will do here in the US when the war starts, they will simply butcher anyone and everyone, especially Christians.

You will see liberals and Muslims attacking churches during services slaughtering men, women, and children just like in Syria, Egypt, and other countries where the Muslims are fighting. There will be suicide bombings, car bombs, kidnappings, rape, looting, and they will wipe out entire towns and villages just like in other countries. Most of the fighting will be in the cities just like in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and other countries but there will also be fighting in the country just like in other countries like Afghanistan. You are going to be fighting the same people plus the commie traitors who will fight along side the terrorists and commit the same horrible atrocities. Some will be very good fighters, especially the liberal traitors who were or are now in the US military, and others will be as bad as the worst fighting terrorists in Syria because many of those terrorists will also be fighting here, especially the ones the US is training in Syria, along with the terrorists the US trained in Libya and else where.

If you want to know what is coming to your town, pay attention to what these same people are doing in other people's towns and watch the YouTube videos for such wars as Syria. You will see quite a bit of better fighting here from both sides but also see the same fighting here you see there because you will be fighting many of the same terrorists. Pay attention to the atrocities because those same people will do those same things here they are doing there. Note the death, destruction, and horrible crimes and also pay attention to the fact that life and business will continue almost as normal in many places, except during interruptions caused by fighting in their areas.

One silver lining in our rapidly approaching storm cloud is that you can also expect the same terrorists to turn on each other and the commies in our war just like they are turning on each other in those other countries. We can only pray they will kill a lot of each other.

That is what is coming to the US courtesy of our power mad upper class trash and the Muslims, you know, all of those people who pretend to care about people until just before they torture and murder them. That is exactly what you need to prepare for.

With all of this evil being forced on us because of our sins and turning our backs on God, it would be an excellent idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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