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As of October 31, things are going pretty much as expected. The top liberal media have all had to do major financial reorganizations because they are going broke just like I told you they would. Every year their viewership declines and they keep putting out their lies, misinformation, and propaganda to promote their liberal commie agenda. They are illegally using publically traded companies to promote a political agenda at the expense of the other share holders.

All that needs to happen here is for one of you rich Republicans to obtain the minimum number of shares for that company, hold them for at least three to six months while complaining to the company about them ignoring potential market share by shifting to the right, file appeals with the SEC and the US DA, and they will have to be prosecuted just like ENRON. They are committing a federal felony that will get everyone involved, from the members of the board down to the lowest broom pusher, from 10 to 30 years in jail. What are you rich Republicans waiting for, an invite from the left to do it?

The left is showing their true colors as the commie's they have been denying they really are with their increasingly open love affair for Che Guevara and recently placing a bust in NY Central Park honoring Fidel Castro. Some one convince me they are not commie traitors working to help the Muslim terrorists defeat the US and its allies!!! The left is commie land!!! Get a clue!!!

Have you noticed that the lying liberal media started out about a month ago saying that their polls (you know, the ones where they only poll ultra left commie liberals) showed that the Commie-crats would overwhelm the Republicans in this coming elections and that, as of today, they are saying the key races are in a dead heat? Gee, I wonder what could be going on here (not really, just sarcasm :-)). Could it be that the lying liberal media said they would overwhelm the right to motivate the fool liberal commie voters and that they are now saying those races are in a dead heat to make those newly motivated liberal voters think their votes will actually count in this election in order to get them out to vote? Betcha!

Common sense and experience should tell you that, if the liberal media are saying the races are in a dead heat and them only polling hard core commie's on the left, in one week, the commie's will get their butts handed to them just like I said they would. All you conservatives have to do is show up and vote conservative and the commie's lose....AGAIN!!! Do it!!!

How about the continuing soap in Israel. Olmert continues to be indecisive while pretending to be decisive and making matters worse for Israel in the coming war. While Olmert sits on his worthless liberal butt making excusing and trying to stay out of jail, Hizbullah has more than rearmed and staged for war, Syria has prepared and staged for war, Hamas has armed to the teeth and is training tens of thousands of regular troops after Hizbullah's methods, the Russians has set up an intelligence site to provide the Muslims with intelligence on Israel's military during the next war and are moving even more conventional troops into Lebanon to fight Israel, and even the Lebanese Army is being armed by Italy and France to fight Israel.

Mean while, the fool liberals ruining running Israel are working to give the terrorists more land before the war from which to attack Israel. The people are getting furious and the military leaders are openly complaining about the inaction of the political leaders in not moving to destroy the efforts to prepare for war against Israel before it is too late. You know, just like I told you.

When the fecal matter hits the fan and the clowns running Israel remain indecisive while Israel suffers heavy losses, watch for the military commanders to stage a military coup against both the top political and military leaders to save the country. With the forces that are being set against Israel now, they can't wait long after the fighting starts.

How about those fool commie French? They bend over backwards to appease the Muslims and the Muslims keep waging war in France. But, according the the commie clowns ruining that country, the Muslims are not really waging war, they are just angry about being poor. Strange, I have never seen poor people riot like that and history teaches us that revolutions are never started over poverty. They are normally started over unfulfilled expectations or government promises.

Are the fool liberal commie's on this planet in denial or just brain dead stupid? I still think they are having an international stupid contest and there is a huge tie between all of them for first place as the stupidest human on the planet. First, they can't seem to remember that actions speak louder than words and while the Muslims are talking peace to the fool commie's, their actions are that they are winning the war to conquer the world.

What, you don't believe it? Take a good look. The Muslims are now effectively waging war in or against almost every major and many minor countries around the world and it is spreading weekly. They are openly waging war in almost every country currently trying to appease or assist them, especially in commie land, and the fool commie's just keep trying to appease and assist the Muslims. Duh!!! I have flushed more intelligence down the toilet than exists in all of commie land. Some one convince me that I am wrong in assuming that the first and most important requirement for being a liberal (commie) is to not have a lick of common sense.

France is one of the main arms providers for the terrorists and is currently assisting them against Israel and Muslims are burning France every day. Putin is one of the main weapons providers and trainers for terrorists and the Muslims are using those weapons and training to wage war against Russia. Only China and North Korean are providing weapons and training for the Muslims and have not had open hostilities against their countries by the Muslims....YET!!! I have noticed that China is getting a little antsy and rethinking some of the Muslim's behavior in relation to the other countries who are helping the Muslims but will they pull their heads out of their butts in time.

The liberals have convinced me that their favorite past time is using their heads for suppositories. We used to call them butt ostriches for good reason.

Oh, BTW, have you noticed that President Condi and the State Department are trying to put us on the wrong side against Israel? We really don't want to go there and you need to complain to Bush about growing some testicles and taking back the Presidency before it is too late.

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