The Problems

This essay is about the problems which have caused the death of this great nation, the US, and the entire Western society and economy and what we must do before we can even begin working to create new nations.

The cause of our current problems are our actions and behavior. What we do causes either good or bad consequences. Our behavior is critical to the conditions within which we will end up living. If we do good things, we end up with good results and socio-economic living conditions. If we do bad things, we end up with bad results and socio-economic living conditions. Therefore, we humans need rules or laws to guide and even force people to do good things which will provide us with good socio-economic living conditions.

A simple fact is that all societies of two or more people must have rules and laws to guide and restrict the behavior of the people within those societies so we can peacefully cohabitate under conditions which are good for all good people. It is also important to understand that bad people will always find good laws to be restrictive and oppressive. Good laws are designed to restrict and oppress the behavior of bad people so that we will not have to live under bad conditions.

Before God gave humans His Laws, first as the Noahide Laws and then as Torah or Biblical Laws, we humans made up our own pagan laws which permitted humans to pretty much do as they pleased. This permitted the rich and physically more powerful humans to do what ever terrible things they wanted to the weaker and more vulnerable humans. Under pagan laws, human sacrifices are acceptable and it is always the weak and vulnerable, such as children, who get sacrificed or murdered to those false pagan gods. The strong steal what they want from the rest so the strong don't have to work. There are no limits or restrictions for the behavior of those strong enough to do as they please and their pagan societies always eventually implode causing chaos and death for many. Life is constantly filled with the dangers of murder, rape, theft, slavery, oppression, and other terrible things by a small, powerful group in society.

If you study the anthropology and history of what pagan life was like at the time God gave Moses the Law or Torah, it was very terrible and everyone lived in constant fear of their lives and property being taken at any moment by some one else. Even the strong lived in constant fear of other strong people suddenly taking their lives and property and were forced to hire body guards to protect themselves. The strong pagans always write special laws which protect them from other people but never protect other people from them. Everyone lived by the law of the sword, kill or be killed and, after a relatively brief time, the strongest began putting together armies which traveled around murdering, raping, and stealing from good people in other communities to increase their own wealth and power. That is exactly what ALL of these "great wars" have been about, bad guys using violence to steal from others so the bad guys don't have to work.

If you study God's Law in relation to these pagan socio-economic conditions, it is easy to see that God's Law was designed to provide everyone with protection from bad people by restricting and punishing the bad people so the bad people could not cause harm to good people or the bad people would be punished for causing that harm. Please note that as we have done away with God's Law in the US and replaced that Law with pagan or common law, the bad people have increased and are getting away with the mischief and harm they are causing good people. The very reason why the bad people have coerced us into permitting them to have the control they want so they can do away with God's "oppressive" Law is so they can cause the mischief and harm they desire to the rest of us without having to fear legal reprisals or punishments.

The primary reason for government is to protect good people from bad people so we can live peaceful and secure lives. Under the rule of bad people, the power of government is always abused so the bad people can freely cause the mischief and harm they want to cause good people.

Let's take a quick look at the "oppressive" Ten Commandments the pagans or liberals hate and have been working so hard to do away with. These "oppressive" Laws are found in Exodus 20:3-17. I will paraphrase these Laws to keep it short but you should read the Laws in their entirety.

1) You will have no other god but the God of the Bible.

When I first read this, before I began my studies in history, religion, and anthropology, I thought, "How arrogant for this being to declare himself to be God and require He be our only god." In my studies, I found there is a very good reason for this Law. The pagans don't want you to know it and will lie to cover it up that in absolutely ALL pagan religions, the pagan gods are very favorable to the powerful and oppressive to the weak requiring human sacrifices, mostly child sacrifices. This Law was designed to protect us from paganism or ourselves including human sacrifices, especially child sacrifices. Children are the weakest members of our society and completely at the mercy of the adults and they are also our future.

All pagan religions require child sacrifices on large scales destroying our future by destroying our children. In the Maya religion, they murdered any where from more than 1,000 to over 3,000 young children (virgins) a day on just one of those "wonderful" ziggurats the liberals love so much. Those "great shrines" the liberals demand we preserve were actually nothing more than outdoor slaughter houses, especially for children. In the US alone, the "secular" or pagan liberals have murdered more than 50 million completely helpless unborn babies to their false pagan god, Free Sex, in less than half a century. These are only a few examples of what paganism has done.

If God is our only god and forbids human sacrifices, then we are all safe from the fear of some religious leader or zealot deciding it is our turn to be murdered to their god. In other words, with this Law, God is protecting us from ourselves and especially protecting our children from the adults. This is a very good Law.

2) You will not commit idolatry or worship idols.

This Law is a good Law because worshiping idols always leads to worshiping false pagan gods which require human sacrifices. The first two of the Ten Commandments are designed to protect us from our false pagan gods and from ourselves.

3) You shall not take the name of God in vain.

This Law requires the respect we humans have to have for God in order for us to be willing to obey His Laws. Without respect for God, there would be little, if any, compliance to God's Laws. This Law is meant to prevent rebellion or treason against God which would lead to paganism and its abuses and horrors.

4) Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.

First, keep in mind that the Torah or Law was given to the Children of Israel who are required to keep all of the Laws while we gentiles are only required to keep some of these Laws or the Laws which pertain to the Noahide Laws given to Noah following the global flood, which I explained in December 2010 with an essay titled "The Noahide Laws". In the Law, God said that the Sabbath is a covenant between God and the Children of Israel, clearly excluding the gentiles from having to obey this Law BUT it is a very good idea that we set aside time specifically to learn about God and God's Laws and fellowship with other Christians. This draws us closer to God and further from paganism causing us to have better lives. I personally consider every day to be holy because God made them all and I do my best to walk as closely with God as I can praying every day for everyone I can, even my enemies.

5) Honor your father and your mother.

This is a very important Law because, if people don't honor or respect their parents, they won't respect anyone. We have to respect each other before we can care about each other and not commit crimes against each other. A lack of respect for other people leads to committing crimes against other people and learning respect starts at home.

6) You shall not murder.

This has been wrongly translated to say you shall not kill but the two Hebrew words this was translated from actually mean to commit murder and not just to kill. There isn't anywhere in the Bile where it says you will not kill anyone and the Bible gives specific instructions for crimes in which we are required to kill people who commit those crimes. It only says you will not murder. It is only common sense that we cannot permit murder within our society. If we permit people to get away with murder, then we will return to the very cruel and brutal pagan time of kill or be killed when everyone constantly lived in fear of their lives. You don't want to return to the pagan kill or be killed doctrine because you will be attending a lot more funerals for those you love. Always remember that killing goes both ways.

7) You shall not commit adultery.

This is one of the "biggies" with the pagans. They hate this Law as much or more than any other Law from God. They want the freedom to screw whomever they please whenever they want. We are all human and have temptations to have sex with people other than our spouses. In the US and else where, we have given into the seduction of the liberal pagans to permit adultery under the guise of "free sex" because of our humanity. This is the primary crime pagans always use to begin seducing us into their various forms of paganism because sex is our greatest human weakness.

God understood this weakness in man but He also understood that fidelity between a man and woman creates a stable environment for properly raising children and teaching the children to respect and care for others instead of just caring for themselves. Infidelity teaches children to have no respect for anyone except themselves, to put their own physical pleasures before caring about other people, and to just use people for your own pleasure. This latter attitude leads to people committing the rest of the crimes including murder, rape, and stealing. Adultery is always the first step in a society towards degeneration, oppression, and chaos ultimately resulting in the collapse of that society.

Look at what our liberal pagans have accomplished today with their "free sex" or adultery. They have created the greatest pandemic in the history of the world with sexually transmitted diseases being globally rampant, they have used their "free sex" to justify murdering more than 50 million unborn babies just in the US, they have caused the divorce rate in the US to sky rocket to a point to where fewer and fewer people are even bothering to get married destroying the potential for a stable environment within which to raise children, they have turned our society upside down creating the worse social mess in the history of the US with increasing numbers of fatherless children turning to crime and corruption, and they have used adultery to bring back their paganism to where it has once again destroyed our society and nations. Adultery is one of the main tools Satan uses to destroy that which God creates. There is no such thing as free sex, you will eventually pay for adultery in a number of ways.

8) You shall not steal.

As I have shown, stealing is also one of the "biggies" for pagans. History is repleat with pagans murdering to steal from other people so those pagans don't have to work to earn what they want and that is what all wars have been fought over, pagans wanting to use force to steal what others have worked for and earned so those pagans don't have to work to earn that something. If we permit people to steal, then no one will be able to have anything except the powerful and even they will be at risk of losing everything they have to more powerful people.

9) You shall not lie.

This is another one of the "biggies" for pagans because the lie is the tool most commonly used by pagans to get what they want when they can't get it by force or they want to justify stealing what they want so they won't be punished for the theft. I remember the liberals coercing us into not being hard on them for lying by saying that lying really isn't that important. Today, they lie about everything to get everything they want, they lie to dumb people down and brainwash them, they lie to justify their other crimes, they lie to cover up their crimes, they are nothing but a lie.

Just remember that lying is fraud and fraud is a crime. All lies should be a crime because all lies are fraud.

10) You shall not covet what your neighbor has.

All paganism starts with and is built on this crime. Marxism is founded on coveting what others have and then abusing the power of government to steal that which the Marxists covet instead of working to earn the same thing. All pagan wars and crimes are based on coveting what others have and then lying and murdering to steal what others have. Note that this Law does not have to do with wanting the same type of thing some one has but to wanting the exact item others have. For example, it does not have to do with wanting to earn a certain type of car because you saw some one with that type of car. It has to do with wanting the specific car some one else has to the point of wanting to steal that car. Coveting does not have to do with wanting to earn as much money as some one else but wanting to take the money from some one else.

Now, all of these Laws are clearly good for society and obedience to these Laws will cause us to have a good, healthy, safe, and secure society. Not obeying these Laws will cause the problems we are currently having in our society and have caused the death and destruction of our once great nation. Our sins or crimes against these Laws are what has caused our problems. As long as we continue to commit these sins or crimes, our problems will only continue to get worse. Before we can even begin to solve our problems so we can begin building a new nation, we must quit causing these problems with our crimes against God's Laws.

It is because of this that God will not even begin to help us solve our problems as long as we continue to cause our problems with our crimes against His Laws. In order to get God to start helping us solve our problems, we must first admit to ourselves, God, and everyone else that it is our crimes against God's Laws which have caused our problems. Then we must repent or make a sincere commitment to stop committing the crimes causing those problems. Next, we must accept the amnesty God provided for our crimes via the death of Jesus on the cross accepting God's grace and mercy so we don't have to keep paying for our crimes. It is at this point and only at this point when God will begin to help us solve our problems we have caused with our crimes against His Laws. We call this revival back to God's Laws and it is time for revival.

Please note that I did not say that God will solve our problems but that He will help us solve our problems. The rule of thumb concerning God helping us is that "we do our best and God will do the rest".

So, in order to get God's help, we must repent of our crimes against His Laws, turn back to God and His Laws, and accept God's payment for our crimes which will require us to .....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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