The Republicans are blaming Obama for shutting down the government and Obama and the lying liberal media or propaganda machine are blaming the Republicans for the shutdown because the Republicans didn't provide Obama with a budget. So, who is really responsible for the shutdown?

For the first almost five years of his presidency, Obama has never had a budget. Obama basically ran the country as he pleased, spending money the way he pleased, in violation of the US Constitution. The government did not shut down once, it simply continued to run and malfunction as normal.

Then the Republicans decided to pass a budget which would not fund Obamacare. The bill passed in the Republican controlled House but failed to pass in the Democratically controlled Senate, leaving Obama without a budget....again. Obama not having a budget again caused the government to shut down. Really?

Why can't Obama run the government the way he did for the first four years, without a budget?

Because, just like I told you, Obama is that super spoiled two year old brat child and he is throwing a tantrum and punishing the people of the US because the Republicans didn't give Obama exactly what Obama wanted. We call this vindictive, spiteful, mean, extortion, bullying, blackmail, terrorism, being irresponsible, and just being a spoiled rotten brat.

It proves what I have told you before, that Obama has the maturity of a spoiled rotten two year old brat. Obama never grew up because his parents and grandparents never made him grow up. Obama still throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way just like he did when he was a spoiled rotten two year old.

It should be blatantly obvious that Obama is the one responsible for the shutdown and is actually managing the shutdown in a way which will make life as miserable as possible for the American people in an attempt to turn people against the Republicans in an effort to break the Republican Party, with a lot of help from the lying liberal media, of course.

We are about to see just how smart the people are because the smart people will unit with the Republicans against Obama and the lying liberal media by throwing Democrats out of Congress in this next election. The stupid people will be fooled by Obama and the lying liberal media and turn against the Republicans.

BTW, I have been noticing an increasing number of moderates and even liberals who are getting extreme sticker shock when they are finding out that their health care premiums are going way up because of Obamacare (which was supposed to save them money on health care) forcing them to pay for insurance they can't afford and didn't want. I hope you remember that the insurance companies helped write Obamacare to force you to purchase more of their insurance policies and you should now be getting a good picture why the insurance companies fought so hard to get Obamacare passed. You are now forced to purchase most of their health care policies, whether you can afford them or not. It is the law that you MUST purchase those insurance policies. I have been seeing people's policies increasing by from hundreds to over 10,000 dollars per year. You can thank your liberal commie traitors (even the ones who have taken over the Republican Party) for the fact that you now have less disposable income to purchase things you enjoy. Welcome to the United Soviet States of America. Remember that I told you that the Republic of the United States of America died years ago? Get the picture?

How is that communism thing working out? How do you like their redistribution of wealth, from you to the major corporations? Get the picture?

Now that you are living in a God hating soviet union, it would be a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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