Russia 3

Remember that I told you that Putin's next move will be to take Odessa and Transnitria on the west side of Ukraine and, when Ukraine is forced to move their forces west to relieve Odessa, Putin will take the two or three eastern Ukraine states with a lot of Russians?

I erred in stating that, after Putin took Transnitria, he would have Ukraine surrounded on three sides because I wasn't thinking about the fact Putin would also have Ukraine blocked on the west by Transnitria, which means Putin will have Ukraine completely surrounded and have control of her two largest ports, Sevastopol (in Crimea) and Odessa (in Southwest Ukraine).

Yesterday, I saw that Putin's ratings in Russia were up to 70%, which will only encourage Putin, and they are all but calling Putin "Vlad the Great", you know, like Peter the Great. Putin knows that, after his next move, they will call him Vlad the Great. In a discussion with Obumbler, Putin intentionally stated that he could not ignore the cries of his Russian people for Putin to free them. Putin knew this would cause everyone to think that he is preparing to take the two or three states in Eastern Ukraine with large Russian populations, you know, just like they did just before Putin took Crimea. It was a faint called psychological warfare or misdirection.

Today, Saturday March 7, 2014, I saw that Putin is "reinforcing" his troops in Crimea by an amphibious landing onto Eastern Crimea shores but those troops are heading to the port in which the Black Sea Fleet is based and also happens to be the capitol of Crimea, near Ukraine's southern border.

This is all a fake by Putin to cause Ukraine to move all of her troops to the East and Southeast sides of Ukraine to resist what appears to be an invasion to free those two or three Eastern Ukraine states. Putin knew that, with him having just taken Crimea from Ukraine, Russia's 150,000 troops and 900 tanks near Ukraine's eastern border, the Russians in the two to three Ukraine states on the East side of Ukraine begging for Putin to free them and Putin saying he can't ignore their cries for freedom, and with Putin moving troops via amphibious landing into Crimea towards Sevastopol and Southern Ukraine, everyone would naturally think Putin is going to do a two pronged attack into Eastern Ukraine to free the Russians there. IT IS ALL MISDIRECTION!

Remember that Putin likes to play chess and make moves to make you make moves or control your troop movements with his troop movements to set you up for something else in order to limit or prevent troop losses on either side. Remember that Putin placed those 150,000 troops and 900 tanks on the east side of Ukraine to draw her troops to Russia's troops so the troops on Russia's Black Sea Fleet could take Crimea without firing a shot, CALLED MISDIRECTION. Don't ever forget that. Putin is very cunning but predictable because he is using the same faint twice.

Remember that those new troops are heading towards the port where Putin has his Black Sea Fleet and Putin used his Black Sea Fleet to seize Crimea. This is a military faint Putin is using to load those troops on his fleet while making everyone think those troops are really there to invade from Crimea directly into Southeastern Ukraine.

Under the cover of darkness, Putin will load those forces on his Black Sea Fleet, sail them a few miles to Odessa, take Odessa without resistance, take Transnitria, just a few miles northwest of Odessa, without resistance, and on the West of Ukraine, freeing those Russians who have been begging for Putin to free them for years, and then, when Ukraine is forced to move their forces west to relive the siege of Odessa, THEN Putin will invade the two or three Ukraine states on the east side of Ukraine with a two pronged attack against lesser forces to also free those Russians begging for Putin to free them, completely surrounding Ukraine and forcing Ukraine into being a Russian vassal state.

This way, Putin can quickly take all of what he wants with a minimum military resistance and losses before anyone's heads stop spinning. No one will know what hit them and Putin will further humiliate Obumbler making him look like a helpless child while Obumbler cries on mommy Val's shoulder and throws a stomping, screaming fit in the Oval office while his ratings drop even further, you know, like the spoiled two year old child he is. End Game,, Vlad the Great.

What will the US and West do?

Crow like a bunch of sterile bantam roosters; make a lot of noise, run around in circles, and put on a big show to impress voters. I already proved in previous essays that the West can't do anything, especially with Putin having control of a large portion of the NDN. Our politicians couldn't handle a broom right, much less Putin. Putin will get Ukraine back.

Mean while, I am watching King Abdullah call the dogs off of Assad and wondering why. He has branded his number one proxy army, the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorists, and threatening any Saudi citizens who continue to participate in terrorism with prison. He has given them 15 days grace. Is Abdullah making nice with the Shiite Muslims or the West to get back in grace? Remember that I told you that, now that King Abdullah has been dumped by Obama, he is susceptible to an invasion because of his extensive role in supporting terrorists. There is a reason for everything the power mad upper class does and it usually isn't good. Keep an eye on this.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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