Space War

This essay will be fun and revealing.

While I was reading the Koran and doing research on Islam, I suddenly realized one day that Islam is a perfect description of a fictional TV group called the Klingons from Star Trek. As I continued to study, I was amazed at how similar the Klingons are to Muslims. You could easily replace one with the other. Well before I finished reading the Koran, I became absolutely convinced that Gene Roddenberry had detailed knowledge of Islam and had used that knowledge to fashioned the Klingons after Muslims.

You have to understand that all literary producers, whether in books or film, take people from real life to create characters in their stories. It would have only been natural for Gene to use the ruthless warrior cult of Islam to create another ruthless warrior cult, the Klingons.

It was a few years later that I was watching the TV show "Andromeda" and realized that the director of that program had also fashioned a group in his show after the Muslims but he made them appear more noble and less ruthless and barbaric. This peaked my curiosity so I watched closely after the show for the credits. I was quickly rewarded with the answer to both questions. The director of "Andromeda" is also a Roddenberry, a member of Gene's family but his first name is Muslim (I don't remember his first name now.)

This told me that Gene had a very close family member in the TV industry who was a Muslim and had provided Gene with considerable information about Islam, from which, Gene created the Klingons. If you don't believe it, all you have to do is pay close attention to the Klingons and Muslims and you will see that they have almost identical customs, beliefs, and behavior. They are both ruthless warrior cults who will kill each other at the drop of a hat.

In other words, the Muslims are the real Klingons. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that most Muslims think the Klingons are great guys for very good reasons. If you want to understand the Muslims, just think Klingons and you will suddenly understand everything.

Then, after God gave me the visions which led up to me realizing that we Christians will wage a space war against the Muslims, I also realized that our Christian nation, whether it will be an empire, kingdom (I think it will be a kingdom or monarchy), or whatever, will be fighting a space war against the real Klingons. Is that ironic or what?

Will that make this intergalactic war the real Star Trek? :-) We will definitely go treking where man has never gone before to colonize those planets. :-) How funny. Truly, God has a sense of humor.

Since we now know that the real Klingons are currently waging war against us, we really need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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