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Based on what I have been able to find out and my military training, the following is probably what just happened with Putin and a look at what may soon happen.

I found out that the day before Putin disappeared, 11 Eu countries and the US secretly decided to arm Ukraine with more and better weapons and supplies to defend against Putin. Also, certainly at the same time, Britain started preparing for a surprise first strike surgical attack against Putin with nukes to take out key Russian targets. Obviously, someone informed Putin and he went into hiding in one of his secret underground nuke proof shelters (they have them and we have them, i.e. Cheyenne Mountain can take a direct hit by a 40 meg nuke and keep right on waging war), brought all of his nukes online and up to the highest level readiness status, and started planning what to do next with his generals.

When Putin brought his nukes to within one command of going to nuclear war, Britain found out that Putin had found out about Britain's treachery, stood her nukes down, and started making lame excuses as to it was just a mistake. As a former SAC (Strategic Air Command) wienie, I was trained to know there are too many safeguards in the system for such an accident to happen.

Let me share some things with you about nuke warfare. Forget everything you have learned from the media, Hollywood, and your liberal college professors, they don't know crap about nuke warfare.

First, the president doesn't just push a red button in the "Football" and the world goes up in smoke the way all idiot liberals believe, even their ignorant liberal college professors. When the president takes the football, inputs his personal code, and "pushes the red button", all that does is send a classified message to the Pentagon where a very special team of the best generals and admirals decide whether or not to go to nuke war. This team of generals and admirals can over ride the president on whether or not to go to war with nukes. They make the final decision, not the president. This is what used to be called a "fail safe" built into the system so that the president couldn't get ticked at someone or go bonkers and start a nuke war based on emotions.

Second, when you go to nuke war, you don't just start pushing buttons and everything blows up like in that idiot liberal movie, "The Day After" (I laughed all of the way through that stupid flick and the liberals think that is the way a nuke war will be fought. Reagan was right in that most of what liberals believe is wrong.)

In the 1970s, it would have taken any country at least two weeks to ramp up for a nuke war from the time we started to go to nuke war and both sides monitored each other every hour of every day to make sure the other side didn't prepare without them finding out about it.

Then why were we always on nuke alert with weapons armed and waiting?

1) Deterrence and 2) just in case the other side managed to get ready without us noticing and we had to shoot from the hip. Readiness was a fail safe built into the system.

For example,during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the US media and liberal college professors were busy running around like chickens with their heads cut off terrifying everyone that we were just one button push from being fried alive and the world could be vaporized any instant!!! Ah! Ah! Ah! Both the US and USSR were at least two weeks from being ready to go to nuke war. Unknown to the liberal geniuses, JFK had at least two more weeks than it took to resolve the matter before nukes could fly on either side and the US was ahead in the game, the Soviets knew it, and backed off.


Because we could launch at least several days before they could. There are key preparations which have to take place before you blow up half the planet.

So, during the first part of the 10 days Putin was hiding in his nuke shelter, Britain was secretly ramping up for nuke war (that is one heck of a big mistake), got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and forced to back down because Putin brought Russia up to nuke ready first and would have cleaned Britain's clock (think Putin's 2,000 nukes to Britain's 600 nukes - Putin would have sunk that island). Britain had lost her element of surprise, which she had to have for a SURPRISE surgical attack to have worked.

But Putin didn't stop there. He set up massive war games for all over Russia from the Arctic Sea to the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean as a warning, "Don't mess with me." Then Putin also reset the planning for taking Ukraine before the Euro-American weapons can arrive, you can bet on it. Also, don't be surprised if Putin uses these war games to mask one or more surprise attacks, especially against Ukraine, by using the war games to position his forces for those surprise attacks to catch everyone off guard. Remember, Putin likes surprise attacks like Crimea to decrease troop losses.

Did you notice that the largest war games are in the Arctic Sea north of Britain and the Baltic Sea east of Britain?

They have 35 ships, 16 nuke subs, 100 aircraft, and thousands of soldiers in the Arctic Sea working their way towards Britain in a "war game" AND another large force heading in the same direction in the Baltic Sea.

Why would this matter?

Because Britain just tried to pull a preemptive surprise nuke strike against Russia and Russia can't just let that go while saying, "Ah ha, we caught you." If Putin lets Britain get away with trying to destroy Russia, they and others will try again later and might succeed, therefore, Putin has to cripple Britain with a surprise attack some time in the near future to put her out of action and send a huge message to Euro-America. Don't be surprised if Putin takes out Britain's nukes, air force, and navy with a surprise nuke attack leaving Britain a smoldering pile of third world commie rubble. He may even invade enough to round up their leaders and execute them and not just the puppets but also the puppet masters. Putin knows who they are and where they live.

But, you say, "Isn't Putin afraid that, if he attacks Britain, the US and NATO will all gang attack Putin?"

Yeah, right. Putin knows that, if he takes out Britain, which Obama hates, Obama will back down and NATO is a toothless tiger that can't even run. Britain, France and the US are all decreasing their military strengths with only Germany and a few other NATO countries building their strength plus the US has its significantly weakened forces spread out all over the world in about 150 different countries.

What, our one front army will take on Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, ISIS, and others all at the same time?

It would take us a year to ramp up for that war and Putin knows it. READINESS COUNTS!!! You can thank Obama and his commie pals, the media, and other liberals for that one.

At the very least, keep your eyes on Ukraine but also on Britain and a few other opportune targets.

Do not be surprised to find out that Putin coordinated his coming attacks with China, North Korea, Iran, and others. Listen, Putin was in that nuke shelter with his best generals for 10 days working long hours on something and not just a bunch of war games. This mess isn't over by a long shot and the West just screwed up.

Mean while, the idiot liberals in the West are saying that Putin is just posturing with his war games.

Hold it, Putin invaded Georgia and Ukraine and those political hacks think Putin is just show and talk?

Putin is a man of action. Don't underestimate him. The planning has finished and the operations have begun.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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