Queen Victoria II? 2

The more I think about the idea of Chelsea being the Commiecrat candidate for president in 2016, the more plausible it becomes. It just seems to be coming together.

First, remember that it was the Democratic Party which fought for slavery during the Civil War, founded the KKK after the Civil War to oppress blacks, and continued to fight and oppress blacks for 100 years after the Civil War. It was the Democratic Party which fought against Martin Luther King, a Republican, and the black equal rights movement.

Then, suddenly, the Democratic Party became the equal rights party for blacks and then every other minority with the Republican Party being the racist bad guys?

Suddenly, out of no where, the Democratic Party was fighting for Welfare and sending liberal social workers out to "help" the black community while blacks like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton made millions telling blacks they couldn't make it because they were being oppressed by whites, causing millions of young blacks to give up trying and turn to crime and the end result is? A greater percentage of blacks living on Welfare and in poverty than any other group. Higher unemployment among blacks. More black single mothers than any other group. Black gangs taking over almost all of our middle to upper level cities with a massive national crime wave, the black gangs being the number one source for selling drugs in the US, a greater percentage of blacks on drugs, and a greater percentage of black prostitutes. Of course, white liberal Hollywood helped by portraying most gangs, bad guys, dopers, and whores as blacks as roll models for young blacks and the blacks themselves helped a lot by falling for the liberal Democratic crap.

It was the Democratic Party which gave blacks better educational and financial opportunities with affirmative action and the end result being more black dropouts and failures. Thanks to the Democratic Party, the black movement has turned into the greatest socio-economic failure in the history of the US.

Mean while, by an incredible coincidence, the Democratic Party plans and begins executing the organized destruction of our nation (mostly under Billy Boy Clinton) and it's economy while getting a spoiled, lazy, incompetent, irresponsible, arrogant, narcissistic, liberal black man, Obama (the perfect mark for a con), elected as president, at just the moment the nation fails, to take the blame for the fail. Obama and the Democratic Party led the blacks right into that trap.

Can't you hear the liberal Democratic media blaming Obama and calling him incompetent because of the destruction of our nation by the white upper class trash? Oh yeah, because they already are.

I keep waiting for some journalist to make the observation that, "we should have expected Obama to fail, look at the failure of the black community", and then point out everything I just pointed out in a way which will be meant to make blacks look inferior to whites, conveniently forgetting to point out that it was the Democratic Party which torpedoed the blacks. That "revelation" will be just one step away from the white Democratic Party pointing out how blacks are inferior and subhuman to whites, you know, just like the Democratic Party told us for over 100 years. Get the picture yet?

Mean while, by another incredible coincidence, the upper class trash begin grooming Billy Boy's liberal daughter, Chelsea, to be an extremely qualified and unbeatable presidential candidate and our savior. This is the perfect liberal feminist Cinderella story. She grew up as a princess of the Clinton family, which was literally touted as the American "royal family" by the liberal commie traitor media until Billy Boy got caught having sex with Monica. Chelsea goes to two prestigious universities, gains international experience in business management, financial management, and dealing with governments via two different international management firms, is the second highest person in an international consulting firm, the Clinton Foundation, has been politically groomed by has-been president Daddy, marries her prince charming (also a financial manager she met in college), has a child (she is a mommy), gets elected president of the US during the worst financial and government crisis in modern history, and saves the day.

I just can't wait for the movie. (/sarc)

Can't you just see the liberal commie traitor media fawning over Princess Chelsea after Obama turns into a toad? Can't you hear the libtards demanding that glorious Princess Chelsea, our messiah, be crowned the first queen of the US, after President Obama and Congress have failed? Can't you see ultra liberal traitor, Queen Victoria II, signing the paper work to subject the US to the One World Government and liberal commie global dictatorship?

A perfect liberal fairy tale come true.

This is just too many coincidences for me. Princess Chelsea will probably get the votes from 60% to 70% of the women in the US, all of the liberal men and many moderate men, all of the illegal aliens, and all of the dead people. Keep an eye on this.

Maybe we should all....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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