Why is Putin, a Christian, hostile towards Israel? I want to explore this and other things by doing another analysis. Let's start with the Orthodox Church and also look at Talmudic Jews. Don't you just love my analyses? :-) Well, some of you do.

Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church was formed in the Middle East when the Roman Empire was split towards the end of the Roman Empire in about the third or fourth century. Both the Orthodox Church and the Church of Rome taught that the Jews had murdered Jesus in order to create a division between their followers and the Jews so their followers would not be coerced by the Jews to convert from these two Roman churches back to Judaism. This conversion to Judaism would have caused these churches to lose control of their Christians. This was particularly important for the Orthodox Church with it being in the Middle East where there were considerably more Jews.

Therefore, to this day, the Orthodox Church teaches replacement theology and a hatred for Jews with a ton on propaganda for hating Jews in spite of the fact that Jesus is Jewish.

Add to this that certain of the Jews began persecuting Jewish Christians shortly after the death of Jesus and have continued to persecute Christians up to this day. This persecution started with the stoning of Stephen, a Jewish Christian, which is recorded in the New Testament by another Jew, named Saul, who had changed his name to Paul by the time he wrote the book of "Acts".

Acts 7:58-59 And cast him out of the city and stoned him and the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man's feet, whose name was Saul. And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.

At this point, in the first century AD, the persecution of Christians by Jews began in Jerusalem with Jews murdering Christians as fast as they could find them. Remember that, at this point, all Christians were also Jews. This drove the Christian Jews out of Jerusalem into surrounding Israel but the persecution followed the fleeing Christians forcing many of them to flee to other countries. Obviously, the hatred by SOME Jews for Christians was very strong.

It was at this time that the person named Saul in the above scripture obtained a warrant from the Sanhedrin to murder Christians where ever he found them, even in other countries and set off to other countries in search of Christians to murder. Shortly after leaving Israel, Saul had a personal meeting with Jesus, was temporarily blinded, lost the debate, changed his name to Paul, became a Christian and began his Christian service.

This persecution of Christians by Jews forced many Jews who did accept Jesus as their savior underground. They would visit the synagogues to study the Torah and Tanach, which were the only scriptures at that time, because very few people could afford a private copy of Torah or the Tanach. Then they would gather in the private homes of other Christian Jews to practice their Christianity and read what few Christian letters were available and later formed the New Testament.

Many of these Christian Jews began to convert Gentiles to Christianity from the Church of Rome which was purely pagan at the time. This caused the Church of Rome to lose control of those Gentile Christians which caused Rome to turn on the Christians causing even more problems for the Jews which caused even more Jews to turn against Christians.

This persecution of Christians by both Jews and Rome continued to get worse until the Church of Rome converted to Christianity under Constantine in about the third or fourth century to get their people back into the church and under the church's control. To prevent their newly reclaimed Gentile Christians from converting back to the Jewish synagogues, the Church of Rome drove a wedge between their Christians and the Jews by teaching that the Jews had murdered the Christians' God, Jesus.

Suddenly, the Christians, who had been persecuted by the Jews for about 300 hundred years, were in power and a very strong backlash hit the Jews, including the Christian Jews. The persecution of Jews by Christians had begun and would keep getting worse for centuries.

This caused three basic groups of Christians to form. There were the Gentile Christians in the Church of Rome which later became know as the Catholic Church, the underground Jewish Christians who had to hide from both the Church of Rome and their fellow Jews who were still persecuting Christians whenever they could, and a group of mostly Gentile Christians with some Jewish Christians in an underground sect called the Baptists because they practiced emersion baptism, which were being persecuted by both the Jews and the Church of Rome.

When the Roman Empire split into the Eastern and Western Empires, the Church of Rome also split with the Eastern Church becoming the Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church developed a far greater hatred for Jews and stronger belief in replacement theology because the Orthodox Church was in the part of the world with the largest number of Jews and were, therefore, being persecuted more by those Jews. This hatred between the Jews and the Orthodox Church has continued up until today and is still very strong in the Middle East and explains why Putin, an Orthodox Christian, hates Israel and Jews causing him to side with the Muslims against Israel. Get the picture?

Talmudic Jews

In about the 800s AD, the Jewish Rabbis decided it was time to write down what was called the "Oral Torah". At this point, you have to understand that the Jews had been persecuting and hating the Christians for almost 800 years and the Christian backlash against the Jews had been going on for about 500 years so there was a lot of hatred developed between the Jews and Christians. Therefore, when they wrote the Oral Torah into a book they called the Talmud, it included a lot of hate and anger for Christians. It was hate building on hate building on hate.

At this point, a sect of Jews formed called the Talmudic Jews, most of whom only study the Talmud and never study Torah. So basically, they are pagan Jews. It was also at this point that the Talmudic Jews developed a strategy for destroying Christianity and the society it was creating. It was a secret declaration of war by the Talmudic Jews against Christians and their world almost 1,200 years ago with an obsession to destroy everything Christian and they began working with pagan Gentiles to help get this done.

It is this evil federation of Christian hating pagan Gentiles and pagan Talmudic Jews which has brought us to where we are today, on the verge of destroying the planet. They developed Communism and evolution to destroy Christianity and the Christian west, have succeeded at destroying the Christian nations and societies, and are working to set up their beloved communist dictatorship so they can kill off all Christians and Torah Jews. These people are the liberal criminal communist traitors working together to kill off almost everyone on the planet so they don't have to share their planet with us.

But the pagan commie Gentiles also hates Jews and Talmudic Jews are still Jews. Also, the Talmudic Jews hate Gentiles including the pagan Gentiles. Do the math on that one.

Putin knows about the Talmudic Jews and is working hard to stop them from destroying Russia which is why the liberal commie traitors are calling Putin a tyrant and why Putin will lead Russia down into the Northern hills of Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. It is also why Putin hates and doesn't trust the Western Liberal Commie Traitors because Putin knows the Talmudic Jews are involved. Get the picture?

It isn't just the Gentiles or just the Jews. It is the bad Gentiles and bad Jews working together to destroy all the good Gentiles and good Jews. Therefore, it comes down to paganism vs Judeo-Christianity. But as soon as they can, the pagans will turn on each other because they are the evil people.

I bet that answers a lot of questions.

As always....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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