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I get so sick reading the news any more to where I just want to vomit but I have a job to do so I continue. The corruption and evil are mind boggling and blatant but, amazingly, many eyes still have not opened.


Al-Shabaab, the Somalia terrorist organization that carried out the very deadly 2013 mall attack in Kenya, issued a fatwa for Muslims in the US and Europe to carry out deadly terrorist attacks in shopping Malls. They specifically mentioned the Mall of America, West Edmonton Mall in Canada, and Oxford Street in London but left it open to other malls. In the US, there are thousands of people from Somalia and millions of other Muslims to do their bidding. This is a call for the Muslims to take their war against the world to a new level.

The government admits there are more than 300 members of ISIS running around in the US who walked across the US/Mexico border and they don't know where these people are.

The idiot Buchanan said that ISIS is not an existential threat to the US. He and McCain must be drinking the same Kool-aid.

I have been waiting for Muslim terrorists to get around to staging attacks in our malls but didn't say anything because I didn't want to give them any ideas. The malls and other places with large groups of people are such obvious targets. ISIS is also being seen as a threat to cruise ships in the Mediterranean Sea. They will be targeting anywhere a large group of people will be gathered for easy killing.


I just read that Saudi police arrested men for dancing at a party. What the Muslims are doing in their own countries, they will do here when they seize control of the US under Obama.

What, no parties, no alcohol, no drugs, no homosexuals, no education (yes, they are against education and will kill our teachers and college professors), no free speech, no self defense against Muslims, no women driving, no music, no dancing, and much more?

Yep, you will be amazed at how Obama's Muslims will clean out America. BTW, the homosexuals getting married will make it much easier for the Muslims to find and kill US homosexuals because all they will have to do is check the county records for marriage licenses for two males or two females.

You think God isn't going to use the Muslims to clean up our pagan mess?

Remember that I have been telling you that, after Obama declares martial law, he will kill the upper class trash and take their wealth? Remember when Obama took shareholder's stocks for GM and gave them to the union?

Obama gave away plans for the attack to take back Mosul from ISIS. His treason can't get any more obvious than that. It should be clear to everyone that Obama is supporting ISIS and working to destroy Assad and Hezbollah to prepare for an Israeli invasion.

Keep in mind that, if the liberals and, especially, the Muslims get their hands on nukes, they will use them.

Have you noticed that as soon as Obama comes out with another lie, within just a few days, it becomes blatantly obvious he lied and has to eat the lie?

Everyone, including God, is throwing Obama under the bus.

I think Kurdistan has formed as a new nation because Iraq can't fight the Kurds and ISIS at the same time and the Kurds have become stronger than Iraq which should prevent the reconquest of Kurdistan unless Iran and/or Turkey intervene. Kurdistan also now has a formal capitol city which they just took back from ISIS, Arbil.

Qualified for President

Scott Walker said that President Barack Obama, who has a degree from prestigious Harvard University in Massachusetts, has done a lousy job running the country for six years. That should be addequate proof that Walker doesn't need a college degree to be president, he couldn't possibly do any worse without a degree than Obama has done with several "right degrees from the right universities". Walker has done better as governor than Obama has done at anything.

All of the lefties who have screwed everything up (not just Obama) have college degrees which proves what I have said that a liberal college education destroys common sense. I also want to go on record in stating that a liberal education is worse than no education because the right degree at the right university will just cause you to mess things up.

Who is qualified to be president?

That is a tough one but I think more important than that is who would be responsible enough to be president?

Everyone will have to learn the job but only a responsible person will learn the job and not screw it up. I think the right person is one who will trust in God to show them the way to do things right. A great leader has to have morals and ethics while putting their responsibility to the nation and God first.


Research is showing that the vast majority of people who don't vaccinate their children are Democrats and independents who have been scared by the sensationalism of the media. Very few are conservatives. The lies and scare tactics of the left, especially the media, are coming back to haunt them.

The number of measles cases this year has risen to 147 nationally. Whoopy wow, I am terrified. 147 cases of measles out of over 300 million people! People, this measles outbreak is just smoke and mirrors meant to distract you from more important things and designed to force people to vaccinate their children.


I read an article telling people to quiz journalists on evolution because very few journalists know anything about anything except how to write stories or journalism. Very few of them know that Darwinian evolution was dumped by better than 90% of evolutionists for Punctuational Equilibria by 1984.

In other words, Darwinian evolution is passe, defunct, and has been disproven.

The idiot theory of Punctuational Equilibria is based on the concept that all the species remained stable for millions of years and then, suddenly and for no reason they have been able to explain, almost every plant and animal evolved, all at the same time and this concept was developed because there is no fossil evidence for so much as one "missing link" or transitional fossil. The fossils show all species in fully developed forms. The idiot journalists also don't know that, since then, Punctuational Equilibria has been all but replaced by Catastrophism, which says that a series of catastrophes caused evolutionary change to take place and this is because the evolutionists have been forced to admit that the fossil record is a record of catastrophe, you know, like Noah's flood, but, instead of admitting it was one global catastrophe, they claim it was many regional catastrophes over billions of years causing the same changes in different places with different catastrophes by the strangest of coincidences in spite of the fact that the evidence for many of those catastrophes extend over as much as half the planet. That is a pretty big region. They are finally admitting that the fossils were caused by catastrophe though they are denying the obvious truth that it was one global catastrophe or flood. Basically, the evolutionists can't afford to lose any more ground without giving it all up to creation.

Please note that the reason the evolutionists keep changing their fairy tales and dumping older fairy tales for newer fairy tales is because their stupid fairy tales keep being proved wrong. Well, at least the liberals are consistent.

Jeb Bush

I just read that someone said that Jeb Bush is the Bush family's true conservative. If this is true, then the family doesn't have a conservative because Jeb is as liberal as John McCain and Hilarious Clintstone.


Note that it is Germany and France who are negotiating with Russia and not Britain.

Where is Britain? Is she sinking so low and so fast that she can't even be a part of major international problems?

She will sink even further when Argentina uses Russian military equipment to take the Falkland Islands and all of their oil.

Illegal Aliens

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is a liberal Latino trying to promote allowing more illegal aliens into the US and to vote in order to promote his own political career.

Take on true causes?

Now way, just rig the vote with imported illegal aliens. He is currently threatening "militancy" or terrorism from illegal aliens, if he doesn't get what he wants. Nothing like a little extortion.

Prediction: It is only natural that the illegal aliens coming into this country will seek out Latino neighborhoods just like almost all other immigrants have moved to neighborhoods of the same race. When the crime rates go up in these Latino neighborhoods, creeps like Gutierrez will get their just rewards from the Latinos themselves.

I hope you realize that this crap about giving jobs to illegals when there are so many US citizens who can't find jobs is meant to cause division between Latinos and others, especially whites, the way they have already caused division between blacks and others. It is the old divide and conquer routine.

Al Capone Sharpton

A group of black owned broadcast companies are suing Comcast, Turner Broadcasting, and Al Capone Sharpton claiming that Comcast and Turner bought protection against racial complaints from Al Capone Sharpton. If they prove this in a court of law, Al Capone Sharpton will be guilty of running a protection racket and should face federal charges. Sharpton is definitely being thrown under the bus, this time by blacks. I am keeping an eye on this one.


It turns out that intellectually superior Jonathan Gruber, designer of Obamacare, is being prosecuted for overbilling Vermont $48,000.

Let me get this straight, Gruber is intellectually superior to us but risked going to prison and ruining his career for only $48,000 while he was making at least six digits per year plus other income?

All of our farts are smarter than this criminal.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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