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Hilarious vs The Val

It is all over the news everywhere that Valerie Jarrett is the one who let out the secret of Hilarious Clintstone illegally using her own server for government e-mail purposes. This should tell you that Obama knew about it and, therefore, permitted it with the intention of using it to torpedo Hilarious to keep her from being elected as president. No one can trust a liberal traitor, especially not Obama and Valerie.

My first thought was, "Oh boy, a cat fight between the two most powerful and evil women in the US. This should be fun to watch." Then I thought it would be even more fun if the two of them played WWF and took it into the ring with no holds barred, all the scratching, biting, hair pulling, and gouging you could want. I thought about them using Wolverine blades but then realized they would bleed out too soon and end the fun. "What about baseball bats?" I thought, having fun. Then I realized that nunchucks would be best because they would hit themselves more than each other and could use them to strangle one another. Then I thought it would be great to watch them using nunchucks on each other while flying their brooms around the ring like evil knight witches but without armor because we want maximum mess.

All kidding aside, this could easily turn into a power struggle between the Obama clan and Muslims verses the Clintstones and liberals white crackers with revenge seeking on both sides at the highest levels. We could easily see a super powerful cat fight between these two women and, with the upper class trash already working to throw Obama under the bus while blaming him for everything, someone, especially Valerie, could end up dead and this could turn into open warfare between the liberals and Muslims with them literally killing each other on the streets. This is probably just getting started and everyone will get to see the ugly truth about both the liberals and Muslims. This could be even worse than the old Mafia wars of the 1920s and let all of the cats out of both bags.

I told you the Muslims and liberals would turn on each other.


I found out from military people in the know, you know, special operations dudes, that the US military has had special ops people on the ground hunting the head of ISIS. They told me that they found out that what the media are telling us is a lie because there is no one person who is the head or Caliph of ISIS like we are being told. Nope, Al Baghdaddy is not the Caliph of ISIS. They said it is a group of people running ISIS.

I told them they need to be looking for a group of ten people who will be the council that elects the Caliph as required by Islam. I have not heard back from then yet but I have continued to watch the situation. One thing I was watching is what is clearly Obama using other terrorist organizations (A.K.A. rebel groups) to launder weapons and money through to arm and fund ISIS illegally.

Then God said, "The military can't find the Caliph or leader for ISIS because Obama is their Caliph or leader in exchange for weapons and funding."

Gee, could that be the reason why Obama keeps running interference for ISIS against our military?


I hope you realize that the Obama secret meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood is Obama setting up his own Caliphate in the US government with him as the Caliph and, later, the Mahdi. He has been systematically appointing Muslims to top positions in the government and will soon appoint some members of the Muslim Brotherhood and black Muslims in his cabinet to replace those leaving for greener pastures to be Obama's counsel of ten (Valerie is already there.) Later, he will merge his US Caliphate with the ISIS Caliphate to invade Israel.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush makes me want to vomit. As an ultra liberal, he is in the wrong party and should be Vice President for Hilarious Clintstone, you know, like Biden. Jeb defends every progressive scam, claims he is conservative and stupid people are buying it. So many people are that stupid and corrupt is why democracy cannot work in the US again.

March 20 Solar Eclipse

Concerning this coming solar eclipse on Friday, March 20, I have been wondering and praying about what God is trying to tell us. The eclipse is clearly part of this blood moon tetrad with the eclipse taking place between the second and third blood moons out of four just a little over two weeks before the third blood moon on Saturday, April 4.

What God made known to me is this, "During the solar eclipse, a brief darkness will fall over the land but the sun will soon return its light to the earth, therefore, shortly after this solar eclipse, a brief darkness will fall over the land but the Son of God will soon return His light to the earth" because Jesus is our hope, our only hope and our Messiah. This solar eclipse is both a warning and a promise of things to come.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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