Real Poverty

I have realized that, with what is heading our way because of our glorious all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, intellectually superior, heavily inbred, natural elite, corrupt, greedy, power mad upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities while dreaming up dope induced intellectual fairy tales, you need to learn how to SURVIVE REAL poverty. This is not about surviving imagined or legislated poverty but REAL SUBSISTENCE poverty where you barely have enough food, clothing, and housing to survive or subsist.

Get it straight, unlike what you are taught, real poverty is not having fewer toys than the other guy. That is imagined poverty. Legislated poverty is when the corrupt politicians decide how few toys determines that you are living in poverty. Neither of those is real poverty.

You preppers will love this.

Don't ever forget that the intellectually superior natural elite upper class trash and their idiot lefty puppets caused this mess that may very likely cost you your life and/or the lives of your families.

This is stuff you cannot learn in middle and upper classes and you will quickly learn that almost everything you have been taught in middle and upper classes about REAL poverty is pure intellectual bull crap or fairy tales, usually dreamed up with the assistance of drugs. It usually has nothing to do with reality.

The first and most important rule for surviving real poverty is that you MUST get enough food and water for your body to continue to function because, if your body stops functioning because you don't have enough food and water, you will die and nothing else will matter, absolutely nothing else will matter. That is an absolute fact that none of the over educated idiots have told you about poverty. Do not ever forget this law our ancestors learned the hard way thousands of years ago and we have forgotten because of our abundance and civilization.

The second rule for surviving real poverty is that you must have some form of covering for your body we call clothing to protect your body and so you can work to obtain food and water, especially if you have to work for others to obtain that food and water. They probably won't hire you to work for them without clothing. You use whatever you have to cover your body even if you have to make something out of curtains, bed clothing, or just about anything else. Tatter rags will do just fine for survival; they worked just fine for our ancestors.

The third rule for surviving real poverty is that you must have some form of shelter or housing to protect you from the elements. As the homeless people have learned, this can be anything which will keep you from dying from exposure such as a cardboard box, sleeping under an overpass, or just a make shift shelter like a lean to made out of anything that will protect you even just a little bit because that little bit may be all that is needed to survive.

The fourth rule is that everything that is not necessary food, clothing, and housing for survival is just a toy or luxury and, in real poverty, you CANNOT afford ANY toys or luxuries. You MUST be willing to do without EVERYTHING ELSE to make sure you get enough food, clothing, and housing to survive. This requires absolute mental discipline, determination, and common sense AND you will quickly find out that you MUST do away with ALL of the lefty feel good warm fuzzies you have been taught or you will die because everything lefties believe and act on is bull crap and will probably prevent you from surviving real poverty.

You MUST learn to use common sense and stick to the most fundamental basics to survive real poverty. If you don't use basic common sense, you die; end game, poverty.

If you have a family of two or more people, then you will have to determine who is the "bread winner" or the person who is most capable and, therefore, responsible for obtaining food for the family to survive. This person will be required to do more physical and/or mental work, which will require more energy consumption to do that work and, therefore, require more food than the rest of the family to be able to work to obtain more food for everyone.

It is an absolute fact that this person MUST eat first and the most in order to get enough food to obtain more food for the family because, if this person doesn't get enough food to eat in order to be able to do the work required to obtain more food for the family, then the family will do without food and everyone will starve to death. This person is usually the father but can be the mother or a child but that person MUST get to eat first and enough or no one else gets to eat at all.

When I grew up in poverty, all poor people understood this rule, the father was almost always the bread winner, which is why fathers ate first and the most so they could obtain more food for the family so the family could survive. Get it straight, fathers did NOT eat first and the most because of the male superiority bull crap you hear from the lefties. It was all about survival for the entire family, something stupid lefty feminists can't understand.

It is better for everyone other than the bread winner to eat less than to eat nothing because the bread winner didn't get enough to eat to be able to work to obtain more food for the family. That is real poverty law our families learned thousands of years ago, which made it possible for them to survive so we could be born.

That lefty equality crap is pure bull crap that will cause the bread winner to fail and the family to die. THE LEFTY WARM FUZZIES HAVE TO GO OUT THE WINDOW! That is all dope induced intellectual bull crap that is completely out of touch with reality. COMMON SENSE MUST prevail or you all die. In real poverty, you are dealing with reality, not lefty fairy tales. Lefty fairy tales always fail when subjected to reality.

When the food or the money to buy food has been obtained, you MUST use common sense to ration that food out until you can obtain more money or food or your family will fail and everyone will die.

I have found it absolutely amazing at how our abundance has caused MANY people to not learn and/or understand this critical rule so that, when they get money, they waste it on unnecessary things so they won't have what they need later or, when they get food, they binge so they won't have enough to eat later. I will be absolutely amazed if more than half of the people in our civilization can survive real poverty because they do not understand or cannot live by this critical rule. I know, based on observations, that many people will waste what little they get when they get it, causing the family to fail and die.

When things get really bad, do not be surprised to see one parent ditch or kill the other parent or a child because the other parent or child wastes what little they get, especially on luxuries, in order to save the children or the rest of the family. That is a normal survival behavior for a parent who wants to save the rest of the family from the irresponsibility of one member of the family. Many humans tend to do what they have to do to save the family members they can.

It sounds cold but it is survival common sense many of you will have to learn. Know that, in hard times life is cold and therefore requires cold, hard decisions to survive.

When you do get a little extra, you don't waste it on luxuries or unnecessary things. You save it for a crisis or invest it to improve your long term situation until you are out of real poverty, then and only then you can afford luxuries or unnecessary things.

You have to understand that, to "claw your way out of the gutter" or real poverty, you will most likely have to be patient and disciplined enough to improve your situation a little bit at a time until you are out of real poverty and it may take years of discipline and hard work to finally get back out of real poverty. Many people will fail to get back out of poverty because they refuse to think or plan for the long term and can only think about right now.

It is all about attitude. If you have the right attitude, you may survive but, if you have the wrong attitude, you will probably die. I will take may survive over probably die any day of the week.

Sometimes, God will "open a door" for you and let you back out more quickly, but many may never fully get back out of poverty. God will have His reasons for why He permits or puts us through what He does for each and every one of us. Therefore, regular prayer will become your most important tool in digging your way out of poverty.

I guarantee that, if you survive real poverty, you will be a stronger, more mature, and more responsible person and will walk closer with God or have chosen the wrong path for a "quick and easy out", which will probably cost you everything in the long run. If you walk closely with God during this extreme "learning experience", you will definitely come out the other side a much better person with much stronger faith. It will either cure you or kill you and it will kill many people.

Nothing makes you tough like tough times and nothing increases your faith like very hard times and, right now, we, as a civilization, need some really hard times to straighten us out and get our heads out of our butts so we will return to walking with God instead of slithering with Satan. You WILL SEE a stronger and better nation come out of this forge because our metal will be better tempered.

It won't be pretty, it won't be fun, but you will be glad God caused this to happen or permitted the left to cause this to happen because things will be much better on the other side of the smith's anvil. Just like forged steel, we are going to take a beating but it will make us better and stronger. Hang on because this is going to hurt a lot but, after we get our medicine, we will be a healthier people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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