Reward System

I am going to teach you something about government economics and why government cannot work that the most brilliant, all knowing, all wise, intellectually superior, and grossly over paid college professors and other "experts" have not figured out. This will blow your mind about how obvious it is and you will be amazed by the fact that none of these grossly over paid geniuses has figured this out and I have known about this for at least 15 years since I figured it out on my own while getting my MBA.

The reason why government (and also non profit organizations) cannot work is because their reward system is backwards. It is just that simple. You see, government managers get paid based on the number of employees they have working for them, meaning that, the more employees they have working for them means they get paid more money. THEY DO NOT GET PAID BASED ON QUALITY OF JOB DONE OR GETTING THE JOB DONE RIGHT!!! If you don't believe me, just ask anyone involved in government management how good of a manager they are and the first words out of their mouth will be how many people they manage.

This is very important because, in order to get a pay raise, they have to find a way to increase the number of employees they have working for them. The fastest and easiest way to get a pay raise in government is to not get the job done or take too long to get the job done, tell the politicians you need more employees to get the job done or get the job done in a timely manner (and also more money), and then you can get paid more money for having more employees working for you. It is very important to understand that, if you get the job done right and in a timely manner, you CANNOT tell the politicians you need more employees because you are getting the job done right and in a timely manner with the employees you have and, therefore, don't need more employees and can't get a pay raise.

In other words, with the government rewards system, you are rewarded for not getting the job done and punished for getting the job done. Because of this, you will always hear government employees telling how their bosses or managers keep telling them to take longer to get the job done or not to do it right so those managers can tell the politicians they need more people to get the job done and get themselves a pay raise. They constantly tell their employees to take 3 or more weeks to do a job that could easily be done in less than one week.

Because of this terrible reward system, our govern has and will continue to grow at a non linear rate because as you increase the number of employees, they will increase the number of management levels which will require increasing the number of employees even faster to get those many more managers more pay raises. This will continue until, eventually, it will bankrupt your government and country.

Right now, our politicians are trying to decrease the budget by doing away with agencies which are obviously not needed and making very slow progress saving only tens of billions of dollars when our budget is trillions of dollars in the red. The truth is that, if they would just change the reward system to a reward system based on quality of job like in the private industry (the socialist system isn't working), they could easily do away with at least 90% of the government employees and cut our current budget to a tiny fraction of what it is today. By just changing the government reward system, they could easily cut more than two trillion dollars out of the government budget and put this government back in the annual black in just one year and recover most of our current debt within a few years.

It is very important to understand that the number of employees or amount of money being managed cannot be used in any way to determine the pay for management because it will always cause the management to be rewarded for not getting the job done and be punished for getting the job done. That is an absolute. The first and most important part of their pay formulae should be getting the job done right because, if the job isn't done right, it isn't done. Then and only then can they include getting the job done in a timely manner as part of that formulae. Getting the job done right should always come before getting it done in a timely manner because not getting the job done right but in a timely manner is still not getting the job done. This will cause good managers to rise to the top and start laying off large portions of their employees shrinking government to a functional level or less than 10% of its current level, most of this would happen within just the first year of changing the reward system. With a performance oriented reward system, we could easily shrink the current annual budget of over 3 trillion dollars to less than 1 trillion dollars. The vast majority of the current government employees are there just to get their managers more pay by those managers managing more people.

There is a little problem with this, it is called the labor unions and is the biggest down side of labor unions. The labor unions representing government employees don't want something like this to happen and will fight it tooth and nail BECAUSE, the more government employees they are representing and getting union dues from, the more money the labor unions make and the more the union leaders get in salaries. Therefore, to decrease the number of government employees will decrease the wealth AND political power for those labor unions and they won't give up either without a fight. Proof of this is it is the labor unions in Wisconsin which are causing such a fight to try and stop Wisconsin from laying off any of their rank and file or government employees. Think about it.

Now wasn't that easy to figure out? Just how stupid are our politicians and the "experts"? Just how worthless are their "right degrees from the right universities"? Maybe we should hire some of those inferior people to solve the problem because the superior people are not getting the job done right.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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