The Rich

I have more precise information concerning the rich people in the world and the lies the left keep telling you. Every time they dream up a new communist program, they just tell their ignorant and stupid commie puppets, "We will just take it from the rich", you know, as if the rich people of this planet have infinite wealth. The fools can't seem to understand a basic truth that EVERY rich person's wealth is finite just like everyone else's wealth. No rich person has infinite wealth. Therefore, it should be common sense that you can't just keep taking it from the rich forever. Eventually, even the rich will run out of money, but the fools don't get this because they WANT to believe the pie-in-the-ski lie that they can tax the rich infinitely and just keep putting more and more in their greedy little pockets without them having to earn it. And guess what, it is just as bad or even worse than I told you it was. I always try to keep my estimates conservative to keep me on the safe side. Knowing this, you should also realize that things are worse than even I am saying.

I got this from Arutz Sheva who got it from Merrill Lynch. "Overall, there are 10 million millionaires around the world - 17% more than a year before - with assets worth in excess of $39 trillion." And "According to the survey, most of the world's millionaires are concentrated in the United States, Japan, and Germany. The U.S. alone has 31%, or 3.1 million, of the world's millionaires."

Now just use a little common sense and basic math. I know you liberals don't have any common sense so I will loan you some of mine. If the total combined wealth of all the millionaires in the world is less than 40 trillion dollars and the US commie government admits it will be in debt $15 trillion by the end of this year with them adding more every year and the true US debt being much higher and hidden by illegal accounting tricks, then the US alone is admittedly in debt equalling almost half of the combined global wealth of all rich people, most of whom we can't tax. Even if the US rich control half of the wealth of all rich people globally, it would bankrupt the US rich people to tax them enough to pay off the current and growing real US debt. How in the hell can you pay off that debt by taxing the rich?!?! It is impossible and since the rich control better than 95% of the total wealth, then, if the stupid commie's were to take all the wealth from everyone on the planet to pay off their insane bills, it would only total $42 trillion or the total combined wealth of the planet. That's right, there is only $42 trillion dollars in combined wealth on the planet. This proves what I told you that it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to pay off all the debt the commie's have already run up, much less what they keep adding while saying,"We will just take it from the rich." The stupid commie's have spent more wealth than there is on the planet. The entire planet is broke because their glorious, beloved communism has failed globally.

Another lie this disproves is the great commie lie-of-all-lies that the rich have so much money that, if we took all the money from the rich and "equally distributed it to the rest of us", we would all get a million dollars, be rich, never have to work again, and could all just sit around smoking dope and screwing. Really?

In just the US, there are more than 300 million people and one million dollars times 300 million equals 300 trillion US dollars. Even if we took all the wealth from all the rich people in the world and just gave it to the people in the US saying screw everybody else, the commie's would fall short by over $260 trillion. The most everyone could get would be 13 cents. I am sorry but that is a long ways from everyone getting a million dollars and wouldn't even buy a pack of gum for everyone in the US.

Then it would only be natural to ask, how can we be living so well with so little wealth? Not because of total combined wealth but because of CASH FLOW. Remember my example of $10 creating over a $1,000 in cash flow? Remember that, if I pay you $10 and you pay some one else the same $10, we have created $20 in cash flow with only $10 in wealth. The truth is that, in the US economy, we easily spend the same dollar at least hundreds of times every year creating much more cash flow than there is combined wealth making it possible for us to live so well with so little combined wealth. That is one of the secrets to how the economy really works. It is all based on cash flow.

This should tell you that EVERYTHING the stupid commie's have been telling you is a lie based on ignorance, stupidity, and plain dishonesty. The very essence of Marxism is based on ignorance of true economics and how things work which means that Marxism under any name simply CANNOT WORK! The Marxist fundamentals are grossly flawed.

So when stupid commie's tell you that they will MAKE it work because they are more intelligent, they are really telling you they are incredibly ignorant about economics and so stupid they can't even understand the system is so flawed it is impossible for it to work. The commie's are telling you that are the stupidest people on the planet and incapable of learning from other's mistakes. Their stupidity is infinite because it is never ending. This is why they always make things worse and not better and why the commie's being in control during this economic turmoil is the worst possible thing and can only make things get worse and not better.

This is why, with the commie's in control of the global economy, the global economy is imploding and cannot do anything else but fail. They are too stupid to fix the problems they caused and will only make it worse by trying to "spend their way out of debt." In other words, WE'RE SCREWED!!!

And finally, it proves beyond any doubt that MY FARTS ARE SMARTER THAN STUPID COMMIE'S!!!!

And don't even think that Libertarianism will save your butts because their system is just as flawed!!!

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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