Run Away Money

I recently found out that these looming tax increases are causing the rich to do something else with their money, grab it and run. They are literally going to other countries, taking their money with them, and giving up their US citizenships so they won't have to pay all these commie taxes which are heading their way.

Remember that these rich people control better than 95% of the wealth in the US. For them to take their money and run to other countries means a lot of money will leave this country because of the commie's increasing their taxes to steal the rich people's money from them. That is a lot of new businesses and jobs that will not happen in this country but will happen in other countries as those rich people invest in those countries. It also means that more and more businesses in this country will be shutting down causing more middle and lower class people to lose even more jobs.

This will quickly drive the US into a state of poverty, which is what Ocommie meant when he said he would turn the US into a Welfare state. Just think about it, as more and more money leaves this country, there will be less and less money in this country for businesses and jobs. It means that more and more of you will not have jobs and will make less and less for the jobs you will have.

This is one of many things the simple minded commie's can't understand. They think all these rich people will just sit still and be taxed into poverty by the commie's. This is in spite of the fact that history shows such monetary migrations taking place in the past because of excessive taxation of the rich. The rich people have the money required to just grab their money and run to other countries to keep from being taxed into poverty by the power mad whacko's. Most of you middle and lower class people can't afford to run to another country so you have to fight.

In other words, all these commie taxes they are adding to pay for all that commie spending, is really going to devastate the US economy. It is only going to get worse, much worse. And those stupid commie's still can't figure out why the economy they destroyed won't recover and just keeps getting worse.

Also, it means that with less rich people's money, fewer businesses, and fewer jobs, there will be less and less tax revenues to pay all those commie bills caused by their incessant commie spending. Guess what, that means those commie bills won't get paid, government debt will increase at every level, and the stupid commie's will just increase the taxes more to pay their commie bills which will cause the economy to get worse and decrease tax revenues even more driving you into poverty faster.

If you think the Federal, state, and city governments are going broke now, just wait until the rich take their money and run to other countries. Absolutely every government in this country will be forced into bankruptcy within a few years. That means the commie's can't possibly keep their promising of giving you everything under the sun by taking it from the rich but, hey, we already proved that in other essays. Under Marxism, you will ALWAYS end up with less and not more because it is a grossly flawed concept. IT SIMPLY CANNOT WORK!!!!

This is just one more proof of how simple minded and stupid the commie's really are. Their ideas and concepts are foolishness based on misinformation and ignorance. These really stupid people who believe they are intellectually superior to you because their stupid liberal college professors told them they are superior to you mess up everything they touch. You've heard of the Midas touch where everything a guy named Midas touched turned to gold. Well these people have the liberal commie touch, everything thing they touch turns to crap.

They destroyed a lot of businesses and jobs in the US with their international free trade while telling you it would create more jobs. Many businesses and their jobs quickly fled over seas so those businesses could continue to compete against their international competitors just like the conservatives said they would have to just to survive. Then the commie's destroy the economy with their stupid commie laws and government organizations like Freddy and Fannie, then they discourage the rich from hiring and expanding businesses to get the economy to recover because of the stupid looming commie taxes, and now they are chasing what money this country does have to other countries with their stupid looming commie taxes. What have these arrogant fools ever done right that should cause them to think they are even intellectual equals with the rest of you, much less superior? They are pompous, arrogant idiots!!!

I don't agree with everything Ronald Reagan said or did but he was definitely right when he said that everything the liberals believe is wrong. And they will never learn from their mistakes because they remain in a fit of denial about having made any mistakes or caused an of the messes they cause and, therefore, cannot possibly learn from their mistakes. They will be idiots forever because they refuse to learn that what they want to believe is pure stupidity. They are obsessive, compulsive fools.

You better hang on because this is going to get really, really bad quickly. The commie's are in control, they have what they want, and they have never run a country anywhere except into poverty.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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