Rebuilding SAC

One of the things I am watching right now is our nation rebuilding SAC (Strategic Air Command). It was the nuclear deterrent during the Cold War which kept the Soviet Union from nuking the US. SAC was disbanded after the Soviet Union surrendered to Ronald Reagan, ending the Cold War.

It looks like Obama has even lost that war for us. Everything the left has touched has been an absolute failure but they insist on continuing to force their insanity on us because they are intentionally destroying the US, with the help of the Muslims, of course.

With Putin rebelling against the corrupt, power mad, whacko Euro-American upper class trash aristocracy, the US is now being forced to rebuild SAC. It was recently noted that NORAD has moved back into and reactivated Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. Cheyenne can take a direct hit from a 40 megaton nuke and keep right on ticking. It is also built to be EMP proof. Because of these things, Cheyenne Mountain was the secret nuclear war operations headquarters for the US military during the Cold War and the headquarters for NORAD, SAC, and a few other very important military organizations. If we were attacked by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Cheyenne Mountain would have taken over the military and other operations of the US and fought that war.

NORAD is in charge of our enemy monitoring and intel gathering, attack detection, and communications along with some other very important things. They are moving back into their old home base to do the same old job with newer technology.

SAC centralized control over all forms of nuclear warfare, including the Air Force and Navy, in what was known as the nuclear triad of nuclear missiles, nuclear submarines, and nuclear bombers along with other nuclear weapons systems. Since NORAD was involved in intel gathering and attack recognition, it was only logical they should be in the same nuke proof facility to prevent a breakdown in communications between the two organizations.

Right now, even while our corrupt political aristocracy is cutting military spending so the politicians and their owners can stick more of that money in their greedy little pockets, the US military is reactivating at least 1,500 nuke missiles, 100 nuke bombers, and building a new nuke submarine.

There are some things I am keeping an eye on such as the reactivation of SAC and it setting up headquarters in Cheyenne Mountain along with NORAD, the reactivation of certain spy planes like the SR-71 and other still secret spy planes, medium range nuke bombers like the FB-111 Aardvark, purchasing more F-22s (we need at least a few hundred more of them), and certain tactical aircraft for delivering both offensive and defensive nukes and other weapons systems.

Many of the weapons systems we used during and since the Cold War are still among the best in the world and, with modern upgrades, would still be the best in the world. For example, the SR-71 can still out fly all modern fighter/interceptor planes (The old F-4 Phantom from Vietnam could do mach 2.2 and few of the newer fighter planes can do more than mach 1.8) and their missiles but, with modern upgrades of new espionage and ECM technology, would be even better AND none of them were destroyed following the cold war. They are all sitting in museums and all of their engines and other required equipment still in storage with minimal repairs to make them functional. The FB-111 is a medium size, low altitude nuke bomber for delivering nuclear tactical weapons to a battle field, while flying below enemy radar by using terrain following radar, and has stealth design, and, with modern upgrades, will do an even better job. No one has built a better nuke bomber for mass delivery of nukes than the old B-52 and we still have hundreds sitting in the Air Force "Bone Yard" in AZ along with more than 80 G and H models still in service around the world. We also have quite a few newer B-1 bombers (using terrain following radar and stealth design) sitting in the Bone Yard. I also would not be surprised to see one or more of our retired nuke carriers brought out of retirement to deliver tactical nukes to battle fields where ever needed.

Plus we still have a few surprises that were not made public following the Cold War I am watching for.

I figure it won't be long until we see SAC reactivated and based in Cheyenne Mountain with NORAD and a few other organizations. Mean while, I am watching to see which other Cold War components they will rebuild now that Obama has screwed up even the Cold War we had won and now are losing because of him and his corrupt liberal pals.

Treason? Who, Obama and his liberal pals? Don't you just love watching God cause the liberal plans to fail?

BTW, this has destroyed the brilliant upper class trash theory that we don't need a strong conventional army because we won't do set battle against anyone any more, you know, like Russia and China. So they decided to go with a much smaller, less expensive special operations military and just pocket all that extra money. Now we are having to spend even more money to rebuild our conventional military because we could soon be fighting Russia and/or China.

What do they teach these upper class trash clowns at those right universities where they get the right degrees? Whatever it is, it doesn't work, does it?

Man plans, God laughs.

What is really funny is watching liberals have to admit that even they need the US military they hate so much to protect their butts by rebuilding the US military. Now that is funny. You know that, right now, there are a lot of generals and admirals laughing their butts off.

When you see SAC is back, you know I will be writing another "I Told You So" essay. BTW, 100 more nuke bombers should reactivate from 3 to 5 old SAC bases and 1,500 more nuke missiles will reactivate about 75 SAC nuclear missile control centers (20 missile silos per control center) and, I think, about 3 to 5 SAC nuclear missile bases all being brought to you by the peace nick liberal geniuses. But don't worry, there will always be plenty of people stupid enough or corrupt enough to believe the idiot liberals.

What irony. Does God love irony or what?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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