Saudi Arabia 2

As I told you, Saudi Arabia is making nice with everyone they can while waging war against everyone they can but they can't quit fighting the Shiite Muslims either because they are literally fighting for their lives. If they lose this fight, and quitting is losing, they will be slaughtered by the Shiite Muslims. They have gotten themselves in a bit of a fix.

Man plans, God laughs.

After Obama dumped King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia turned to China because the Saudis know that China needs oil very badly. They are also making nice with France, Britain, and other European countries with mixed results. The Euros have to at least provide a token assistance because they are heavily dependant on Arab oil but the Euros also know they will still get the Arab oil if Persia conquers the Arabs. The Euros really don't care who they by their oil from as long as they get their oil.

Mean while, in Syria, the Saudis are increasing their funding of their terrorist proxy armies to over throw the Shiite Muslim Assad and push back the advances of Iran. The Saudis have also offered the Lebanese Army three billion dollars to fight the Shiite Hezballah army which would tie down Hezballah forces preventing them from being able to fight for Assad. This is very important because Hezballah has been instrumental in turning the tide of the war against the Sunni terrorist armies.

The first question is, "Does Lebanon want to get more directly involved in this fight against Hezballah and Syria?" The second question is, "Is Saudi Arabia using this as a sucker punch to force Lebanon and its military into a direct war against the much more powerful Syria to aid the Saudi terrorist armies?" If Lebanon joins this war on the side of Saudi Arabia and the Saudis lose, then Lebanon will quickly cease to exist.

Of course, the third and most important question is, "Will Lebanon take the deal?" Keep an eye on this.

It also appears that Putin thumbed his nose at Saudi Arabia because the Saudis are now openly waging a terrorist war against Putin inside of Russia. In the last two days, there have been two terrorist bus bombings in Russia, you know, just like Saudi Arabia threatened Putin months ago when Saudi Arabia was still under the protection of the US.

You know Putin is going to respond quickly and decisively against this threat. He will do his best to quickly eradicate the threat and put an end to the violence.

But hold it, Saudi Arabia is no longer being protected by the US, is an enemy of Russia's allies, Syria and Iran, and is waging war against Russia on Russia's home turf (think 9/11 and Afghanistan, precedence has been set by the US). My first question is, "How long and how much will it take for Russia to take direct action against Saudi Arabia to stop the Saudi caused violence against Russia and her allies?"

After all, everyone including even the Euros know that Al Quaeda is Saudi Arabia's proxy army the Saudis are using to conquer the world and the Euros are already buying oil from Russia, why not buy more oil from Russia and put an end to their petrol dollars funding Saudi Arabia's war against the them? Russia conquering Saudi Arabia would also put a quick end to the Muslim caused turbulence in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Africa, AND Europe. It sounds like a great deal to me.

BTW, did you know that Saudi Arabia is funding Al Quaeda terrorist activities in China? Remember that I told you years ago that Al Quaeda snuck 17 top Al Quaeda terrorist into China across China's western border to organize Muslim terrorist armies against China? Did you also know that Saudi Arabia is funding most of the Muslim terrorist "unrest" in Europe? Did you also know that Saudi Arabia is funding most of the terrorist activities in Africa and some of the terrorist activities in North, South, and Central America along with Australia, the Philippines, and other places?

Just how long do you think it will be before the rest of the world steps back and lets Putin have Saudi Arabia? Then I guess we will have to call it Putin Arabia.

Please note that Saudi Arabia is not the only oil rich Muslim country funding terrorist activities around the world. ALL of the oil rich Muslim countries are helping fund the global terrorist war against the rest of the world. But Putin conquering Saudi Arabia would stop the single largest sponsor of terrorist activities in the world and send a very strong message to the rest of those countries, "if you play, you pay." Some one needs to send that message and stop this terrorist nonsense, the US won't. But then again, remember that I told you Obama has released classified intel proving that Saudi Arabia orchestrated 9/11. Is Obama setting up Saudi Arabia for a big fall and will Putin be part of it? Keep an eye on this.

BTW, wouldn't it be really sweet if Bill and Hillary are convicted of war crimes in Egypt? Egypt seems to have evidence that the two of them have been involved with the Muslim terrorists since at least the 1980s. Did you also know that the Muslims, whom I proved to you a long time ago are the prophesied end time one world government and one world church (their most holy number is 666), hate Obama and love Billy Boy to pieces. And you still think Obama is the Antichrist?

It is increasingly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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