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This is one of my 3 am essays. God woke me up at a little before 2 am this morning, I have been thinking about this, unable to get back to sleep, of course, and realized that God won't let me get back to sleep until I write this essay.

In my last essay, "School Loans", I made some statements that many will probably find difficult to believe but were actually my usually very conservative estimates and I realized that I have to do the math to prove that, so let's do the math, baby.

This entire school loans thingy was a big fat low risk ponzi scheme dreamed up and planned out by the upper class trash to steal trillions of dollars from the American people with lies designed to scare everyone into doing what the upper class trash want you to do, you know, take out loans to get worthless college degrees so you can't pay off those loans. It is just a big debt trap designed to entrap tens of millions of you into spending the rest of your lives paying off debts the upper class trash knew you could never pay off, you know, like their home mortgage racket a few years ago, turning many of you into their life time debt slaves paying them via the government run by their political whores billions of dollars a month that is all profit for them.

God put me into this system with an MBA so I could see the truth and figure out what is really going on so I could tell you the truth and it ain't purdy, baby. This is at least one of the greatest cons the upper class trash have perpetrated on the people in history and they used lies and scare tactics to trap you into this con and keep it going.

Remember that I told you that at least 70% to better than 80% of the $1.4 trillion in school loan debt was just interest the upper class trash and their little school loan racket created out of thin air that could easily be just written off by the upper class trash who are holding those loans? That was a very conservative estimate.

I don't know how many times I have talked to people, gotten e-mails from people, read about people, or seen posts on places like on FB by people who have been paying on their school loans for one or more decades and owe more now than when they first started paying on those loans even though they have paid off the principle several times over.

What should that tell you?

All they owe and are paying from hundreds to thousands of dollars on every month each is the interest on the interest on the interest on the interest and etc because they paid off the principle or what they borrowed from the tax payers on that loan a long time ago. For those millions of people, 100% of what they owe is interest so that they are now paying billions of dollars every MONTH, via the government, into the upper class trash pockets. (Tens of millions of people paying from hundreds to thousands of dollars every month.)

AND since what they are now loaning to the students is probably the interest that was paid to the upper class trash by earlier students, it is possible that all $1.4 trillion of that debt is just interest they made up out of thin air or pure profit for the upper class trash that can be easily just wiped right off of the books.

Hey, if you do the math, you will find that the upper class trash has already made trillions of dollars in profits from this con so they can easily give up a little of their profits to put an end to this con but you better bet they want to keep their cash cow growing.

"Why, don't you dare murder our beloved cash cow that is making us filthy stinking rich!"

You see, what the upper class trash and their traitor puppets did was design a great sounding program or debt trap that used tax payer money (no risk to them, baby) as bait to loan to students to get useless college degrees so those students would never be able to make enough money to pay off those loans so those students would be indebted to the upper class trash via the government for life so the government is the upper class trash front man in this racket and used lies to scare everyone into falling for their debt trap.

"Oh, if you don't do it, you will spend your life in poverty!" The truth is that many who do it will spend their lives in debt to the upper class trash.

Those students have been conned into being upper class trash debt slaves who will never earn their way out of debt and will be forever paying off the interest on their loans at billions of dollars per month going into the pockets of the upper class trash via the government. Those people are working for the rest of their lives to send billions of dollars every month to the upper class trash so they are already debt slaves or virtual slaves. Oops!

This con was intentionally designed so that the students can never have that debt forgiven with bankruptcy so they can never get relief from the debt and will be in debt to the upper class trash for the rest of their lives, you know, life time slavies, baby, with guaranteed income for the upper class trash. What a racket, baby!

Then, to keep their evil racket going, they scare you into believing that, if that $1.4 trillion in debt, you know, all of that unpaid interest, is forgiven, it will devastate the economy and that the tax payers will be required to pay that debt or interest with their taxes. They just love keeping those little debt slavies and scare you with their lies into helping them keep their little debt slavies.

Really? Do you realize what will happen to the US economy if those billions of dollars being paid to the upper class trash every month were to be redirected into the US economy?

You would have an economic explosion in this nation that would dwarf the economic explosion Trump is causing by cutting taxes.

You see, those billions of dollars being paid into the upper class trash pockets by the students is the single greatest drain on the US economy in history and it is all to funnel more money into the pockets of the upper class trash because they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

Gee, you mean the upper class trash lied to you to scare you to keep their con going so the upper class trash can keep getting those billions of dollars in profits every month?

Yep, it is called fraud, baby. Please note that this was all done with the lie that it was to "take care of you" but not in a nice way.

Do you realize that the upper class trash have already made trillions of dollars in profits from this racket and they could easily write the $1.4 billion off as a loss in profits with no negative effect on the economy?

That is right, no one should have to pay any taxes to cover that debt because it is all profit for the upper class trash but, hey, dey don't wants to give up any of that profit and dey wants to keep that cash cow growing until the upper class trash turn all of you and/or your children into debt slaves paying them tens of billions of dollars in free, easy money every MONTH!

Why do you think the lefties keep trying to get more and more of your children to go to college to get worthless degrees that could never pay off their school loans?

Dem Demon-crats just gots to get their little slavies back they lost after the US Civil War, baby.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

What should we do to resolve this mess the upper class trash created with their great sounding lies?

First, completely shut down the school loan program to drive tuitions back down to where students can work their way through college again.

Then reeducate the people to know that better than 80% of them should not get college degrees but should learn a trade, craft, or skill.

Then round up, prosecute, and execute the people involved in this ponzi scheme for crimes against humanity and fraud to send a very strong message to the upper class trash and their puppets to discourage such schemes by the upper class trash in the future.

Then seize all of their money to cover the damages caused by their ponzi scheme.

Then sit back and watch the US economy explode because of all of the billions of dollars suddenly being pumped into the economy every month instead of into the pockets of the upper class trash and their puppets and whores.

Remember that you only punish the evil upper class trash and not the good upper class. We need the good upper class.

Oh crap, it is almost time to get up! Well that shot that night's sleep.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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