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It is time for me to write this essay.

What I have to teach you is the REAL damage these corrupt political whores and their bureaucratic crime partners have done to our economy with their "well meaning" school loan program that you are NOT hearing about. I have not seen ANYONE address this issue and it is going to knock your socks off at the extent of the damage they have done to our economy and the massive economic and financial mess they created because of their greed and corruption.

This is all college economics 101. If you go to college and study economics, which none of your greedy attorneys who have been running this nation understand, all they know is how to abuse the law to steal from people, which is why you should NEVER let attorneys run your nation, you will easily understand everything I am going to teach you but, don't worry, I will keep this simple and short for those of you, you know, greedy, Marxist politicians and bureaucrats, who can't understand economics 101. Even the stupid people should be able to understand this essay.

First, I have to explain what God has taught me about the economic damage the greedy, power mad upper class trash have caused with their school loan program, which was designed to steal more money from more people faster. I will use myself as an example because of the damage it caused in my life. Remember that I have a master's degree in business management so I understand the economics and financial implications of what they did to me and the mechanics of how they did it.

By the time I am finished, you will also understand my anger at these greedy power mad, ignorant, corrupt political whores and their bureaucrat criminal accomplices. You will also understand how and why I FRANTICALLY fought to stop them from doing what they did to me and I mean I frantically fought them to prevent the economic and financial damage they did to me because of their greed and corruption to the extent of putting myself into other debt that took me months to pay off.

Next, I have to set the stage for what caused me to be in the situation that made it possible for the government to screw me with my school loans. I am going to have to take you the long way around to get you there so you will better understand the damage caused so please bear with me.

First, I told you a little bit about what I had just done in bicycle road racing with the Los Angeles Racing Team (LART) but, as a brief refresher, I founded the program only recruiting beginners and, in just 4 short years, had taken the program to the best overall program in the nation with the best women's team, the best Junior's team, with only a pro-am men's team and not a full pro team, I had taken my men's team to easily one of the top 5 or 6 men's teams in the nation, beating at least half of the dozen US full pro teams and regularly beating the rest with one pro and a bunch of amateurs, and had one of the best master's teams in the nation, regularly beating world champions. I had the best farm/developmental program I have ever seen in US bicycle road racing.

Paul Naessens of Belgium, one of the top rider and coach agents in the world for bicycle road racing, had told me that he could easily get me a job on one of the top ten men's pro teams in the world, meaning HE thought I was easily one of the 10 best cycling coaches in the world.

While I was on the road with my men's pro-am team during the fifth season, my greedy ex-wife and her slimy attorney, both lefties, managed to legally steal LART from me so that, when I returned to LA, I had nothing left from my 5 years of hard work. The justice for me in that was that she couldn't run for two years what I had spent 5 years building and she ended up more than $100,000 in debt when the program folded under her lousy sports management.

Instead of spending years fighting for a program she had already almost destroyed by the time I returned, I decided to let her have the program, go to college to study law so I could protect any future programs from greedy corrupt people like her, and get a Master's in Business Administration to help improve my business management and marketing skills for future programs. My strategy was to get the obviously needed extra knowledge, get a job on a pro team, and then build my new program from the top down instead of from the bottom up, like I did with LART.

Before I had put my name on the first piece of paper to get the first loan to get my college degree, I had done and redone and redone my math to make sure I was doing the right thing and could easily and quickly pay those loans off but man plans, God laughs.

You see, I knew I was going to run up $50,000 in debut but I also knew that I would easily get a job on one of the top 10 pro teams in Europe making from a low of $100,000 to a high of $500,000 for the first year with the potential of making more than a million dollars per year within just 5 years, especially with my M.B.A. helping me market myself to increase my revenues, you know, selling books, endorsing products, and other stuff. I could have easily paid off those schools loans in a maximum of 3 to 5 years, probably sooner. It would be a piece of cake, baby. Based on my prior success, I knew I was about to become a multi millionaire in just the next 3 to 5 years. Things were looking good.

2.5 years later, when I had finished my M.B.A., I started sending out my resume and was ready to start making lots of money in my industry and pay that $50,000 debt off as quickly as possible but no one would acknowledge receiving my resume or return my phone calls. Paul Naessens even told me he couldn't get me a job, you know, the guy I so impressed just a few years earlier that he had told me he could get me a job on ANY of the top 10 pro teams in the world, starting at well over $100,000 a year.

I was stunned, what was going on? Didn't anyone want to win lots of bike races and make millions of bucks?

I checked with one of my friends in the upper levels of the United States Cycling Federation (now USAC) and told them about my problem. He said, "Chris Carmichael black listed you." Chris Carmichael was the head national coach at that time.

I asked, "why?"

He said, "Because he couldn't beat you. Everyone knows about it." (That is an exact quote, people, and I will never forget those words.)

I asked the exact same questions to 3 other top members in the USCF over the next few years, all independently of each other, and got the exact same answers so I figured it was certainly true.

Now, why would he black list me?

Because I had studied up to premed biology, all of the sports sciences, all of the coaching sciences, sports medicine, athletic administration, and everything else about sports at one of the top 3 to 5 sports programs in the US and easily one of the top 5 to 10 programs in the world and my competition, what were their coaching qualifications?

Their coaching expertise was that they had raced bicycles with varying levels of success and that was it. They were has-been athletes who had ridden bicycles up and down the highway for a few thousand miles. People, that is 19th Century coaching science, I was using late 20th Century coaching science and I had used my field research and experience to improve on my knowledge about sports turning myself into a 21st Century coach.

That is like taking the US Army from the US Civil War and pitting it against today's US Army.

What do you think would happen?

The 19th Century army would be crushed, you know, just like I crushed my coaching competition and I mean I crushed them. People, I found out later they were all doping their riders, my riders were riding clean (and those other coaches knew it), and I was still beating their teams. I scared the living hell out of them because their doped teams couldn't beat my clean team.


Because I had more advanced knowledge about coaching, sports sciences, and athletic administration so I had more tools so I could do more than they could do with the same athletes.

You think I am wrong?

Did you know that there have been a dozen starting quarterbacks from the NFL who tried coaching pro teams in the NFL, after they retired from playing, without any coaching training against professionally trained 20th Century coaches? Do you know what happened to those has-been athletes using 19th Century coaching against 20th Century trained coaches?

They got their butts handed to them and they ALL left the sport as loser coaches, everyone of them. They couldn't even compete against modern professionally trained coaches. Gee, what a coincidence.

My situation created another problem for me because all of those coaches who couldn't compete against me were running bicycle racing and all they had to do to beat me was black list me out of the sport so no one would hire me to coach.

Go to college, study what I had studied, and become good enough compete against me?

No, dey is are be ignorant lefties, people, and that would require too much time and work so just black list me. Nothing like a little lefty corruption, huh?

I realized I wasn't going to make any money in that industry so I learned from it, put that behind me, and moved on. It may have been great for my ego but it doesn't pay bills and I have to eat plus I had $50,000 in school loans I had to find a way to pay off.

Now, you have to understand something about the school loans and the way they work. They have a deferment that you fill out every year to keep them from charging you interest on your load when you can't make payments so your loan doesn't keep growing while you are trying to find a way to pay it off. At that time, I was still living in Albuquerque so I could just drive across town and drop the deferment off so they couldn't deny receiving it, you know, "It must have got lost in the mail" thingy. If they don't get the deferment, they charge you interest on your loan and drive your loan up, REALLY FAST.

While busting my butt working part time and temporary jobs to feed my face and pay my bills, I turned to the business industry with my M.B.A. and found, to my surprise, that no one was hiring people over 35 because of some great sounding stupid idea some lefty college professor in his white palace out of touch with reality and smoking dope had dreamed up called "profit maximization".

You have to understand that you have to pay people who have more experience in the real world more money because they have learned more from experience and can do more but the idiot lefty college professors ignored this and dreamed up the great sounding stupid idea of "profit maximization" and one of the key elements was to not hire experienced people so they could pay their people less so the upper class trash could make more money, which is really stupid.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash having more money than you does not mean they are smarter than you?

Believe me, it is true.

What happened?

About 5 years ago, they started hiring only people 35 to 45 to regain the experience they had given up because all of those inexperienced people they hired couldn't do as much so their businesses could grow and even declined and they made more mistakes, costing the businesses more money so they ended up losing money from that great sounding stupid idea dreamed up by lefty college professors out of touch with reality in their white palaces smoking dope. But, by that time, I was over 65 so they still wouldn't hire me anyway.

At that time, I was signed up with 8 different head hunters who stood to make a full years pay from anyone who hired me and not one of them got me one interview and their motivation to get me a job was really big because, if they had gotten me a job, they would have been paid at least $40,000 by the business that hired me. I only had one interview with a local businessman who told me he wouldn't hire me because I was too intelligent and competitive, I would just learn his business, leave his business, start my own business in his industry and put him out of business. That was really great for ye ole ego but it still didn't pay bills and feed my face.

By that time I was really going broke because looking for a job costs money, my mom died leaving me this trailer to live in, and I was forced to move to Alamogordo to stay off of the street. Keep in mind that this meant I could no longer drive across town to drop off my school loan deferment and now had to send it in by mail, you know, just like most people who have student loans today. We will get back to this later.

God had taught me to be a scrapper and fighter and to not be a quitter so I wasn't about to give up and quit.

I got down here in Alamogordo in August 1998, just 5 days before public school started and replied to an ad for substitute teachers for that year to make money while I tried to find something I could make a decent living from and pay off my school loans. They told me they had a shortage of math and science teachers, full time teachers make more money than substitute teachers, and I needed more money. I told them about all of the science I had studied in college, they told me to see the principle, five days before classes started, the principle handed me a physical science book and a biology book and said, "Here, teach these." I was hired on the spot.

I sat there kind of stunned, knowing the state had minimum requirements for teaching things like science and math (I had also taken education courses in college) and asked if he had a state required minimum curriculum I could use for my temporary lesson plans. He told me to see another teacher in another room. When I asked that other teacher the same thing, he pulled out a big grey three ring binder with state requirements that there was no way I could read even half way through and still put together a curriculum for both classes in less than 5 days so I just turned around, went home, and used the tables of contents in the fronts of my texts to develop my teaching curriculums for that year. It turned out that I did a better job than the state required.

These lefties have EVERYTHING screwed up. Every time I turned around I was running into their bull crap. I now realize I should have gotten me some hip waders...or a deep sea diving suit.

During that first year, I got all kinds of compliments from the principle, 4 special education teachers, and other teachers (Yes, I am extremely competitive). THEY told me that my kids had the highest average GPA in the school, my tests were the best written tests in the school, and my kids were learning more than any other kids in school. I had put off getting into coaching during the first year because I wanted to make sure I would have enough time to teach my kids right (I am a perfectionist and don't do ANYTHING half way, people) AND still coach plus I wanted to decide which sport provided me with the best opportunity to move me up into collegiate coaching and a better paying job to pay off those darn school loans. I figured I would start coaching something like track and field or cross country running in the second year, which is a spring sport in high school.

Hint: Do NOT EVER borrow money from the government, I mean NEVER. Those loans were about to screw me big time.

About a month after the second year started, I was informed I was going to be fired and, when I asked why, they said it was because I was one credit hour behind in meeting my annual requirements for updating my education.

Because it had been so long since I had been in college, they decided I needed to take about 20 credit hours in science classes, two to three hours at a time to bring my education back up to being "current" so I could be officially certified as a public school teacher.

Remember that I told you I had already passed the NEA test cold turkey (without studying for it) in just one try with "flying colors" (their words, not mine), when most school teachers take at least two to three years and tries to pass all 3 parts of the test so I weren't no dummy, people, and they knew it.

A course I had just taken that summer turned out to be for only two hours instead of three hours, which put me behind by one credit hour so I was starting the second year just one credit hour behind so I was going to be canned.

Yeah, right, I was only one credit hour behind, was currently taking a course for three credit hours that is easily one of the top 5 to 10 toughest courses on ANY college campus, I was teaching a subject for which there was an extreme shortage, and there were teachers there who had been dozens of credit hours behind in their subjects and had not take a college course in 5 to 10 years and I was going to be replaced by a substitute teacher who didn't know crap about science? Really?

It was bull crap.

To make sure, I asked the other teachers I knew about it and everyone of them told me the same thing independently of the others. They all said that the reason they were canning me wasn't the reason I had been given but none of them would tell me what the real reason was.

What should that tell you?

They all knew that, if I knew the real reason, I could litigate and, if I litigated and the city found out who told me the real reason, that person would get fired and lose their job. They were protecting their jobs. I can accept that.

I decided I didn't want to teach for someone who didn't want me to teach for them, I would use the 6 months of unemployment to keep me until I could find something else, and then start again. You know, learn from it, put it behind you, move on, and keep going. I wasn't going to let anyone hold me back and I still had those school loans to pay off.

But they decided to deny me my earned unemployment insurance for only 6 months so I appealed and it went to arbitration. I couldn't afford legal counsel and was warned that the city's attorney was the best attorney in this area for more than 40 years, he had only lost one arbitration case, and that person had legal counsel. I told you that I had also studied law so I prepared my case the way I had been trained, showed up, and became only the second person to beat him in arbitration and the only one to do it without legal counsel so I got my 6 months to get something else going.

I told you I am a scrapper and fighter.

Now that I didn't have a regular substantial income, I sent a request for a deferment for my school loan to the state by mail while I worked on trying to get something else going and this is where the government got their chance to screw me.

I tried getting a number of jobs working for that city but those went nowhere with them telling me I was overqualified because of my master's degree (yeah, right - read: I don't want to have to compete with you for promotions) so I realized I wasn't going to get a job with the city and had to do something completely on my own. I had to find something for which I could start a business, get a loan from a bank, and go to work but I started getting letters from ye ole corrupt state, at first, every 6 months and then every 3 months that my school loan had defaulted because they had not received a payment or deferment request, which sent me into a panic.

You have to understand that, when your school loan defaults, it devastates your credit score and with a bad credit score, you can't get a bank loan for a business, home, car, or anything else and no one will hire you for a good paying job.

After all, why would I want to hire you to manage my business if you can't manage your own finances?

We are talking slamming burgers together at McDonald's, baby. My future was suddenly looking real good (/sarc). Yeah, I panicked big time and the fight between me and the government was on with me getting the education of my life about government corruption and how it destroys people's lives. I was frantically fighting to protect my credit score so I had even the slightest chance to get something else going.

When I got the first letter just months after I lost my job as a teacher, I called them up and they didn't have a toll free number (this was before cell phones) so those long distance calls to the state were on my dime and expensive without me having a job or substantial income.

Yep, that fight ran up ye ole phone bill really fast. They started out defaulting my account and credit score every 6 months for the first year and then every 3 months and I finally ended up sending them a deferment and then calling them two weeks later and then one week later to see if they got it and then, when they didn't get it, which was always, I sent another deferment but they just never seemed to get more than one deferment in about three years of fighting them and that deferment mysteriously ran out in less than the year it was supposed to last. Gee, what a coincidence.

Keep in mind that, during that first 3 years I was fighting the state, I couldn't get a loan to start a business because of my now bad credit.

I finally realize for certain that there was no way the US Postal System was losing that many letters that consistently when I was still getting ALL of my bills during the same time. Gee, what a coincidence. I was only losing all of my mail going one way and only to them.

It finally became completely obvious that they were just throwing my deferments in the trash so they could keep charging me interest to keep running up my school loans so they could steal more money from me and me fighting it had run up hundreds of dollars in phone bills and buying stamps (lots of stamps) with me not having a job yet, you know, just making a few hundred bucks a month over the Internet (this was before YouTube).

It reached a point to where, if I didn't stop, I would lose my phone service and wouldn't be able to operate at all so I decided to let the school loans go because, with their corruption, I couldn't stop that and just focus on paying off my bills and trying to get something going so I could hire an attorney to clean the mess up.

It took me 3 months to just pay off my phone bill and, right now, my credit is so far in the red it is a deep scarlet.

You have to understand that the school loan scam put me in a real bind because them defaulting my loan completely destroyed my credit so there was no way I could get a bank loan to start a business, therefore, I was being severely restricted to only being able to start a business with pocket money with a very limited income and really small pockets and I had to find a way to make and save enough pocket money for seed or investment capital while looking for ANYTHING I could use to start up my business in any industry. I knew this meant my chances for success were as close as you could get to zero without hitting zero but I couldn't quit because, if you quit, you definitely won't make it. I had to keep fighting and, 20 years later, bullheaded me is still fighting.

It is no exaggeration that I have been through an indescribably living hell because it just kept getting worse, especially with me almost dying from the virus my lovely ex-wife gave me, and I refused to give up. Listen, baby, Job had nothing on me.

Now, think about this. There are tens of millions of people who have defaulted on their school loans with those loans increasing on an exponential basis every year so their credit score is as low as it could get so they can't take out a loan for a business, home, car, or anything and they can't get a well paying job all so the government can keep charging interest so the government can steal more and more money from those tens of millions of people. Yeah, it's a racket, baby. It is a poverty trap.

You have to understand that, with them charging interest on those defaulted loans, the loans don't increase on a linear basis but on an exponential basis. For an easy to understand example, 10% of $10,000 is $1,000 but, when you add that $1,000 to the $10,000, the next charge for interest will be 10% of $11,000 and not just $10,000 so the next interest charge will be $1,100 and that just keeps growing faster and faster. The last time I had checked, my $50,000 loan had grown to over $200,000 and is probably over $300,000 now, and maybe even over $400,000 but there ain't nuttin' I can do about it because I am only making $700 a month because I couldn't take out a loan years ago to start any number of businesses I discovered potential for in doing all of that research I told you about.

Those people will never be able to pay off those loans because, without a good credit score, they won't be able to financially function well enough to make enough money to pay off the loans. This racket has run up a school loan debt of about $1.5 trillion and is growing exponentially because our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats just gots to steal more and more and more and more from the people because of their insane greed.

You have to understand that, as long as those corrupt and greedy politicians and bureaucrats can keep using interesting to keep growing those loans, those loans will just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until the entire system implodes and when this racket implodes, there won't be an economy, especially without those tens of millions of people being able to contribute to rebuilding our economy because of their bad credit.

People, if you know good financial management, it will still take you at least 3 to 5 years to rebuild such bad credit. The rest of the people may never get their credit rebuilt.

At the very least, you have to stop the interest scam and Trump recently told me he knows about this problem when he said he is considering stopping the interest on the school loans. Gee, what a coincidence. You know that will tick off the greedy upper class trash and their greedy puppets.

And you thought I was full of crap. Yeah, I know.

The ironic thing about this is that the corrupt upper class trash and their owned political whores are running this racket to steal more money into the government that the upper class trash and their political whores can launder into their greedy pockets but this racket is costing them money and they are too stupid to realize it. The government would actually make more money WITHOUT their little thieving racket and Trump knows it.

You see, by holding those people back so they can't make more money and pay more taxes, the idiots are decreasing the revenues going to the state instead of increasing the revenues going to the state because these people will NEVER be able to pay off all of that stolen money from the school loan racket so that money ain't EVER going to the state but, if the loan racket had not destroyed their credit so they could make more money, they would be able to pay the increased taxes on that increased income to the state, which would greatly increase revenues for the government. Duh, that is economics 101, people, but, of course, stupid Marxists can't understand economics, which is why they are lying, thieving Marxists.

Do you see yet that our Marxists are already causing some of the economic damage and poverty their Marxist pals are causing in Venezuela? Did a light bulb or two just come on?

No one told you that one, did they?

This money grabbing racket "for a good cause" by the state is costing the state more money than it is making the state but the upper class trash and their stupid political whores are too stupid to realize it. The corrupt upper class trash have easily cost our government hundreds of billions of tax dollars every year because of their insane, uncontrolled greed. This is just another great sounding stupid idea by the left that has failed and is about to blow up in our faces.

You see, it isn't if but when and how you are going to forgive those loans, most of which are made-up money called interest, which is not paid for by the tax payers.

The interest on those loans is money that was created out of thin air by making the numbers bigger and bigger with a computer on a regular basis, you know, charging interest on the loans. That money is not tax payer dollars. You can forgive the interest on all of those loans and nothing will happen to the economy but that will still leave hundreds of billions of dollars that most of those people won't be able to pay off because their bad credit scores have kept them in poverty too long.

At this time, you have two choices, you can just let this mess keep getting worse and worse until it implodes in a completely uncontrolled mess that will destroy the economy, you know, like in Venezuela, or you can bring it to an end in a reasonably controlled manner to save the economy and return those people being held back by the loans and bad credit to being productive tax payers to help save the economy from the great sounding stupid ideas of the upper class trash.

Hey, I know, why don't we just confiscate all of the money stolen by the upper class trash and their greedy puppets with this racket and use that to pay off the remaining principle of those loans and at least pay back some of what others have managed to pay off?

The greedy upper class trash who caused this mess, easily have more than enough to pay off the principle on those loans.

When someone steals from someone else and they get caught holding the stolen goods, they have to return those stolen goods to the person they stole those goods from, which is law, baby, so make the upper class trash, the lefty universities, the overpaid college professors and staff, lefty media, and everyone else involved in this racket, who used this racket to steal from the people, pay back what they stole from the people. That is only common sense law and it will save our economy but you know the lefty criminals won't like that one and will come up with a great sounding fake excuse why not to make the upper class trash lefties pay back what they stole to fool the stupid people.

Mean while, NEVER, EVER, EVER borrow money from the government. It will always be a racket, baby, because the lefty upper class trash NEVER do anything to help anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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