School Loans 5

This is another one of my 3:30 am essays written because I realized that I need to tell you about the same thing in a different way, hoping it will open a few more eyes.

Remember that I told you in "School Loans 4" that it would actually benefit our economy by forgiving schools loans?

By the strangest of coincidences, a few days later some economist came out and said the same thing, you know, that forgiving the school loans would benefit our economy and make it stronger. I have been watching too many coincidences like that for the last decade or so.

Interestingly, the responses I saw on FB to that article were all anger and negative because most people don't realize yet the racket, scam, and con that the school loans thing is so I realized that I have to state it differently to try and get more people to understand the ugly truth about school loans and why and how they were used to financially enslave tens of millions of Americans for life.

Sometime last year, I saw a post by a frustrated woman on FB stating that she had borrowed $30,000 to get a college degree and, after faithfully paying on that loan for 10 years, she now owes more than $40,000 on that loan.

Now, you have to understand that many people do manage to pay off those loans but many more never do and it isn't always because they are irresponsible.

It is a poverty trap, people, and tens of millions of people have been conned into being trapped paying our government hundreds to thousands of dollars a month for the rest of their lives, which is all profit for the government.

You see, when a bank charges interest on a loan, the interest is profit on that loan for the bank. Therefore, when the government charges interest on a loan, the government is also making profit from the interest on that loan, turning that government into a profit making business and a government should NEVER be permitted to become a profit making business because that profit will always go into the pockets of corrupt politicians' and bureaucrats' and you know they ain't going to care about you AND who will regulate that business to make sure it doesn't do anything wrong?

A government should NEVER be permitted to loan anyone money and it should DEFINITELY NEVER be permitted to profit from that loan by charging interest! It is unconstitutional and conflict of interest for our government to become a profit making business and that is what the left had turned our government into.

Then I thought, "Hold it, if our government(s - federal and states) is making a profit from these loans by charging interest on these loans, then, considering that many people do manage to pay off their loans and most of the rest manage to pay off the principle plus who knows how much profit on those loans, just how much profit has our government(s) made from this loan racket? Are we being lied to again when they are getting us to focus on the unpaid loans so we won't notice just how much profit our government has made from all of the interest or profits our government has collected on those loans? Are we being deceived into believing the school loan thing has been a money losing program when it has actually been a profit making program and just exactly how much profit has our government made from this program? Are all of these corrupt politicians trying to get you to pay for the remaining school loans just those corrupt politicians trying to increase their government business profits when that government shouldn't be making any profits?"

For example, that frustrated woman who posted that she had borrowed $30,000 and, after 10 years of paying on that loan still owes more than $40,000, if she had only been paying $120/mo on that loan, she would have paid off all of the principal on that loan and everything she still owes is just interest and, therefore, profit for the government and, since a government should not be permitted to make a profit and be a business, all of her remaining loan should be forgiven.

The problem is that I know from experience in dealing with this greedy profit making government that she certainly paid at least 2 to 3 times as much per month so that the government has already turned a profit on her loan years ago and everything she still owes is nothing but profit but you have been taught "she should be responsible" and pay off the "rest of the loan" or actually the rest of the profit from that loan for the government.

So just how much profit has our government made from this school loan racket while we are being deceived into believing the government is losing money on the racket?

We, the people, need to find out just how much profit or interest our government has unconstitutionally and immorally collected from this school loan racket. Based on what I am seeing and just basic financial management, it looks like our government has made at least 2 to more than 5 times the profit from this racket than the current school loan debt, probably in the range of $5 to $10 trillion in profit.

Common sense math should tell you that we are, once again, being lied to so the corrupt upper class trash can steal more from more people faster. We need to find out the truth and fast.

Just how much of that school loan debt of $1.4 trillion is really unpaid profit the corrupt politicians are trying to collect by "forgiving" those loans or actually paying them off with your tax dollars?

It is all a racket, people, we're being played for suckers. The government should NEVER, EVER, EVER be allowed to loan anyone money, make a profit from that money, and become a business that has no higher power to regulate its business practices. That has to be at least one of the worst conflicts of interest our government could possibly make.

We don't have a government any more, we have an unconstitutional, immoral, illegal major corporation running this nation trying to "maximize their profits" at your expense and the share holders are the corrupt upper class trash, corrupt politicians and corrupt deep state bureaucrats with no governing body left to regulate its business practices. That ain't good, people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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