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Back in the 1960s and 1970s there was a really big movement by the liberal commie traitors to get all science government funded. Their reasoning was that, if the government funded scientific research, we could have more research and man could progress faster. We were sucker punched.

The real reason why the liberal commie traitors wanted to use the government to fund scientific research was so they could use the control of the government to control scientists and make scientists say what the liberal commie traitors wanted them to say or the scientists would lose government funding and their jobs. It was all about controlling the purse strings to control the people.

A few years ago I had a client who was almost finished with his Ph.D. in Astrophysics and changed over to getting a Ph.D. in biochemistry because he got tired of all of the lies he would have to tell to keep getting government funding to pay his salary. Whenever astrophysicists say anything to the public, they must tell the lies the left orders the scientists to tell or they will not receive any more government grants and will lose their jobs with them using their Ph.D. to get a job turning burgers.

The liberal commie traitors have horrible things called monitors who are employed by either non profit corporations or the government and they are always assigned to attend any public speaking by scientists concerning critical subjects even certain class lectures to make sure the scientists tell all of the right lies. If the scientist tells the truth instead of the lies they are required to tell, the monitors tell their supervisors who tell the appropriate government bureaucrats who refuse that scientist any more government grants to continue paying their salaries. If a scientist is dining at the government dinner table, you can't believe anything they tell you, you know, like global warming.

I have been personally introduced to such monitors by such scientists and know for a fact they are real and control what government funded scientists tell, even in courts of law. Yes, scientists are required to purger themselves in courts of law to maintain the fairy tale of evolution and try to destroy Christianity. This is called witness tampering and extortion but the lying liberal commie traitors have been getting away with it for decades because the liberal commie traitors have been in control of the government and the courts for decades. Christians have not realized it yet but the lying liberal commie traitors have been waging war against Christians for far more than half a century in this nation.

Think not?

After we had gone to the moon, NASA officials were called before Congress to report on their progress. A liberal Congress person asked what evidence NASA had obtained supporting evolution. 100% of the NASA scientists said NONE, zero evidence supporting evolution. NASA immediately got its funding cut for the next 20 years so they stopped going to the moon and doing other explorations in space.

Why 20 years?

That was long enough to get rid of most of the scientists who had integrity and would not lie by permitting them to retire. I was informed that, by the time NASA started getting funding again, the scientists had gotten the message and now most of them lie and keep telling you that they are finding huge amounts of evidence supporting evolution to keep getting the money to pay their salaries.

Think not?

With every NASA mission, they keep harping on finding evidence to prove evolution and, therefore, without saying it, disprove creation. They say that they found signs of erosion on Mars proving surface water and the possibility for life. But erosion doesn't prove water, it proves liquid and there are many types of liquid, with the most probable for Mars being liquid methane and not water.

The NASA scientists KNOW that there could never have been liquid water on Mars for any reasonable period of time. They KNOW that Mars is in a decreasing orbit around the sun and is now warmer than it has ever been with the current normal temperature on Mars -60 degrees F and that water under those conditions instantly freezes. They KNOW that at any atmospheric pressure below 6 millibars (earth's atmospheric pressure at see level is one bar or 1,000 millibars), water will instantly boil and that the atmospheric pressure on Mars is just a little over 5 millibars meaning they know that liquid water on Mars will instantly boil. The big question for Mars is, will liquid water instantly boil or freeze first. They have discovered that there is frozen water just inches below the surface and that, as soon as that frozen water is exposed to the atmosphere, it begins to vaporize, it doesn't melt, it vaporizes or goes straight from solid to gas form, which means it will boil first.

This all proves that there could have never been liquid water on the surface of Mars but NASA keeps pushing the idea of there having been water on Mars, once long, long time ago, in a distant galaxy, to keep getting their government funding and their paychecks.


Because everyone knows that water is required for life.

Then there was the very hyped and now covered up explorations to find geological stratification on Mars to prove that the geological stratification on earth was caused by gazillions of years of dust settling (from somewhere, I know, it was fairy dust) and not caused by a global catastrophe like creationists say, you know, by Noah's Flood. NASA rushed their little robot over to a small canyon over a period of days to get a look as the side of the canyon hoping to expose geological strata proving evolution annnnnnnnnnd they found nothing, no geological stratification proving creation and a global flood and disproving evolution.

NASA and the lying liberal media talked about it for a day or two and quietly dropped it. But please note that, since then, Catastrophism has become the most commonly accepted evolutionary fairy tale buuuuuuuuut they say it is about many local catastrophes and not one global catastrophe in spite of the fact that some of the strata on earth reach almost half way around the planet. I know, it's local to earth, yeah, that's the ticket...which...of course...would still be a global catastrophe on earth.

Gee, the lying liberal commie traitors just can't win for losing, can they?

But hold it, why are they trying to prove that life "COULD HAVE" begun on another planet and "MAY HAVE" been brought here by space aliens "seeding" earth with life if they have "ABSOLUTELY PROVED" that life accidentally began on earth they way they ALSO say? Aren't they contradicting themselves?

Yep, if they had really proved conclusively, the way they claim they have, that life accidentally began here on earth, then ANYONE even suggesting that life may have begun on another planet under different conditions and brought here by space aliens or asteroids would be considered a joke. But it is not only not a joke but is where the most "scientific" research money is being spent with a huge number of evolutionist professing this nonsense while still holding out that life really did accidentally begin here on earth. (They are trying to cover all bases with the same fairy tale.)

But hold it, why are they trying to prove that life began on another planet UNDER DIFFERENT CONDITIONS? Does this mean science has proved that life could not have accidentally begun on earth under any conditions?

Yep, but they do their best to keep you from realizing it. Science proved a looooooooong time ago that it is not possible for life to have accidentally begun on earth under any conditions but the evolutionists IMMEDIATELY responded with their next lie, "But, life could have begun on another planet under different conditions!" They were trying to distract people from the fact that science actually proved that life could not have accidentally happened anywhere under any conditions and have been very successful.

Physics doesn't change from one planet to another. Everything in our cosmos exists and functions by the same laws of physics meaning that, if life could not have accidentally happened under any conditions here on earth, life cannot accidentally happen anywhere under any conditions.

"But, hey, don't look over there at the evidence, facts and truth, look over here at our next lie."

Have you noticed that the liberals are the grand masters of deception?

Nobody does smoke and mirrors better than liberals. If you find some proof proving them wrong, POOF, instant smoke and mirrors. They are the sons and daughters of Satan, who is the father of lies and Satan taught them all very well.

But let's not stop there. In nuclear physics, the string theory was proved to be scientifically invalid by 1973 but they are still telling you about the string theory as if it is scientific fact in 2015, more than 40 years later. In nuclear physics, the quark theory was proved to be scientifically invalid by 1975 but they are still teaching you the quark theory as if it scientific fact 40 years later (they are even expanding that fairy tale). Dark matter was proved to be scientifically invalid by 2005 but they are still teaching it today as scientific fact. Invisible matter was proved to be scientifically invalid by 2008 but they are still teaching it as scientific fact today. They have been spending tens of billions of dollars trying to find another planet the size of earth and capable of supporting life for decades but have not even come close telling you all sorts of incredible information about these planets, which are tens of light years away, you know, like they were there just yesterday, while being proved wrong about the size and other basic characteristics of Pluto, which is not even one light year away.

My first thought is, what are they hiding?

Oh yeah, their pagan fairy tale of evolution never happened and Biblical creating did.

But, hey, not to worry because Satan and his lying liberal commie traitor evolutionists are running out of time. It won't be much longer and they will be singing a completely different song.

Think not? Remember that Obama and his Muslim pals will soon be taking over the US?

In Islam, creation is the truth and evolution is BLASPHEMY and will get your head cut off. Their creation story is significantly different from the Bible creation story and pretty weird but it is still a creation story.

Now, if the lying liberal commie traitor evolutionists will lie for a paycheck, just how much easier and faster will they tell the truth that evolution is a lie to keep their heads on their shoulders?

Yep, God is not only going to destroy our nation, because it is cursed for murdering more than 50 million unborn babies, and punish us for our sins or crimes against His laws, but God is also about to destroy the lie of evolution with the same move. You just watch how fast those lying liberal evolutionists will start confessing they have been lying about evolution to keep their heads on their shoulders.

Man plans, God laughs.

In my last essay about quantum physics, I pointed out the answer to two of the questions which have been plaguing them for almost 100 years. Further proof is in the vacuum tubes we used to use for electronics and the CRTs we used for TV screens. Some of those tubes were used for things like radios before WWII, you know, back in the 1930s. Those tubes were called vacuum tubes because they removed all of the air from those tubes they could without the tubes imploding, creating a partial vacuum.


Because they knew almost 100 years ago that electrons passing through air created an electro magnetic wave which interfered with the function of those tubes. To decrease that interference, they removed all of the air they could from the tubes. In the CRTs, they also used control plates with magnetic fields generated by electrons to control the flight of the electrons coming from their "electron gun", which left particle marks, not wave marks, on the screen creating the pictures we looked at for more than half a century.

Now, why have these quantum physicists not figured out yet that electrons passing through air to their target will create a wave which will cause them to measure a wave AND a particle with their experiments AND that the wave created by the electrons, when disrupted, will effect the movement of the electons? Are they really that stupid or are they hiding something?

With all of the inbreeding they have been doing for more than 1,000 years in conjunction with the really stupid stuff they believe, teach, and force on us, I have to believe that at least some of it is stupidity.

Are they also hiding something or just really stupid from too much inbreeding?

I don't know but I will keep an eye on it.

You just can't believe anything those lying liberal commie traitors tell you, especially the liberal college professors. They have zero credibility.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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